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Youtube is the largest video platform in the online world, with more than one billion users. Every day millions of hours of content are watched within the site. At the beginning, in 2005, many people did not put much faith that this type of content would take off. Thousands of baby videos […]

Youtube is the largest video platform in the online world, with more than a billion users. Every day millions of hours of content are watched within the site. At the beginning, in 2005, many people did not put much faith that this type of content would take off.

Thousands of videos of babies and kittens later, one thing is a fact: YouTube is here to stay and its strength on the internet is undeniable. The content creators within the site are known as Youtubers and many of them are now celebrities who make a living producing videos for their channels.

With millions of fans around the world (the most famous Youtuber today is the Swiss PewDiePie, which with its video games channel already accumulates an impressive 43 million followers), Youtubers are proof that the production of content can bring incredible results for those who understand the subject.

And any company or content marketer has a lot to learn from all of them.

We selected 6 of the biggest Youtubers channels today (foreigners and Brazilians) to show you what you, as a brand, can learn from them.

Come on?

1. VlogBrothers: build your audience carefully

The VlogBrothers were born in 2007 as a project between the brothers Hank and John Green. They started out shy, 2 geeks talking about topics of interest, gradually gaining followers, but what they have become today is a real lesson for anyone working in marketing.

With almost 3 million followers, VlogBrothers have created their own community (affectionately called Nerdfighteria) where the reception and engagement with any type of content produced by them is enormous.

Considered pioneers, today its network is spread on several channels on Youtube, each with its own content. John Green also became one of the best-selling authors in the USA and that would not be possible without his fan base on Youtube.

This is what VlogBrothers teach us: to calmly and carefully build your own audience. Conquering your audience can be a difficult job, but persist in establishing yourself as a name in the market and as a consequence you will gain loyal customers and fans of your brand.

Once you gain authority and have your audience consolidated it will be much easier to have good results with your digital marketing strategies.

So go ahead!

Build a persona for your brand and produce content for the audience you want to reach.

2. The Fine Brothers: give your audience what they want

Look! Even Anitta appeared on their channel!

The Fine Brothers have been creating online content since 2004. The brothers are experts in creating viral videos on Youtube (their most famous video has 45 million views). With 13 million fans on their channel, the Fine Brothers post new videos 3x a week on Youtube.

And how do they have so many ideas for interesting content like that? It’s simple: all videos are created by listening to the suggestion of themes from the people who watch them.

They are acting on one of the most basic principles of digital marketing: hear what your audience is saying about your brand. Kings of engagement, the channel is fed with suggestions from followers.

Both sides win: the Fine Brothers get new themes to produce videos and the follower who has had their comment chosen feels special, making him become even more loyal to the brand.

By giving your audience what they are asking of you (in terms of content, service improvements or other suggestions) you are building customer loyalty and ensuring that that person will not run to the competition.

3. The Fine Brothers strikes again: the power of co-marketing

We already talked a lot about the popularity of The Fine Brothers. But they are not only masters of listening to their audience: they are also experts in the art of co-marketing.

His video series “Youtubers React” is one of the most famous on the channel. In it, they invite several Youtubers to participate in their videos. With that, they win the fans of each of these Youtubers, who will watch the video and post it on their own channels.

This is the power of co-marketing: with it, you have access to a new audience and many business opportunities. It is one of the best lead generation strategies and a very common practice in the world of Youtubers.

4. Back door: don’t be afraid to create innovative content

Porta dos Fundos is a producer of comedy videos that found on YouTube the perfect platform for its dissemination. With 12 million followers, almost all videos produced on the channel go viral quickly on other social networks.

The group is not afraid to focus on controversial topics: they talk about politics, religion and other topics on the agenda in London.

It was with this authenticity that they became the most popular channel on London YouTube. And this is what you should learn from the lesson as a brand: don’t be afraid to position yourself and think outside the box. Don’t follow the tide – do unique and innovative content, to conquer those who consume it.

5. Jout Jout: be yourself

The Jout Jout channel, created by Rio de Janeiro Júlia Tolezano, is the most recent on this list. Almost two years old (the first video was posted in 2014), Jout Jout has become a social media phenomenon and today has almost 1 million followers.

The Jout Jout differential is its originality.

She is not afraid to be herself and to say everything that goes through her mind. This creates an intimacy with the audience: his followers feel like close friends and see themselves in the videos produced by Júlia.

Jout Jout goes a long way – his power to entertain his audience is enormous. It doesn’t need much. Her videos are simple to edit and almost all are just her talking on camera.

What can you, as a brand, learn from it? Not to forget who you are and what you believe. Do not force yourself to follow the trends of the moment if this does not match the positioning of your company.

Keep your originality, your values ​​as a company and you can be sure that you will have followers and customers much more interested and engaged in your message.

6. Zoella: have a well-planned content

Zoella is a British Youtuber that produces various videos on fashion, lifestyle, recipes, tutorials… its content is diverse. With 10 million followers on her channel, Zoella is already considered a tips guru for her audience. Her first book broke sales records in England in its first week of release.

Zoella has predefined weekly and monthly themes. In addition, it separates its videos into specific playlists for each theme. She posts videos twice a week, in addition to producing special series with commemorative dates.

Take this as an example: without planning and a well-defined editorial calendar, your blog and content marketing strategies will not have the results you expect.

Learn from YouTube stars

We just saw valuable lessons from Youtubers to expand their content marketing strategies. Get inspired by the best! Youtube is a great promotion tool and we can learn a lot from the stars of the site.

If you want to know how to do well on this social network be sure to also check out our complete ebook on marketing on Youtube.

What’s up? What is your favorite Youtuber? What can we learn from him? Share with us in the comments!

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