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The strategy focused on producing quality content is one of the most used by companies looking to establish themselves in the digital environment. Still not convinced that it can be ideal for your business? Check out this article with 6 reasons to adopt content marketing!

Have you noticed how expanding the reach of the internet has been reshaping people’s habits and behaviors?

Today, it is almost impossible to find someone who does not consume some type of content online every day. It is not surprising, therefore, that the market keeps up with these changes.

In its 4th edition, the Content Trends survey revealed that 73% of the companies interviewed already adopt content marketing as a strategy.

Among those who do not practice this modality, 61.8% say they intend to invest in this regard in the future.

But why has this type of investment become such a strong trend? This is what we are going to address in this text.

Get ready to discover 6 compelling reasons to invest in content marketing!

1. Optimize ranking on Google

It is not new that, in order to survive the high competitiveness present in the market, a brand needs to have a strong presence on the internet.

One of the key points for this is the ranking carried out by Google, which takes into account several factors. If you want your website to appear in the first results of an organic search, content marketing is essential.

This is because, in addition to considering domain authority and other issues, Google gives extreme importance to the production of varied and quality material, which is exactly one of the pillars of content marketing.

Therefore, when adopting this strategy, your company becomes more relevant to the search engine algorithm, which defines the ranking of search results.

Can you understand the scale of this opportunity? In Google alone, more than 100 billion searches are carried out per month.

You can be sure that your persona is included in this impressive number. So, using the most efficient practices can guarantee that your services will be found in at least some of these searches.

2. Enhances your brand authority

In the first topic, we cite authority as one of the criteria for good ranking on Google, but it is necessary to understand that its importance goes beyond.

We live in the era of Marketing 4.0, which is defined by Philip Kotler as a period in which the consumer has more and more doubts about the reliability of companies.

Thus, achieving authority status in the matter is essential for your brand to have the trust and loyalty of consumers.

Ok, but how does content marketing help to achieve this goal? It is a relatively simple process, but one that requires planning and discipline.

The authority we are talking about is generated from the content produced by the brand. Whether through the use of social networks, blogs or other media channels, the point is that the material must be consistent in giving the persona a sense that he can count on the company for questions on certain subjects.

How can content marketing generate brand authority?

As mentioned, achieving this goal requires discipline, as it is not something that happens overnight.

Let’s say, for example, that your company is part of the real estate market. Probably, a person who has never heard of real estate will think twice before considering closing a deal.

Now, let’s imagine that the company has adopted good content marketing practices, producing educational posts frequently and offering responses to persona pains.

If the material is qualified and with potential for engagement, it is natural that, after a certain period, the customer has the confidence that he can count on the company to solve his problems.

So, once the persona has been attracted to your content, you have the possibility to nurture it with educational material and thus direct it from the top of the sales funnel until the moment of making the purchase decision.

3. Decrease the costs involved in marketing

A strategy that has so many attractions and possibilities must have a high cost, correct? Wrong!

In fact, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and still generates 3 times more results.

Low costs are directly related to the simplicity of the concept. Just get a domain, create a blog and start producing material that you are already taking your first steps in the modality.

Of course, this does not mean that doing everything anyway will bring results. It is necessary to have a well-defined marketing plan and aligned with the persona.

Investing in content marketing is therefore an excellent option for medium-sized companies or those that do not have many resources to spend.

In Content Trends 2018, 74.7% of the companies considered medium said they were at least moderately satisfied with the adoption of the practices.

In the same survey, the lack of resources was pointed out by only 13.5% of respondents as an obstacle to the adoption of the strategy.

4. Enables the improvement of other strategies

Do you think about implementing content marketing in your company, but don’t want to leave aside the expansion of your social networks? There is no reason to worry.

Content generation is a practice that benefits all fronts of your digital marketing strategy. Not by chance, the blog is considered one of the most important channels for this approach.

Content Trends 2018 shows that companies that have an active blog get almost twice as many visits as those that ignore this channel.

And you know the best of it? What is posted on a blog can easily be replicated on social networks or email marketing campaigns.

So, with minor adaptations, you can use the same content to activate your contacts through different means.

In fact, posts on networks like Instagram and Facebook are 74.6% of users indicated that they were the favorite medium for content consumption.

That is, it is very likely that you will be able to considerably increase your number of followers. The same works in the opposite case.

Social media posts are great ways to engage your persona and encourage them to access the company’s blog.

5. It allows educating the market about a product or service

The launch of new products and services or their introduction into new markets can be quite a challenge for companies.

Often, it is something very specific or with a certain degree of resistance from the consuming public. With the use of content marketing, your brand has the possibility to break these barriers.

Leaving aside conventional marketing practices, often considered invasive by the consumer, it is possible to carry out planning to gain public confidence.

With periodic blog posts and social networks, little by little, the brand can introduce the product to the persona.

In this way, an audience that was previously unaware of your product or service, can better understand its applications and features.

So, it’s up to your marketing team to produce educational and engaging material that can educate the persona about the market and demonstrate how the company can help to heal their pain.

6. Increase sales volume

To sell its products or services, a company has to fulfill certain requirements. It needs to be found by the customer, trusted by the public and educated the audience about what it has to offer.

All of these premises are achieved with the efficient application of a content marketing strategy.

Lead generation, which is essential for building a solid customer base, is one of the potential factors. Enterprises that adopt the content creation approach are able to generate up to 3.7 times more leads than those limited to conventional marketing.

With the largest number of leads, conversion rate it also tends to be optimized. In fact, research indicates that the conversion of customers into businesses that apply content marketing is up to 6 times higher.

If your goal is to increase your sales volume, this may be the solution you were looking for.

Investing in content marketing is a growing trend in companies of all sizes.

With the constant increase in the consumption of this type of material on the internet, brands have a golden opportunity to attract and engage visitors, in order to eventually turn them into loyal customers.

The benefits of this modality range from its low cost to the high level of efficiency that can be achieved.

In order to achieve the expected result, it is essential to stay connected to the trends of digital marketing and to know in depth the profile of the public that your brand aims to reach.

So, what did you think of the reasons presented in the article? Do you agree that content marketing can be of great help to your business? Want to know how to get started? Take a look at this free e-book that teaches you the first steps to build your strategy!