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From the moment you commit to advertising your brand in the online environment, your intention is certainly to communicate and transmit your message to your target audience. But do you know what your goal is? The advertisement itself is the way that professionals manage to draw the attention of […]

From the moment you commit to advertising your brand in the online environment, your intention is certainly to communicate and transmit your message to your target audience.

But do you know what your goal is?

The ad itself is the way that professionals are able to get people’s attention so that they are attentive to your products and services. To stand out from other advertisers, an ad must be attractive, persuasive and very well thought out.

And how do you get there?

Well, there is another story that you need to know, and fast.

Today we are going to talk a little more about the famous Google Adwords and what are the 5 most important advanced strategies that you should practice daily before posting your ads on the network.

Want to know how? So stay with us and see!

1. Test your audience

Have you ever wondered what Google does with the huge amount of data that is silently collecting from all of us each day as we surf the internet?

A newly launched Google Adwords feature called In-market audiences is responsible for making indiscriminate use of the valuable information they collect. The idea behind this feature is to allow advertisers to look through this demographics of their users, in order to be able to outline specific goals and strategies based on the behavior of their target audience on the web.

Just as Google knows when a visitor is searching and buying products or clicking on similar ads, providing conversion, they can also leverage this data to help advertisers reach potential customers across multiple sites across the web.

Let’s take a basic example: Imagine that you are a car salesman and you want to reach users whose behavior on the web indicates that they are intending to buy a new car soon. This resource will be a great way to start, after that audience leaves a large amount of information so that Google can pass it on to you.

After that, you can (and should) check the small “in-market” box that is just above the keywords that you are already thinking of placing in your search campaigns.

advanced google adwords strategies

2. Try creating dynamic ads

Standard remarketing helps your ads without needing to know what specific products a user searched for on your company’s website. However, to everyone’s delight, Google recently launched a tool capable of product-specific remarketing. It’s worth taking a look and testing.

If you have any questions about how to do product remarketing, click here. Just a little help from your friend Google, and you can determine what products people were looking for and apply remarketing ads with those same products. Simply put, you can give people exactly what they want.

advanced google adwords strategies

Dynamic ad example

Anyone who is used to it, says: This remarketing tactic creates highly relevant ads that convert very well.

Why not try?

3. Personalize your ads with real-time updates

Most marketers know that urgency is an important component of some ads, but one should not minimize the time to develop their promotions. Sometimes it is necessary to change update codes and adjust the ad text so that everything goes according to plan.

It was not for nothing that Google launched a practical set of scripts so that the copywriter beginner can also understand and apply to their ads.

Now, you may be able to tell Google, “My sale should start today and end in 14 days, so update my copy of the ad every time it goes live.” You can still use this strategy even just before going live: “The webinar starts in two hours, don’t forget to guarantee your place”.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are still many other dynamic elements in the ad that you can control.

Before this tool was even available, longtime professionals at Google Ads needed to create a huge spreadsheet where inventory was made and cataloged and updated constantly. Thing from the past, right? It was only in this way that Google could pull what the parameters of the product models were, prices and which would be the appropriate sales.

Times have changed and professionals are grateful. Now it was enough that some codes were changed, allowing marketers to compete directly within the Adwords interface.

advanced google adwords strategies

4. Schedule your ads at workable times

There is nothing more frustrating for an entrepreneur than paying for leads that simply disappeared or gave up. So, why publish ads that deliver leads at 3 am? We know that hardly anyone will contact them at that time, let’s face it.

In some types of business, your customer will probably wait for that contact to come from you or your team, but that is not the way it works in all cases. When you find a well qualified lead, but only after a few hours you or your team get in touch, it may be that he is no longer as good as that or even gave up.

A good tip for maximizing your return on online advertising spend is to use your ad scheduling strategy religiously.

Tip: Schedule your ads within the Google Adwords tool itself, and always within hours when you can give immediate feedback to the customer, should you find a qualified lead.

Learn more about scheduling your ads here.

advanced google adwords strategies

5. Don’t let your competitors suck your ad budget

Yeah, it seems like a lie, but your competitors are clicking on your ads and sucking your budget. But they have their hours counted.

There is an indisputable tip that you should use to avoid having to pay for these unnecessary clicks.

By excluding IP’s.

There is a trick to knowing how to discover and block your competitors’ IP addresses, preventing them from even being able to see the ads you publish on the web. Come on!

First, you need to find your competitors’ IP addresses. Try experimenting by looking at the header of an email that the company may have sent you “accidentally”, if you know what I mean. However, some companies often use a different IP address to browse the web, in addition to their own domain. This may complicate your search a bit, but keep trying.

When you send an email, you may not notice it, but in the header (which is hidden) you can find various information about the sender, and one of them is about the route that this email went through before reaching the recipient.

If there is a response from the recipient, more information will be added to that header, making it clear that there is no anonymity on the part of those sending these emails.

Discovering your competitors’ IP via Gmail

  1. Sign in to your corporate Gmail account
  2. Open any email you have recently received and want to find out the “sender” or IP number of the sender.
  3. Click on the arrow next to “reply” and choose the option “Show Original”
  4. Look for the word “Received”, as well as the one below

Received: [xxx.xxx.x.xxx]

  1. The number inside the brackets is the number you are looking for, the IP address.

Once you have obtained the IP addresses, simply find the field “exclusion of IP addresses” in the Google Adwords settings and add each address.

advanced google adwords strategies

If you have questions about how to find the address exclusion field, click here.

6. Follow your path to ensure a better return on investment (ROI)

As is normal in the marketing world, not all of these tactics will work for everyone. Ultimately, most marketers will say that it’s important to test everything, and maybe you really should do that.

Anyway, we hope that through these 5 tips you will be able to be inspired and leverage your ads in the online environment.

And you, which of these tactics will apply first in your company? Did we forget to name any of your favorite tricks for dealing with Google Ads?

Tell us in the comments field below!

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