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Finance apps are great options for anyone looking for greater clarity and control over their money. With them, it is possible to analyze expenses, understand excesses and set goals much more achievable!

A healthy financial life depends entirely on organization. Do you want to accumulate an emergency reserve? Get out of rent? Pay debts? Have the resources to specialize in digital marketing? Or, simply, have more control over spending each month?

Without good money planning, we dare say that it is very difficult to achieve even those goals that are simpler to achieve. For this, there are some resources that can help, such as applications for finance.

With them, it is possible control your own money and understand the financial situation in a few clicks.

In this way, unnecessary spending can end in the blink of an eye, making room for the realization of all your goals and targets!

Cool, huh? But, with so many options on the internet, how to choose the best one? To help you choose your future best friend, we’ve selected the 6 best apps for finance! Come on?

1. Guarantee

Guiabolso has become very popular because it has a feature that completely transforms the experience of using an application for finance: synchronization with bank accounts.

After that, several other applications “surfed the wave” and started offering the service, which, before, was only done manually.

This means that, if you wanted to have precise control of your finances, you would need to have the application on hand for every expense you make – or, in other cases, you would set aside a specific time of the day, week or month, to register them with one. only once.

In the case of Guiabolso, then, the concern is completely eliminated, since all purchases are synchronized directly in the app.

The platform is able to help the user organize finances from the moment he understands how he is spending his own money: each purchase is categorized and displayed in the form of graphs.

A good analysis of monthly financial standards is essential to save more money, or invest it in what is really needed.

Are you buying excess food? Has spending on clothes been too much in recent months? All of this can be seen in Guiabolso!

In addition to these features, the application also allows the user to make queries regarding your own CPF.

They are fundamental when thinking about financing, for example, or even in simpler moments, such as when making a credit card.

Finally, a third advantage of Guiabolso, which stands out in the eyes of more than 3 million users in London, is the possibility to monitor and contract loans available from banks and financial institutions as a whole.

The application is free, is available on the main smartphone platforms – such as iOS and Android – and its security is guaranteed by the developers.

2. Toshl Finance

Want to have fun while organizing yourself financially? With Toshl Finance, which is free and available for operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the task is super possible!

Its playful characteristic can already be noticed from the first minutes using the app: a character, in the form of a “little monster”, will be responsible for helping to control your finances for the month, semester or year.

The first step is to set a goal. What is your goal? Save X reais in 1 year? Buy an apartment? Have enough reserve to start a freelance career full time?

After choosing a goal, the app will help you to set a monthly budget. In this way, the amount spent that month will allow a certain amount to be saved.

From month to month, you can see how much you missed spending, that is, how close you are to reaching your goal.

To do all the data reading and understand how much has gone out and how much has entered your budget, the application offers the possibility to synchronize bank accounts, but it is also possible to carry out the activity manually. This depends on the plan purchased.

The goal system is very interesting and has a high level of motivation: the more the user walks towards his goal, the more he is likely to continue saving.

Playing with the little monsters and saving money for Toshl is free, but there are paid versions, which have more in-depth features.

3. Finance

In addition to the traditional features of an application for finance, such as those mentioned throughout this post, an advantage of Finance is the possibility of make lists month by month.

Thus, it is possible, for example, to make a supermarket list with the items that cannot be missed in the purchases of the month.

When registering the products in the list in question, it will not be necessary to update it every month (unless new items are added): the application automatically updates prices!

Thus, it is possible to add an essential expense to anyone’s life, but that often goes unnoticed in financial planning.

It will enter into the planning of that period, giving the possibility to analyze future expenses in advance and have a good idea of ​​how the finances will be divided.

The functionality of the application, which is free and available for iOS and Android, is relatively basic, however, very practical for those who do not want to waste a lot of time.

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4. Money Manager

Money Manager is another application that provides a spending spreadsheet for the user, but with the advantage of analyzing information about deposits and transactions.

In addition, it is possible to cross and understand data on monthly wages, loans made and expected monthly deposits, for example.

The deposit analysis function is great for those who are freelancers and need track customer financial transfers monthly.

You can get a sense of the deadlines for each deposit and, from them, manage to draw up financial strategies.

Do most freelas fall into the account from the second week of the month? Think of closing invoices, such as credit card bills, during that time!

The application is available for both iOS and Android, and is free. If the user wants more customizable and in-depth resources in relation to finance and financial planning, it is possible to buy other versions.

5. Organize

Another app for finance that has a cool feature that stands out: the Organizze don’t need internet to work!

All information is encrypted in the app, that is, it is very useful even in those days when all the internet speed was consumed and there is no WiFi available.

In addition, the application, which is free (also has a paid version) and is available for iOS and Android, allows access and organization of several different accounts.

You can control the checking account of one bank, the savings account of another and the salary account of a third party, for example!

At the end of each month, a statement is generated for all transactions and activities that were registered during that period. The app’s interface is very intuitive, and the user will have no trouble organizing using this platform.

6. CoinKeeper

A feature of many finance applications – we can even say that the vast majority – is use colors as a way to organize and be more effective when planning monthly resources.

CoinKeeper is one of the options that works with the color organization system very well.

By setting a specific tone for each spending category, navigation is much more intuitive and instant: just by opening the app, you can understand a little about your money situation in a certain period of time.

Speaking of “time period”, you can choose when you want to receive the report, either monthly, or every 10 days!

This is another extremely useful tool for freelancers and small business owners, as money can come in periods other than the traditional 30 days. Who receives fortnightly, for example, benefits a lot from the application.

The possibilities for customization are eye-catching for those who purchase CoinKeeper, which is available for both Android and iOS.

Initially, it is free, but after a trial period, you must choose one of the plans offered.

It doesn’t matter which application you choose – what matters is selecting the option that best fits your own reality.

When analyzing each one, it was possible to highlight at least one singular characteristic, however, all the options mentioned are fully capable of meet the needs of users in search of a healthier financial life.

By adopting the best finance apps to get a better sense of your own money and, as a result, a sense of control and organization, be sure that the results will come faster than you think!

If you liked this content and believe that any of these apps could become your newest companion, we invite you to take a step forward in the organization process: learn here how to set up a financial control spreadsheet!