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Affiliate sites represent one of the main entrepreneurial opportunities on the internet: the modernization of referral sales. With an intuitive structure, promotional tools and automated resources, brands and affiliates are much more likely to sell more and profit together.

The affiliate market is one of the responsible for the great popularization of Digital Marketing in London, with emphasis on facilitating platforms such as Hotmart, Eduzz and Monetizze, which, like renowned services like Google AdSense, opened the doors of this type of business for the general public.

Like other marketing segments, affiliate sites have already been surrounded by promises and controversies, however, today, this monetization method is much more mature and structured compared to previous years.

In this article we will deal with all this in detail, covering subjects such as:

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What are affiliates and how do they work?

In essence, the affiliate market is nothing more than a modernization of referral sales. A digital influencer, for example, acts as a representative of a brand and is commissioned for sales made from its audience.

We have, then, a “win-win” system in which the producer is the creator and responsible for the product or service offered, and the affiliate is the promoter charged with bringing this solution to the public and ultimately closing sales.

From there we have the origin of the term “affiliate” that describes the person who is part of a society. This means that, in essence, producers and affiliates are partners, even though affiliate sites allow this type of business without the need for legal agreements and contracts.

So, if you have a solid audience on social media or on a blog, for example, being an affiliate can be an excellent opportunity to monetize your traffic and assist partner companies.

How do affiliate sites work?

Affiliate sites are the big news in what is called Affiliate Marketing, even though they have been present on the internet for many years. The main purpose of these platforms is to manage the transactions promoted by the affiliates and their respective producers.

Just over a decade ago, sales by recommendation over the internet were carried out manually. The companies needed to check their sales one by one, in order to identify which ones were made from their partners, and then pass on the commissions.

Today, however, this type of operation is unthinkable. Affiliate sites track sales from cookies, plugins and special links to ensure that each affiliate is automatically commissioned for the sales they promote.

The rules vary between platforms, but in general, marketing automation has brought much more reliability and precision to this type of business, consequently attracting many more people and companies interested in increasing the reach of their products or making income by promoting other brands.

Who can be an affiliate?

One of the great opportunities that affiliate sites brought to the market ended up becoming one of their most controversial points, especially in the first years of operation of these platforms, when knowledge about Digital Marketing in London was still quite restricted.

In most affiliate sites, just login with CPF to access the company’s product catalog, generate links and start advertising. No specific training or CNPJ is required, for example, and access is wide and free.

Naturally, this stimulus helped to attract thousands of onlookers seduced by the supposed “ease” of making some money on the internet with minimal effort. Advertisements and promotions carried out with few criteria and a true dispersion of simplistic actions ended up affecting the credibility of the system, however, over the years the situation has improved.

It became increasingly clear that to make profits from affiliate sites, it was necessary to invest in traffic, relationships and structured marketing strategies, such as Outbound and Inbound Marketing. In other words, we are talking about a real business that requires training, resources, planning and professionalism.

Freelancers and companies can act in different ways. Content influencers and producers are the best known, but there is also the possibility of establishing partnerships between different organizations that agree to promote each other.

What are the best affiliate sites on the market?

Let’s talk now about the main options of affiliate sites for those who want to earn extra income or head into this business that is already one of the segments that most move money on the internet. Check it out below!

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the golden tools of the search giant and has been driving brands and sellers around the world since the beginning of its activities. It may not have been the first system to offer this type of service, but, without a doubt, it was responsible for spreading this idea around the world.

In AdSense, Google pays blogs and sites that display ads from their registered partners. There are several payment models available, but the most popular and simple is click-through.

For a long time this program has been synonymous with monetization on the internet and, although many other solutions have emerged in recent years, its role is still extremely relevant in maintaining millions of pages on the internet.

2. Hotmart

With an intuitive proposal and highly successful users in the country, Hotmart, focused on the infoproducts trade, has become the segment leader in Latin America and already closes sales, through its customers, in more than 150 countries.

Its operation is entirely inspired by the global affiliate market and, therefore, its website also plays an educational role for those just starting out. Producers have an exclusive area for hosting courses and files and affiliates have access to a series of tracking and promotion resources to promote their products.

Hotmart is probably the most talked about company in the affiliate market, however, there are strong competitors, such as Eduzz and Monetizze, that cannot be ignored. Its highlight, however, is due precisely to its popularity, since no other option of the category in the country has so many products and sellers available.

3. Eduzz

Eduzz has features very similar to Hotmart, although it has some exclusive rules and functions. Among its main advantages, we can mention the largest range of options for those who want use the platform’s resources to market physical products.

Regarding reliability and structure, the company from São Paulo leaves nothing to be desired in relation to the strong competitor from Minas Gerais, however, as it still has a relatively smaller audience, many affiliates and producers see an advantage in working with fewer direct competitors.

Another benefit that makes many sellers opt for Eduzz is the so-called “Infinite Funnel” that prevents affiliates from losing commissions over time. This ensures that the user responsible for taking a lead to the producer is commissioned, even when the sale is made after several months.

4. Monetizze

Monetizze is the youngest company among affiliate sites and came up with the aim of resolving the main complaints from market professionals, such as the risk of not being commissioned for a sale. In this sense, one of its most interesting features is the eternal commission for leads generated.

Another highlight of Monetizze is that, although it has fewer years of life in the market, its product catalog is vast, mainly in the area of ​​internet marketing, and it is possible to anticipate part of its commissions.

Of course, like all other platforms, there are rules and fees related to the service provided. It is up to the producer or the affiliate to analyze the terms and conditions of each company to choose the one that works best for their business.

5. Lomadee

For businesses that have main focus on the commercialization of physical products, one of the most interesting London affiliate sites is Lomadee. There are dozens of advertisers, many of them famous brands in the market, organized in several categories such as fashion, perfumery, tourism, electronics and many others.

Lomadee has a generous range of ad formats and exclusive options for advertisers, including sales tools within social networks.

The criteria for acting as an affiliate on this platform, however, can be a little more restrictive in relation to other services, which ends up favoring the general quality of its operations.

6. Hotwords

Hotwords is an affiliate program also well known in London and deserves to be highlighted due to the similarities to the AdSense service, the main one being the payment for clicks.

The platform offers various options for ads and promotions for the seller to use, and also offers a series of monetization models for the user to choose what least affects the aesthetics and usability of their website or blog.

7. Amazon Associates

Of course, the e-commerce giant could not be left out of a business model like this. Amazon Associates is Amazon’s official affiliate program that allows its users advertise products, especially books, on websites, blogs and social networks.

Commissions vary according to the category, availability and demand of the products, but, in general, the results are usually quite consistent, since the seller benefits from the very strong authority of the American brand.

One of Amazon’s differentials is the opportunity to increase sales with promotions created by the company itself. There are several commemorative dates and discount periods in which affiliates have new options for offering and publicizing to increase their sales.

These, however, are just a few suggestions of affiliate sites for you to use, as there are several other programs available out there. What we can say, in general, is that the results depend on a number of factors, including the relationship with your audience and traffic generation, factors closely linked to a good SEO strategy.

If you plan to invest in affiliate marketing, be sure to read our article on SEO for affiliates and find out the best way to promote your links on the internet!