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Netflix’s launch strategies are a Digital Marketing class. The London team of the streaming service is very familiar with the product it works with and offers deliveries in line with the expectations of the public and full of references and icons of pop culture.

Regardless of the industry, the strategy of launching a product or service can be decisive for its success with consumers.

In order to do well in this challenge, it is necessary to know the market, understand the needs of the operating niche and know how to value the main attractions of what you want to disclose.

In this sense, Netflix’s launch strategies are very inspiring. After all, the London demarketing team of the streaming service often goes viral on campaigns to promote its original content.

In addition to working very well with the material they have in hand, they demonstrate an extreme knowledge of what is relevant to the public.

They also successfully choose advertising channels – the company is a reference in Digital Marketing, but social networks are not the only channel used in these campaigns, as you will see in this text.

Keep up with us and check out seven great Netflix launch strategies in London!

1. Orange is The New Black

Netflix’s marketing is known for its games, as well as the use of pop references very well associated with its original content. Over the six seasons already on the air, streaming has done this very well in promoting Orange is The New Black.

One of the characters most loved by the public is called Pussey – who, in an iconic scene, even reinforces that the correct pronunciation has an emphasis on Y.

Still, puns with the word “pussy” often happened, on and off the screen (if you don’t know, you can search for the meaning on Google).

The London team used this very intimate information from those who follow the series to publicize the 2015 season, which shows so much great knowledge about the product itself as well as a good job of social listening.

Thus, they recruited Valesca Popozuda for a version of the song My Pussy is the Power, from the Cage of Popozudas. Believe it or not, the video has over 1.5 million views.

This strategy of launching Netflix worked so well that the singer returned in the following years, accompanied by new “cellmates”: Inês Brasil and Narcisa.

This brand appeal to invest in strong internet names (and memes!) Also usually brings good results.

2. House of Cards

In 2015, during the third season of House of Cards, fans complained that the series’ own official page published many spoilers. In response, the American Netflix team created avideo with actor Michael Kelly.

Very didactic, he explains the difference between an “evil spoiler” and an “inevitable spoiler” – like the fact that the Titanic sinks or Frank Underwood reaches the United States presidency in the plot.

The following year, the actor was recruited to promote the fourth season in London – this time, with acustom message to the public here.

In addition to talking again about the different types of spoilers, Doug Stamper’s interpreter also jokes that he himself did poorly in the quiz “It happened in Brasília or in House of Cards”.

The coolest thing about this campaign is that, in addition to social networks, the video was also shown on the subways of the city of São Paulo. But, as we don’t want to spoil it, let’s end this explanation right here.

3. Stranger Things

House of Cards was Netflix’s first original production and, for a long time, was the apple of the company’s eyes. Today, without a doubt, that title belongs to Stranger Things.

We can verify this in the caprice of streaming in the launch strategies with each new season. Located in the 1980s and full of references of the time, the London team appropriates this very well in the disclosures here.

Who better than Xuxa to talk about a missing little guy and, thus, publicize the first season of the series? Yes, the presenter returned to the showers and the platinum blonde to relive herself at the time of the Xuxa Show.

If you think that the video by Valesca Popozuda already has a great brand on YouTube, you might fall off your chair when you learn that O Xuxa’s video for Stranger Things already exceeds 3 million views.

In the second season, the 80’s reference was imported from Mexico and the classic Chaves. As a joke, Chiquinha would be 9.2, a child used for supernatural tests even before Eleven.

The idea is already good, but it gets even better when we realize that not only the actress María Antonieta de las Nieves is herself to play her classic character again, but also the original voice actress, Cecília Lemes De Bortoli, was also called to do this Sinister Baggage, which is the launch of a Netflix series.

As for the third and most recent season, the streaming service took Carlos Moreno out of retirement. If that name doesn’t tell you anything, it may be because the actor became better known as Garoto Bombril.

This strategy of launching Netflix unfolds in two major balances. In the first one, the actor is characterized as the main artists of the 1980s and OUSA for Africa gets a new version; this time, London for Hawkins.

In the second, the Stranger Antenna app turns your smartphone into a tube TV. What to do to tune in and guarantee access to exclusive scenes from the new season? What people did at that time: use steel wool!

stranger antenna

Best of all, this campaign was sponsored by Bombril itself and Netflix took the opportunity to also give a class on product placement ebranded content.

4. Titans

Titãs is an original Netflix series, created in partnership with DC Comics and inspired by the comics New Titans. Starring Robin, the story unfolds from the encounter of Batman’s former partner with young superheroes who need a mentor.

To announce the arrival of the series to your catalog, Netflix organized a protest in a very peculiar place: Batman’s Alley. Located in Vila Madalena, in São Paulo, the place is even a tourist spot in the city, famous for its graffiti.

The protest sought to claim the protagonism of the main character of the series. Countless people characterized by Robin carried signs with hilarious sayings and, using the hashtag #BecoDoRobin, Netflix posted a video of the demonstration on their networks.

5. La Casa de Papel

If you are at least over 20 years old, you must have followed the success of the duo Sandy and Junior in London. Even if you were not a fan, you must remember all the taboo surrounding the singer’s virginity, which grew up in the media spotlight.

This is yet another case in which Netflix used a pop reference to disclose original content. Recently, the streaming giant recruited her to publicize the arrival of part 2 of the first season of La Casa de Papel to its catalog.

As the Spanish series was released all at once in its country of origin, Netflix bet on the hoax for a sure disclosure in London.

Knowing that a lot of people would have seen – or at least tried to see – this content on pirate sites, they created the #ResolviEsperar campaign.

In a reference to the Christian campaign I chose Esperar, Sandy reinforces that those who did not fall into temptation, and waited for the right time, will be able to enjoy the series in the best possible way.

6. Santa Clarita Diet

Will you be able to think of a context in which Fábio Júnior can release some original Netflix series? The company’s London marketing team has already succeeded!

In a completely clean and white setting, the 80s sensation singer talks about visceral love and starts singing Alma Gemini.

As he moves forward in the lyrics, the clip also shows scenes from Santa Clarita Diet and you realize how much this song was made for Sheila, character of Drew Barrymore.

With the same touch of bizarre as the series, Fábio Júnior and his musicians begin to be bathed in blood. The expression “flesh and nail” takes on a whole new meaning after this experience.

A friendly tip: it might be better not to watch if you’ve just had lunch!

7. Sense8

Sense8 was already a highly acclaimed series, especially in London, but the second season’s recordings lasted longer than expected and problems with one of the actors postponed the cluster’s return to Netflix.

How to keep the interest of the fans even with the series more than a year off the air? This is not exactly a Netflix launch strategy, but a year-end campaign, but it is worth the honorable mention in this text.

The company called Márcia Sensitiva for a tarot reading inspired by the characters in the series.

With several internal jokes dedicated to the most loyal fans, she brought predictions for the year 2017, when the group would finally return to streaming programming.

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The production of content can even be the great differential of this streaming service – after all, there are countless original series and films produced annually and the quality of these products is indisputable.

However, Netflix’s launch strategies reinforce its importance in the current Digital Marketing scenario, making it a reference in different spheres.

Certainly, Netflix still has a lot to teach us all. Enjoy the visit to our website and check out the main lessons on Digital Marketing of the streaming service.