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Landing Pages are an essential part of your Inbound Marketing strategy. In essence, they are pages designed to convert visitors into Leads. A good Landing Page has an offer and a form to collect information from that Lead in addition to the email. A good conversion rate on a Landing Page is around 20%. […]

Landing Pages are an essential part of your Inbound Marketing strategy. In essence, they are pages designed to convert visitors into Leads. A good Landing Page has an offer and a form to collect information from that Lead in addition to the email.

A good conversion rate on a Landing Page is around 20%. Many factors can influence this number, but what few know is that the information requested in your form, or even the size of it, is one of the most important points in determining the success of your capture page.

You need to be careful with the content and the amount of information you ask for in the form of your conversion page, but that does not mean that you cannot obtain strategic information from your users – it is necessary, however, to know how to request it.

And thinking about helping to keep your conversion rate always above the target, we have selected some essential tips for you to put together a good form for generating Leads. Check it out now!

1. Make it clear what the visitor will gain by completing the form

The form on your page should reflect the value of the offer, both in the information fields that you ask the user to fill out and in the extension of the form. In other words, the more valuable your offer, the more information you can ask for.

And the main point to ensure that your visitor will become a Lead is to make sure that you are making it clear what benefit they will gain from filling out the form until the end.

Even if the call on the page that led to the Landing Page has already made the promise and showed the benefit that the visitor will receive, make it clear on your conversion page what this benefit is.

Your goal is to communicate to the visitor how that offer will help them solve any of their problems or benefit them in some way. Therefore, both your title and the description of the offer must tell him what you will win.

At this time, it’s important to keep in mind that visitors to your page make decisions in a matter of seconds, so you’ll want to keep your capture page as concise as possible.

If you can, try to keep all the content of your Landing Page on one page, that is, without requiring the user to use the scroll bar to see the rest of it. If this is not possible, try to keep the content as short as possible.

Another good tip is to use numbers, bullet points and bold to create pieces of information that are easily scanned and recognized by whoever is reading.

2. Ask for information essential to your goal

The purpose of your Landing Page is to provide sufficient visitor data to your sales team to enable them to qualify you and determine the best approach for actually turning you into a company customer.

And then you can think: “the more information I ask for, the better it will be for my sales team”; but this can be a big mistake.

Putting too many fields on your form will only increase the chance that the visitor will lose focus and, being very direct, “getting too lazy” to become your Lead. On the other hand, not asking for any data or asking for items that will not help you create a profile of who that potential customer is is also not a good move.

The information you choose to request on your form is important to better identify what kind of person your site is attracting. Thus, if you only ask for name and contact, for example, your sales team will hardly be able to identify the best approach.

So be aware of the number of fields in your form and, especially, their quality. Are you getting information that really benefits your strategy? If the answer is yes, it is on the right track.

3. Don’t ask for confidential or difficult information

A good Landing Page is one in which, in the blink of an eye, visitors can understand what the offer is, what benefits it will bring, and decide whether or not it is worth filling out the form to win them. For that, it is necessary that your form is easy to fill, asking for data that can be provided quickly and without constraint.

A good idea is to ask yourself: how much is my visitor willing to share with me in order to gain access to this offer? But be careful with the information you request! Some very personal data, such as address and phone number, can intimidate the visitor and prevent him from filling out the form.

Unless you need to, avoid asking for sensitive and personal information, such as social security number, address and phone number, as the user may be hesitant to provide it. Also, do not leave the form too long, as the chances are high that he will give up filling it out for this reason.

4. Indicate that the visitor will only receive relevant emails

Email is an essential field of your form. With it, it is possible to place your Lead in an Email Marketing nutrition flow that allows your company to create a relationship with you and guide you through the purchase journey.

However, many visitors are hesitant to provide their email address because of fear of receiving spam. To avoid this, make it clear to the user that they will only receive emails and messages if they want and that, if they want, their content will be relevant to their problem.

5. Use smart forms

Finally, if you have a well-structured Content Marketing strategy, it is possible that your visitor consumes more than one offer on your website. Therefore, investing in smart forms, also called progressive profiling, is essential.

Smart forms in Inbound Marketing are those that already recognize Lead, if it is already part of your base and automatically fills in the other fields according to his first answer. This avoids that your Lead stops consuming more materials – and, therefore, advances in the funnel – for laziness of always filling in the same information.

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