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Finding good tools for recording sales leads is a common quest for many companies. Keeping records dynamically and safely helps to optimize the sales script and capture increasingly satisfying results in the face of the strategy.

The tools to record sales calls are important resources so that companies are always looking to improve their actions.

Analyzing the performance of employees is important to point out errors, reinforce successes and continuously work on optimizing the process.

In addition, the legal issue is fundamental for companies. Any topic addressed in the links is kept properly, as a legal proof of the content.

If the company communicates to the customer that the conversation will be recorded, it can work that way without any restrictions. For that, the right software needs to be chosen!

In this content, you will know which are the 6 best tools to record sales calls. Also know the importance of this practice for the companies’ strategy!

Understand how recording sales calls can be useful

A company that works with sales leads has concrete interests in having these records properly compiled.

A file is important, first, for an internal evaluation, which allows working on improvement parameters. There is also an interest in maintaining proofs of the content of these conversations, if necessary in the future.

In some cases, it is possible that customers are in disagreement about some condition that was closed in that sale. This can result in complaints made directly with the company or even have a lawsuit as a consequence.

In both cases, having the call recorded will serve to reinforce the content or even as proof of legal defense.

For these and other reasons, finding good tools to record sales calls is important for companies to always be in control. Understand on some topics how important it is to generate registered copies of these calls!

Service optimization

A tool to record sales calls allows each call to be properly registered and fixed in a solid company file.

From there, the first step is that all these links are duly reviewed, regardless of whether they generated conversions or not. This is the main way to analyze the team’s performance and, from there, propose changes – if necessary.

A service is made up of some basic parameters, from the call time to the tone that the salesperson uses with the customer.

If calls are recorded, managers are able to assess compliance with these requirements and how they impacted the conversion. The search for optimizing the quality of sales leads needs to be continuous and, therefore, recording them is important.

Legal certainty

You never know what a customer will understand from the content of a call, however much the seller has been clear and fulfilled in his role.

It is common to have feedback from users of services and products in search of clarifying some type of charge or other details.

In such cases, if the company complied with what was reported in the call, the call becomes concrete evidence.

However, it is essential that the company establishes a solid speech and that it is very clear when transmitted from the seller to the customer.

Otherwise, if the case is stopped in the legal sphere, the company will be punished. The call log must be continuous, as it is not known when these problems will occur.

They are the defense of the company, but they can also condemn, if the work has not been done properly.

Improvement of speech

In a sales call, everything revolves around the salesperson’s speech and his ability to be sure about convincing.

Of course, it goes far beyond that and, as you have seen, you also need to be clear to avoid future problems. As much as the company has a standard speech, sometimes it can be changed and adapted, so it is important to always check the call log.

In addition to proposing corrections, it is always a good idea to think about how this customer approach can be improved.

Sales calls are often very stigmatized and, to avoid falling for that bad assessment, optimizations are always a valuable idea.

When recording calls, you can work on speeches that are more aligned, engaging and that are direct and honest.

Discover the 6 best tools to record sales calls

Your company will find some options among the tools to record sales calls and, in this search, what matters most is to understand how well each platform is suited to your operation.

Below, we have separated 6 alternative tools for you to understand how each one works. Look!

1. Hubspot Sales

Hubspot is a renowned company in the market and needs no introduction. Naturally, this already leads us to understand that Hubspot Sales is one of the best tools to record sales calls currently available.

The basis of this software is to allow daily sales calls to be properly prioritized, making it possible to record directly in the browser used.

To facilitate the work, these calls are already automatically integrated with the CRM used, and the record is saved along with the other data related to the customer in question.

The proposal is to organize which consumers are ready to receive a call, and this is done directly with CRM.

From this, a priority list is created that guides the work of the sales team on the day.

2. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is an app developed for Androids systems that allows calls made on smartphones to be easily recorded.

This is an excellent alternative for small entrepreneurs who do not wish to have a complex structure, but need the security of a practice of recording calls.

What stands out most about this tool is its integration with Google platforms. Using the app, you can automatically save calls to Google Drive.

However, if your company is not a fan of this platform, Dropbox is another very efficient option. It is possible to choose between the free and the paid version, the most complete and with more features.

3. NextCall USB

The NextCall USB is a unitary and lower cost recorder that works through equipment that connects each phone line to a computer.

The company is London and developed the product thinking about a solution for offices or small and medium sized companies.

NextCall is not one of the most complex solutions on the market, but it serves a niche well.

Through the USB connection, the device records all calls on the computer, saving them in MP3 format.

There are not many difficulties in the configuration and, to start recording, there is also no need to intervene: the registration starts as soon as the phone goes off-hook and is also closed as soon as it returns.

4. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is among the tools to record the most prominent calls on the market today.

All this credit is given to a company that applies simplicity and efficiency to its solution. This system creates an intelligent recording operation capable of integrating with several CRM options and, thus, can organize calls and create smart lists.

One of the highlights of CloudTalk is its flexibility, as it serves the reality of both large companies and small entrepreneurs.

The tool allows making, receiving and recording calls made and managed through a browser or even in a smartphone app, which is also quite common.

5. Call Rail

With a differentiated proposal and with a focus on data analysis, Call Rail is a solution that aims to revolutionize the way in which saved calls are managed.

In practice, the operation is simple and connects with browsers and apps just like the others. The difference with this tool is precisely its depth of functions when dealing with registration materials.

It has an internal automatic lead qualification tool, which makes work more intuitive and automated.

In addition, the tool also supports decision making in relation to investments in campaigns. This is done thanks to its ability to measure conversions within each call.

6. ringDNA

RingDNA is a great tool option for those who work with Salesforce and, right off the bat, the system makes a promise of impact: 100% of the calls are recorded losslessly, so the analysis can be done in detail.

In a simple environment, each call can be played and managers can take notes associated with them. Thus, they are sent to employees, who check which notes were made.

With this platform there is also no need to worry about different laws regarding the possibility of recording calls.

It adapts automatically as soon as it detects the origin, when it receives, or where the customer speaks, in active calls. RingDNA is also highly flexible and connects with apps, PABX, and browsers.

See the importance of tools in the sales script

The tools to record sales calls have a great impact on the ongoing analysis of calls and how they perform.

If managers are able to assess how these contacts and dialogues are made, it is entirely possible to detect points of improvement and reinforce what has worked.

This feedback is very valuable in strengthening the sales script. It is a simple document that works as a step-by-step guide that must be followed in each call, considering points such as delivery of value, language, tone and objectivity.

If calls are always under analysis, the tendency is that the script can be optimized more and more.

Your company should take a closer look at each of the 6 tool options for recording calls you saw throughout this post! Now that you know how they work, deciding the best one for your business needs is much easier.

Enjoy and learn now how to build a sure sales script that generates conversions!