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There are several digital marketing strategies developed today, both for small businesses and for large companies. But what is the best strategy for your business?

The internet is the main means of communication in the world today. But this is nothing new. Billions of people use it to consume content, work and boost their business.

If you have a business, and want to boost it, Digital Marketing is a great way.

If you know how to conduct your outreach work through the internet or have professional help, you can increase customer input, improve your cash flow and retain a larger audience for your business.

And, to help you achieve these goals, here we list 7 Digital Marketing strategies that you can apply in your business. Follow!

1. Use of landing pages

A landing page, for those who don’t know the term, is the landing page on a website.

By definition, it can be any page that can be accessed externally, but, in the context of Digital Marketing, it is the page you use as a reference when you want to direct a lead to your website, blog or portal.

Her function is quite simple: to be an optimized entry point for new prospects.

If you have a blog that regularly receives new content or a website about your company, then it is a good idea to have at least one landing page for each one, where the visitor finds the most important information and is quickly directed to where he needs to be.

2. Simplified conversion forms

Registering new customers, taking some information about them and keeping in touch, is a good capture tactic.

This helps to bring the public closer to the company and gives more information to work with. And, for this process to be more efficient, you must have a simple and straightforward registration form.

Don’t worry about too detailed data now. If you are able to attract that lead, you will have time to collect other information later. Focus on what matters most immediately, without hampering the customer’s entry.

3. Exclusive offers for registered emails

After you have a registered email, several Digital Marketing strategies open up for you. Among them, we can highlight the possibility of sending exclusive offers and content to the leads already registered.

They can be promotions, privileged information or just important reminders. It all depends on what your audience considers relevant.

With this type of action, you give more value to the data sent to the customer, as they are exclusive.

Even small benefits can be very well received by the public, according to the perception and experience you generate for your client. In addition, registered email is a channel with a high level of responsiveness.

4. Audience segmentation

The internet allows any company to dramatically expand its reach, this is true. But that does not mean that your profitability will necessarily be higher.

In fact, the ideal is that, instead of expanding your audience, you try to restrict it to those who have the most appropriate profile. This is what segmentation is for.

In practice, it consists of defining some characteristics of your target audience (age, gender, location, purchasing power) and creating campaigns targeting these demographic groups.

That way, you can decrease the total invested in lead capture and increase the conversion rate in the medium and long term. The end result will be greater total profitability.

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5. Use CTAs to target the audience

Once you attract your leads’ attention, and establish a contact, what should they do?

It may seem obvious to you, but your audience won’t take any action if you don’t offer any direction. That’s what Call to Action, or CTA, is for.

As the name implies, it is a call to action, a message that asks the visitor to take some action right after viewing content.

They are an important component in guiding your leads towards the purchase decision, as it maintains the engagement of the public with your brand.

For them to be effective, it is important that just one call at a time. You want your audience to take immediate action, not overwhelm them with a list of tasks that they may not be interested in.

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6. Publishing rich content

Blogs, forums, video channels, among other types, are increasingly effective Digital Marketing strategies for all companies.

Nowadays, the public doesn’t just want a service, but wants to be engaged with the company and be more and more participative in that relationship. Providing rich content is a way to meet this demand.

Content channels also contribute to the application of the sales funnel in your company. After a first contact, they are a way to nurture your leads, clarifying doubts and offering information about your services.

Over time, your leads become more informed and they already know how your product can help them. This is the best time to make an offer and close a deal.

7. More eye-catching images

Whether on your website, blog, social networks or any other material, you will not be able to capture the general public with just text and conversations.

You will need a visual component that catches your customers’ attention immediately and directly. That is why there is so much investment in image quality and content.

This is especially true on social media, where the audience’s attention span is considerably short.

You have less than a second to catch a glimpse and convince an individual that that content or offer is what they need.

So, it is better to use it correctly. A striking image, which clearly reflects the material, will be the most effective component of your campaign.

Taking into account all these Digital Marketing strategies, it is time to go deeper into the topic and invest in this field to enhance your business.

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