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Social media feeds are no longer the same. Achieving a good organic reach (that is, without having to spend a lot of money to publicize your updates) is the dream of all social media professionals. Competition between brands is huge and social networks are constantly dealing with changes to adapt to […]

Social media feeds are no longer the same. Achieving a good organic reach (that is, without having to spend a lot of money to publicize your updates) is the dream of all social media professionals.

Competition between brands is huge and social networks are constantly dealing with changes to adapt to this sea of ​​posts and information.

On Facebook, for example, the algorithm was changed because with the increasing number of users, the experience on the site was changed to favor the particular interests of each one.

Following this logic, posts with false information, made only to get likes (the famous “like or share”) or with extremely repetitive content (some photo that has been shared thousands of times, for example) will no longer be so common in the feed who uses the network.

Thus, the question remains: what strategies to use so that your posts are seen? The answer is simple: create valuable content and interesting for your target audience.

We have separated 5 tips to help you in this mission of making your posts more attractive to potential contacts and customers. Come on!

1. Engage with your audience

Remember this tip: always ask questions and encourage open and sincere dialogue with your audience.

It is important that they know that behind that profile there is a person. This humanizes your brand and builds trust on the part of your followers.

Nobody wants the feeling that they are talking to an automated robot that is only there to publicize offers and products. Interact and truly engage with your target audience: the more interaction you get, the more valuable your content will be. This engagement is extremely important for any social media strategy.

It is also essential to know how to maintain this discussion with your target audience. For that you need to find your tone of voice and the correct language so that all your effort is not in vain. We teach you how to do this in this post, check out!

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2. Pay attention to schedules

Do you know what time your target audience is online? At what time of the day are they most active, sharing posts and interacting with each other?

Having an accurate sense of that time is what can make a big difference in the organic reach of your posts.

Most social networks offer basic reach analysis. On Facebook you can check and segment the times that your publication had the most hits.

If you have any questions about this and want useful tools to help you with this task, check out 10 tools for social networks that you can’t live without.

3. Don’t be afraid to entertain your audience

Treating your social media followers as simply potential consumers is a big mistake.

After all, not always what a follower looks for on your page is to consume. They may be looking for information, education on a new topic, entertainment … treating this approach as just a sales opportunity is to underestimate your audience and dehumanize your brand.

Plan your social media content like a true master in the art of engaging with your audience: post varied content that will really educate and entertain your audience.

Posts that speak directly to the interests of your target audience create real engagement and are a Content Marketing strategy. Don’t always talk about your product! As we talked about above, create a sincere and true dialogue with your followers on social networks.

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4. Produce quality videos

This tip is more specific to Facebook. The new algorithm of the social network (which generated some changes and we talk about them here) also changed the video ranking system.

Now, they consider who actually watched the video and for how long. What matters is the relevance of this content, more than the number of likes or shares. Quality videos that will generate a good organic reach are those that manage to keep the attention of your audience for the duration.

You can also invest in Facebook Video Ads to increase your audience. It is important to make videos with good sound and image quality. Poorly made videos can attract attention but not the kind you would like. Good videos generate a good image for your brand on social networks. Invest in it!

5. Post good and relevant offers

Considering the tip above, you may be asking yourself: but didn’t you just speak to avoid talking too much about our product?

Yes! But let’s go to the explanations:

There is a big difference between advertising your service at all costs and offering real solutions to your customers with it.

This is generating valuable content – we are trying to solve any problem that your follower may have. Rich materials (e-books, whitepapers, cases, etc.) in the form of free downloads are great options to expand this strategy. Find out what problem your follower might currently have and try to solve it.

If the material is of quality and pleases your potential consumer, your reliability as a brand will increase (as will the possibility of sales) and your followers will always return to your page to find out what other material of interest you have been posting on their profiles on social networks.

Never forget this rule: educate your followers and create valuable content for them.


These tips can help you a lot in the process of getting to know your audience, talking to them and, consequently, increasing your organic reach.

But don’t despair if at first the results don’t show up quickly: Digital Marketing works with results and long-term benefits. The essence of your success will be based on the quality posts and content you share with your fans and potential customers.

Join these tips and create a strategic plan for your social networks. Don’t forget to try, evaluate what worked and what didn’t and apply your findings in practical and useful ways to expand your brand’s popularity on social media.

So, did you like our tips? Do you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions? How do you deal with your social networks? Share with us in the comments, we love to hear from you!

And if you want to learn more about social media and how to engage your audience there, be sure to check out our Social Media Marketing Kit!