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What to do to achieve enviable brand recognition? Luck? Too much money? Bulk advertising? You may even need a few of these items a little, but that’s the least. The mistake of many is to think that only giant companies can generate brand awareness. Know that this is a myth, because […]

What to do to achieve enviable brand recognition? Luck? Too much money? Bulk advertising?

You may even need a few of these items a little, but that’s the least.

The mistake of many is to think that only giant companies can generate brand awareness. Know that this is a myth, because even a small pastry shop gets its place in the sun with the right strategies.

In this post, we will explain what brand recognition is and show its benefits and some steps to achieve this goal.

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What is brand recognition?

Imagine people recognizing the logo your business just by hitting the eye. Or rather: having good feelings when you see her. Cool, isn’t it?

A brand recognition strategy aims to put your brand in the minds of consumers in a positive way.

For that, it will be necessary to work on all aspects of your business, from the choice of name to customer service.

To achieve this goal, patience and perseverance are necessary, it is a slow process and gradually built (but when you see the result, you realize it was worth it).

It is important to stress that you will need good management to have a strong brand in the market. Only in this way can you align communication with the company’s philosophy.

There is no point in communicating that you deliver X if the consumer arrives at the establishment and receives Y…

What are its benefits?

Loyal customers

When your brand distinguishes itself from the rest and gains public recognition, the tendency is for you to gain loyal followers.

The brand becomes part of people’s lifestyles, and many of these customers come to defend it with nails and teeth.

Who has never witnessed a fervent discussion about which smartphone or operating system is best?


O recommendation marketing, also known as word of mouth or referral marketing, is a very effective modality.

The recommendations have a huge weight when the consumer chooses a certain product or service. So, if you have brand-defending customers, they won’t hesitate to refer you.

Social networks and online assessment tools have enhanced this process. Second search from the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brasil), 90% of consumers search the internet before making a purchase. That is, we no longer need to ask friends and family.


Upon reaching a certain level of recognition, the company is able to expand its customer base with just your name.

This achieved status makes it much easier when closing sales and signing contracts.

Let’s say you want to learn to play the guitar. Then you will need to go to the musical instrument store and choose one among the various options.

However, as you are new to this universe, you don’t really know which one is the best. In that case, you will probably choose a guitar from a well-known brand.

Second search from HubSpot, only 29% of consumers ask to know more about the product for sellers.

How to achieve brand recognition?

1. If necessary, redesign the branding

O branding is the starting point for your brand to be known and desired.

It must be defined from the beginning and monitored throughout the years of the company’s life. In other words, it is the management of your brand image in general.

What do you sell? Products? Services? It is necessary to go beyond these sell an idea.

The customer of a nightclub is not just there for drinks and snacks, but for live an experience.

Often the brand cannot be recognized for a branding error. Therefore, it is necessary to find a new path and reposition the market.

2. Make an effective market segmentation

Obviously, the positioning adopted needs to take into account the persona.

If your target does not identify with the image you are experiencing, all your planning goes down the drain.

The truth is that nobody can be good at everything. If you choose to open a clothing store, it is essential to select an audience to reach.

One example is Centauro. This chain of sporting goods stores serves customers of different profiles. However, they have something in common: a passion for sport.

3. Create an emotional bond with the consumer

As soon as you formulate your branding, the company’s philosophy, values, beliefs, objectives, among other important details will be defined.

From then on, it is necessary to create a way of communicating with the public that makes this personality.

Imagine a bakery whose differential is the ability to produce many breads. The owner of the establishment purchased the latest equipment, and no one has an equal in the city.

What should he announce in this case? Your ultramodern equipment? Certainly not! What consumers need to know is that they will have warm bread at all times.

4. Care about the visual identity

It is not only verbal communication that must be taken into account, but also non-verbal communication. All the elements that make up your brand send a message.

Apple is an excellent example. The visual clean products, points of sale and advertising are easily identified. These elements show the message that Apple wants to send: innovation and quality.

Your visual identity must follow a line in all media and in your physical establishment. This goes for the website, the pages on social networks, the ads on traditional media and wherever else you are present.

5. Be present in the different media

Being in different media is essential to your brand awareness strategy. We are not telling you to invest in all media, but to diversify.

Just as there are those who only invest in social networks (because the cost is lower), there are also those who put all their money on TV because it is a mass media.

If your intention is to be recognized in your segment, you need to explore the full potential of online and offline media. That way, you can reach your persona wherever he is.

6. Create sensory stimuli

We talk a lot about the visual part of brands, as the public sees them. However, it is important to explore the other senses: hearing, taste, smell and touch.

In this way, people are able to associate their image when they come into contact with a certain sound, flavor, smell or texture.

Harley Davidson bikes, for example, have a unique roar. It is possible to identify them from afar only by the noise of the exhaust. The sound has already become a trademark of the manufacturer.

These details create memories in the minds of consumers.

However, care must be taken not to over-stimulate the senses and cause negative feelings.

Do you know that loud perfume or that loud and frantic music in some stores? In most cases, it is good to avoid.

Brand recognition can be caused by several factors, and it is necessary that you find your way to differentiate yourself from others.

Now that you’ve checked out our tips to gain brand recognition, how about getting to know the 20 marketing actions you need to use in your strategy?