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Delighting customers is a much easier task than it seems. We have gathered here 6 strategies capable of surprising your customers and achieving results that will accelerate the growth of your company.

It is the relationships that give color to people’s lives, after all, nobody was born to live alone. Human beings were created to live in communities.

Many of the social judgments are based on relationships and, therefore, every company needs to stick to this detail when creating a structure to promote and maintain its brand in the market.

Relating to the human being can be very complex, but there is a feeling that is capable of reaching anyone and bringing such a positive emotion capable of making that person loyal to his brand.

Do you know what it is? The enchantment.

But make no mistake, delighting your customer is not just about giving a positive emotion – it is involving them in your strategy for exceed your expectations in a bold way.

In the age of digital information it may seem a challenge to do marketing to generate this type of value to people, however with the right strategies it is possible to entertain and delight your customers and make your brand strong on the Internet and in their hearts.

Continue with us and see what are the Digital Marketing strategies to delight your customers!

1. Content Marketing

We can consider Content Marketing as the foundation for all digital strategies, since, necessarily, all of them need relevant content and that generate value for the desired personas

O Content Marketing is responsible for educating the prospective customer before he acquires the services of a company and we can also say that it is through him that relationships begin.

Content is produced to attract the consumer to the customer’s journey. Then, more content is made to remove the doubts of those who came to search the site.

Soon, other content will present this visitor with a solution for him to consider until he decides to become a customer.

And it doesn’t stop there: after the purchase is made, more content will be produced teaching you how to use the products and which other services can be combined to increase the performance of the purchase.

Have you noticed how Content Marketing plays a crucial role in your Digital Marketing when it comes to masterfully communicating with your customer in order to delight and retain them?

2. Inbound Marketing

It is the methodology that attracts, converts and delights customers. It is a passive way to attract customers. It is also known as Attraction Marketing, as it creates a connection with the structures of SEO, social networks and Content Marketing.

Through the sharing of interesting content, for a group of people with specific characteristics and who have common interests (the personas), it is possible to communicate directly in order to create a relationship.

From the moment this connection is created, personas start to have confidence in the brands that caught their attention. The result of this relationship can be a sale.

Very different from other types of marketing actions, mainly offline, at the Inbound Marketing your potential customers find your brand because of the consistent and reliable message that your company has managed to deliver.

If you have not yet invested in Inbound Marketing to leverage your business and create opportunities that will make a total difference in your company’s ROI, you are wasting time.

3. Local Marketing

It can be said that Local Marketing is a kind of dazzling strategy action.

Imagine the following situation: you remembered that your mother’s birthday is today and you simply did not plan to buy anything for her[Worseyourscheduleforthedayisfullandyouhavenotimetolookforsomethingthatmakesyoufeelspecial[Piorsuaagendadodiaestálotadaevocêestásemtempoparaprocuraralgumacoisaqueafaçasesentirespecial

However, you remember that you once activated the location of your cell phone in a search engine to search for a gift and that is why a gift shop sent a message with your promotions of the day on your cell phone.

You found out that this store had a flower kit and basket of chocolates on sale that day, which they delivered to the location you indicated and, even better, you could make payment via bank transfer.

Was this marketing action able to enchant? You did not have to move and still fulfilled the purpose of the present.

Think of the convenience you could enjoy because of tools that capture the potential consumer geographically closest to your business.

These tools create strategies to reach the target audience of your business, in order to transform you into a potential customer, all offering solutions very close to them.

In this way, your ads are not just advertisements, they are solutions to the needs of your personas.

4. Outbound Marketing

Acquiring customers is the most important resource of any company, as it is the acquisitions that guarantee growth every month.

If in Inbound Marketing the way to win customers is through the method of attraction, at the Outbound Marketing the way to reach them is actively.

Outbound has numerous advantages, one of which is quick return. It depends only on good professionals who are prepared and aligned with the company’s culture to prospect and help them in the way they need.

Outbound Marketing also has objectivity in contact, since consultants prospect only personas who are potential customers of the company.

5. Niche Marketing

The idea of ​​Niche Marketing is quite simple: segment your audience as much as possible to take advantage of all sales opportunities for these consumers.

The more specific the segment, the greater the advantages of meeting your expectations with quality and efficiency and thus winning loyal customers.

For companies, the main advantages are: being able to invest less in advertising and thus reduce marketing costs and have less competition. This is because companies seek to meet the greatest possible demands, leaving aside the specific needs that people have.

How to Do Niche Marketing

Finding a niche may seem like a challenge, but it is very important for the success of your strategy.

Here are the steps to fragment your audience:

  • having very well defined who will be your group of personas and, among them, sectioning those that your company considers ideal to serve;
  • find a space where these personas meet;
  • define which product is of interest to that audience;
  • compose a way to promote this product in a way that is attractive to the chosen segment.

6. Activation Marketing

Do you know that kind of advertisement in which her main focus is to convey a sensation, an idea, a feeling?

This type of advertising is called Activation Marketing, in which the main objective is to differentiate your company in the market.

Nowadays companies have realized that experience has much more value than calls to action.

For this reason, Activation Marketing is very important within a digital strategy, mainly to gain reference in the market.

This marketing strategy is responsible for making a brand popular. He usually uses different events to create an emotional reaction in his personas, in order to create an association.

The main incentive of this method is to touch the consumer in a unique and special way. This is what will make the company chosen for the emotional value it had the ability to convey.

O Activation Marketing focus is to delight the consumer. Below are two important actions taken to develop and strengthen this technique.

Generate experiences

A simple way to generate experiences for your company’s audience is to involve them at the moment when your persona is doing some activity.

First because it is a time when she is not waiting and second, because it is the opportune time to generate emotional, unexpected and even special value for her.

Thus, it is possible to create a connection with the consumer to achieve market positioning.


O Sampling is an unusual gift capable of creating an affective memory in relation to your company or the idea that your brand wants to obtain.

Free samples are also able to surprise your potential customer as they prove what your brand is saying.

Retail actions

They are great for accelerating campaigns that didn’t engage very well, because they tend to use melee as a major resource in the process.

An important way to draw attention is to create an environment that allows the customer to get into the mood of what the brand wants to convey.

It may seem like a challenge, but these Digital Marketing strategies are consolidated ways to delight customers, whatever their segment and niche.

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