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When you think of sponsored ads the only platform that comes to mind is Google Adwords? But is it unique or are you missing the chance to attract potential customers by not knowing alternatives to Google Adwords? Of course, due to the size of the company and the pioneering spirit in this type of advertising […]

When you think of sponsored ads the only platform that comes to mind is Google Adwords? But is it unique or are you missing the chance to attract potential customers by not knowing alternatives to Google Adwords?

Of course, due to the size of the company and the pioneering nature of this type of advertising, Google is the right investment when it comes to sponsored links.

The shared knowledge is greater, the results are visible, but the investment also tends to be much more significant, which makes many entrepreneurs afraid to start a digital advertising strategy on Google Adwords.

Our tip today is: do not limit yourself to Google Adwords, learn about other alternatives and go in search of more results!

Yes, Bing and Yahoo have teamed up to offer a full service of sponsored ads, aiming to compete with the giant Google Adwords. Together, Bing and Yahoo account for about 32% of global searches, against 64.5% of Google, but promise to grow a lot in the coming years.

This partnership is interesting because it brings together the users of the two search platforms in one place, expanding the conversion opportunities for advertisers. In addition, the cost of advertising on Bing Ads is much lower than the cost of Google Adwords, so anyone who is starting with sponsored ads and does not have a very large budget can find the solution to their problems there.

Furthermore, as the number of advertisers on Bing Yahoo is still small, the chances of giving your brand greater visibility and attracting more qualified traffic to your company’s website are much greater.

Another option that can serve the purposes of those who are launching themselves in the world of sponsored links and want an alternative to Google Adwords is the THEDRoll, a platform that integrates several platforms so that you can distribute your paid ads with much more quality and effectiveness. It is intended to show ads to those people who have already visited your site, that is, who have already become involved with your brand in some way and are more likely to convert.

With ADRoll you manage your ads on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, among others, and expand your company’s visibility without having to worry about each platform separately.

If you want to attract important and well-informed customers, you can take advantage of the potential of AdSonar to capture highly qualified traffic. This tool allows you to display sponsored ads on portals like CNN, AOL, Huffington Post and Slate, among others, reaching no less than 142 billion impressions per month.

That’s because he is part of AOL Plataforms and has all the support of this great company to distribute targeted content to thousands of people every day. With a well-designed campaign, you raise your company’s potential in attracting customers to heights.

Real-time targeting based on user intent. This is what the Infolinks promises to your advertisers. With 1 billion users, Infolinks claims to reach up to 90% of a brand’s visibility through its platform, increasing the chances of qualified traffic and conversions.

These ads are displayed on a huge diversity of associated platforms and can bring very attractive returns for those looking for an alternative to Google Adwords or even a complement to the traffic generated by it.

Another platform for displaying text ads, the DNTX generates traffic from paused domains, concentrating 1 billion visits per month. Its great advantage is that it is not focused on showing ads in search engine results, but on sites that are a source of direct traffic, that is, when the user types the site URL directly into the browser.

According to the company, the conversion rate for this traffic is approximately 4.23%, while in ads displayed on search engines this rate is 2.3%. The tool’s segmentation power allows you to reach highly qualified audiences and control your campaigns in an intuitive and effective way.

For those who want to do some tests with sponsored links before investing heavily in Google Adwords, the 7Search it might be a good idea. Despite its low popularity, the tool is inexpensive, with a minimum investment of $ 25, and allows you to play with your keywords to determine their relevance.

But be aware: as traffic is small, prioritize broad keywords, leaving long-tail keywords for use on other platforms. So you guarantee greater effectiveness in your campaign and do not lose the 25 dollars, but gain a return with your experience.

Banners are also great ways to reach your target audience, so why not try BuySells Ads? This sponsored ad tool displays 6 billion banners per month, reaching very different audiences between the sites on which it displays its advertising.

There are more than 12 thousand advertisers betting on this solution, that is: it is really helping thousands of companies to strengthen their market position and leverage results.

Possibilities abound when it comes to identifying alternatives to Google Adwords, but what do you get out of it? Is it effective?

Why diversify your sponsored link strategy

As we said at the beginning, Google holds 64.5% of all searches worldwide, but there are other search engines and tools that are emerging in the market and gaining adherents quickly. This is the case of Bing, which has grown rapidly since it was launched by Microsoft, and which now, with the partnership with Yahoo, tends to become even more relevant in the market.

In addition, you can reach specific audiences, who are not heavy on Google, but who are experimenting with other platforms or even consolidating their business elsewhere.

And you, prefer Google Adwords or would you experiment with these alternatives that we present? If you have already done this test, leave your comment and contribute so that other people also find business opportunities on other platforms!