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The most amazing part of working with Digital Marketing is directly related to opportunities. Well, at least this is my opinion. When I talk about opportunities, don’t interpret them as job opportunities. Although this is also one of the benefits of an area as wide as this. Who went to Fire 2015, event […]

The most amazing part of working with Digital marketing it is directly related to opportunities.

Well, at least this is my opinion.

When I talk about opportunities, don’t interpret them as job opportunities. Although this is also one of the benefits of an area as wide as this.

Who went to Fire 2015, entrepreneurship and digital marketing event of Hotmart, you know what I’m talking about.

After a weekend full of surprising lectures, who closed the event in a fantastic way (sorry for the word) was none other than Neil Patel.

If you don’t know the beast, I will allow you to create a new tab in your browser to find out more about Neil. I will help you, click here and on here.

Really, you need follow his work!

Take it easy, I’ll be on the list with the incredible tips Neil gave us about creating killer titles.

Activity for you to do while reading content

A little parenthesis before I start talking about creating titles.

I would like to propose an activity. Take the post title that you produced that in your opinion looks great and start using the tips in it according to your reading.

I would like to see, in the comments tab, the two versions of titles that you created before and after reading this content.

Essential information about the importance of titles

During the lecture Neil told several stories about how he started, what motivates him and what his goals are as a professional.

In addition, he taught a complete class on digital marketing, blogs and content production.

I have to admit I was really looking forward to the lecture. After all, if you work with digital or content marketing, you certainly know Neil Patel and his incredible tests and results.

So all I wanted to do was learn as much as possible about any surprising and innovative tip he was keeping up his sleeve.

Despite this, to my surprise, Neil did not present any groundbreaking insight that blew the head of the crowded auditorium. On the contrary, Neil Patel showed us the importance of basic things that, in some strategies, are neglected or not so important.

Before going through the 6 incredible tips, make a reflection on a fact that Neil Patel presented us during his lecture:

“8 out of 10 people will read the title of your article, but only 2 out of 10 people will read the content you have written”

create titles that convert

Check out the full infographic

If you were surprised, rest assured. I was also taken aback by this right-wing jab.

Negative words and numbers increase CTR

In addition to being the face of your post, headlines have a primary function: attracting traffic.

So far so good, we are not creating the fire. But without being aware of it you will continue to create titles on autopilot!


Numbers increase the feeling of efficiency in the reader. A list of 31 tips on how to create a perfect blog post is much more enjoyable than the “Title Creation Manual”.

People like to learn quickly. Numbers are your weapon.

Also, remember to always use digits, not words.

Numbers, lists, top 10, call it what you want: they are responsible for attracting a large number of hits to your content.

Negative words

Negative words and any expressions that make the reader unsure about something also generate frightening results. Here are some examples of how to use negative words:

  • Stop now and learn …
  • You need…
  • Stop neglecting
  • Without these tips …

Examples of marketingdeconteudo.com:

To show that the tips are really valuable, I will end each of the tips showing examples that we use here on the blog and that give good results!

In the 10 most accessed posts on our blog in the last six months, three of them have negative numbers and words:

Strange numbers perform even better

Now that you understand that good practice for creating killer headlines involves using numbers and lists, let’s go further.

Strange numbers tend to perform better than standard lists such as 5, 10 or 20 items.

Take the test and create lists with unusual numbers like 14, 57 or 101.

Here on the blog we use lists in this format in posts that have good numbers of organic accesses:

The maximum length of your title must contain up to 65 characters

When Neil Patel talked about creating titles that give good results, one of the points that was most reinforced was this.

Exceeding the 65 character limit is a problem that directly affects the result of organic and social media access to your content.

This is because when the title has more characters than this imaginary limit, search engines and social networks cut your title. If that wasn’t clear to you, here’s the example:

Title longer than 65 characters:

create titles that convert 3

Title ok, less than 65 characters:

create titles that convert 4

In addition to interfering with the way the content title is displayed on search engines, exceeding this number of characters also influences how it will be displayed on social networks.

create titles that convert 5

This example shows how a headline, optimized to the correct size, should be displayed on social networks.

When we’re creating something, it’s essential that the title of the content does not exceed this limit. Thus, readers will be able to understand what you intend to present in the article.

Try to create titles with a maximum of 6 words

This tip was also new to me.

According to Neil Patel’s tests, the ideal length for a blog post title should be no more than 6 words.

Your title should be linked to the text

If you’re a normal person, I’m sure that being cheated is a horrible thing in your opinion.

Now put yourself in the shoes of a reader who is looking for information on a particular subject.

You do your research, find different content that does not attract you because the title cannot prove that there will be the answers you are looking for. Until an article catches your eye and manages to convince you to click.

After a few seconds reading the content you realize that that article has no relation to the title, or worse: it is a misleading advertisement.

Don’t do this on your own blog.


Avoid using words that have more than one possible interpretation

Double meaning sucks.

Whether in a conversation, message or email, using words that have a double meaning is a problem in any circumstance in which they are used.

In the titles this would be no different.

When it comes to attracting new and recurring readers, the subject of your content must be extremely clear. Only then will you be able to clearly convey what the objective is and what you intend to achieve with the article.

This tip is very much in line with the last: create a title that matches your content and does not create confusion in the reader’s mind.

Always use strong words or adjectives

Incredible, surprising, magnificent, terrible or deadly.

Adjectives are one of the main and most important weapons of web content producers.

Including an adjective or a strong word in your title can considerably increase the result when it comes to the number of hits!

Should you create titles that have all 6 tips?

If you tried to create titles by following these six tips, you can certainly see that it is not as easy as it looks.

Neil Patel said that despite being a complicated task, you should try to include at least 4 of the 6 tips in your titles. This will ensure that they will be of a good quality standard!

If the title you created doesn’t meet at least 4 of the prerequisites on this list, start over and create something new!

Titles are extremely important!

What was the final lesson I learned after the lecture?

Well, as you can see, Neil Patel reinforced the importance of the titles. Despite being a topic that has been talked about many times, it is not uncommon to find great articles that have bad titles.

After the lecture I went to check some old content myself!

The next time you create a new article, remember these tips! They are worth gold!

And now the time has come to share your titles with me. At the beginning of the post I asked you to create a variation of any title you made, after following the tips. Use the comments tab and let’s see how much your titles have improved!

So, did you create the variations?