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Advertising is fundamental to the success of a business. Discover 6 advertising inspirations to apply to your future creations!

It is not for nothing that inbound marketing has grown so much: competition for advertising space in today’s world is really no joke.

After all, in the face of the flood of advertisements that people are subjected to every day, let the consumer come to you instead of continuing to fight to get to him is a great idea.

Still, the outbound media continue to have an impact huge, and who knows that creativity and innovation are far more important than the amount available to invest outperforms the competition in this environment.

Want to see why? Discover 6 incredible advertising examples and see how it is still possible to have excellent results in traditional media, as long as you can think outside the box:

1. Carlsberg and the best advertising in the world

Is there anything more frustrating than going out with friends for a cold drink and suddenly realizing that you took the beer, but you forgot the bottle opener?

It is true that there are plenty of ninja tricks on the web to solve this problem. Only in real life we ​​are not always skilled enough to make them work.

Yeah. Based on this, the Danish brewery Carlsberg had a great idea: to make an advertisement teaching the consumer how to open the bottle using the leaf on which the ad was.

Got confused? Calm, watch this video showing the thing in practice and you will understand.

On the last page of the magazine, on the back of the back cover (which, it is worth remembering, is a little bit thicker than the rest of the leaves), the brewery placed instructions on how to rip the page and fold it to create a paper bottle opener .

To draw attention and also give a touch of humor to the ad, the advertising title plays on the brand’s motto: “probably the best beer in the world”(Probably the best beer in the world, in free translation).

At the top of the page is written “probably the best advertisement in the world”. And can’t they be right?

2. Weight Watchers and the fake crooked bus

weight watchers

Advertisements on the back of buses are quite common around the world and almost welcome in the boredom of a traffic jam.

Despite this, aware that having your logo printed in a huge font on the back of a bus might not be enough, Weight Watchers went above and beyond to make sure everyone looked at your ad.

And you didn’t have to pay a penny more than other advertisers to get to what must have been the most flashy advertising during rush hour!

What they did was a sticker just like the back of the buses, but which is purposely crooked, as if the entire vehicle was tilted. In the photo of the rear window, the reason for the slope: a single overweight passenger sitting on the “sunken” side.

As the photo is very realistic, whoever sees the bus from behind is really under the illusion that it is crooked, and then it is impossible to ignore the advertisement.

3. Greenpeace and the blame scroll

Who has never decided to ignore the “one leaf is enough” warning in the mall’s bathroom and use 2, 3 or even 4 disposable sheets to dry their hands?

The problem is that it is actions like these that, despite – and perhaps precisely because – seem harmless, end up generating a lot of waste and, of course, impacting the environment.

Thinking about it, Greenpeace decided to deal with people’s guilt and show, in practice, how their carelessness can affect nature.

They did paper rolls decorated with trees to remind the consumer of the natural resources that were used in the manufacture of that material.

After that, it’s hard not to think twice before taking more leaves than necessary, don’t you think?

4. Belgian Alzheimer’s League and the page deleted

Belgian Alzheimer's League

Imagine that you are reading a magazine and, suddenly, you are faced with a report page where half of the impression is erased. You would not understand what happened, would you?

This was the way the Belgian Alzheimer’s League found to make people stop for a moment, reflect on the impact of this disease on the lives of those who suffer from it and, possibly, decide to contribute to the institution.

The ad was an exact copy of a report page from the Belgian periodical La Libre, but some of the content was blank, as if a printing problem had occurred.

In the right corner, the explanation: “85 thousand Belgians will not remember what they read in the newspaper today. We will support them ”.

This is yet another example of simple advertising, which uses the same space as so many other advertisements, but manages to captivate the reader much more effectively.

5. Kleenex and congested soap dishes

In 2009, Kleenex decided to remind Brazilians that having a stuffy nose is not at all pleasant, but that the brand tissues can be of great help at this time.

For this reason, they were on the Greenpeace wave and also bet on the space of the bathrooms of commercial establishments – only this time, the ad was on the soap dish.

Made a face-shaped sticker (with an especially long, red nose) that ended at the button to release the foam from the soap dish, giving the unpleasant illusion of washing your hands with the snot of someone with a cold.

At the top, the phrase: “Did you get it? Kleenex ”.

Obviously, the reactions were not the happiest with the novelty, but as the idea was to generate some disgust for the runny nose – and, thus, encourage the use of tissues -, the objective was certainly accomplished!

6. IWC and the watch straps to experience

Finally, we brought you another simple, low-cost sticker that can be placed in a practical way, such as buses, but it still has great results for creativity.

We are talking about the announcement of the Swiss watchmaking IWC for its new model of wristwatch.

Instead of doing one more advertisement among a thousand in magazines, billboards or newspapers, they used the public transport safety handles to create a type of product tester.

The sticker simulates the watch and, due to the function of the straps, it ends up being “tried” almost unintentionally by passengers when they put their wrist there to hold on! At least interesting, isn’t it?

So, did you like these incredible advertising examples that every marketer should know? So be sure to also read our post on how to increase the productivity of your agency and keep learning!