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There is no right formula for how to create a marketing case. However, it is entirely possible to learn from companies that have already been successful in their campaigns. Learn more about these stories and get inspired!

These phrases are familiar to you: “I love all of this”, “Why are you worth so much”, and “Everyone uses it”?

No matter how much time passes, whenever someone says one of these slogans, you will probably have no trouble remembering the brand they are associated with. The fact that they become famous shows that these companies are successful marketing cases.

Creating a marketing campaign that brings results and can still become a reference in several segments is a challenging task for most professionals in the field. One thing we guarantee, there is no foolproof magic formula.

There are many variables that need to be taken into account when planning and executing your marketing strategy.

You need to understand the specifics of your market segment, persona and solution or product. In addition, the campaign does not necessarily have as its main objective the growth of the company’s revenue generation. It is possible that the purpose is to increase brand awareness by the public, called brand awareness.

In this planning and creation process, it is important to be inspired and understand how successful marketing cases were created.

In this post, we will present how brands recognized for their marketing actions have achieved success. Keep reading and get inspired!

How to create successful campaigns

There may be no recipe or step by step to plan and execute a successful marketing campaign. However, some factors must always be taken into account – no matter the size of the company, industry, target audience or objective you have.

Thus, we will show below what you can not fail to pay attention to when creating this strategy.

Know the public

The closer you can get to the audience you want to impact, the more likely your campaign will become successful. Knowing your audience means understanding where to find them, what language to use and defining the format of the pieces.

So, once you get to know her, you will not only impact your message, but also get closer to her. After all, you will speak the same language. Besides that, to know the public is to understand their needs.

Generate value

Remember that we said that the campaign does not necessarily need to target profit growth? Well, doing actions that generate content and convey a message to viewers can be your goal.

This means that your company generates value through the quality content provided.

Highlight differential

Probably the service or product that your company offers has some unique attribute that is not found in competitors. That is, a differential.

This factor should be emphasized in most parts and in the entire point of contact that the customer has with the brand.. This is a way to make your company known for having and offering something that no one else provides.

Being omnichannel

Television, billboard, radio, Facebook, Instagram: there are many communication channels that exist today. In no way should your marketing campaign be limited to just one medium.

Be present on different platforms, with different formats. The message transmitted in these different channels can be the same or complementary, but they must always have the same objective.

7 marketing success cases

We have come to the long-awaited moment. We will now tell how companies famous for their communication campaigns have become successful marketing cases. Check out!

1. Magazine Luiza

The most valuable retail chain in Latin America has become a success, even being studied by Harvard Business School. The great secret of the success of the Luiza Trajano was to realize that his performance in the digital environment needed to be more than marketing actions. They needed to change the organization’s mindset and culture.

As a reflection, we see a brand that is concerned with customer service and that very efficiently converses with the public in language appropriate to the channel. All this is done through your virtual assistant, Lu.

In summary, Magazine Luiza’s marketing is highlighted in its performance on social networks. This is because it is always attentive to the trend topics of the different networks and does not miss an opportunity to use memes, phrases and challenges created by users.

twitter magazine luiza

2. Dove

The cosmetics brand has become a successful marketing case due to the way it has been using the content. It all started with the “Retratos da Real Beleza” campaign that went around the world. The goal here is not to increase revenue from product sales. But, yes, generate rapprochement and relationship with all women.

For this, Dove started to always show real women in its pieces, which are not necessarily part of what is considered as a standard of beauty.

. In addition, there are videos that tell stories of real women that thrill the audience that gets involved and identifies with the content.

3. Mastercard

Companies that provide services also have great cases of marketing success. This is the case with Mastercard credit cards and its Mastercard Surpreenda campaign, which aims to build customer loyalty.

Surprise Mastercard

To this end, the company invested in several campaigns that show ways to use the benefits that its partners offer for those who accumulate points with purchases using the banner cards.

Mastercard reduced the number of partners in the benefits program in order to leave only those that went according to the interests of its customers. Most important in this choice was the selection of organizations that provide surprising experiences for consumers.

Finally, it made the points accumulation system easier in order to reach more people, mainly generating benefits for small day-to-day purchases.

4. Havaianas

Havaianas’ marketing success story is known for the way it carried out its brand repositioning.

Havaianas flip flops were known as products used by workers. However, the company had to change this image in order to reach new markets, mainly in Europe. However, I did not want to stop serving the London class C audience.

So, through market research, they found that in fact everyone wore – even at home – the slipper.

With this information, Havaianas started using its well-known slogan “Everybody uses it”.

Linked to this, the company started to invest in the development of products of new colors and models, in order to conquer the international market and classes A and B in London. All this added to a light communication, with colorful pieces and a lot of humor.

5. Airbnb

Although Airbnb’s own business model is already an excellent source of buzz for the brand, there is great concern in advertising communication.

The Silicon Valley company was even better known for making the #weaccept campaign, launched in the famous interval of the Super Bowl final, American football championship in the United States, known for the great advertisements in the intervals of the matches.

The audience is not restricted only to the United States – where the event takes place – but to spectators worldwide.

The campaign’s success was not only due to the choice of the placement channel, but also due to its factual content, with social responsibility and that generates value to the brand.

The hosting company created a film about social acceptance. In addition to the commercial on SuperBowl, several pieces were published on social networks with the hashtag #weaccept that was also used by many users and admirers of the brand.

6. Heineken

In a light and fun way, the Heineken brewery created a successful marketing case for the Champions League final, the European men’s soccer championship.

The brand invited some men to a party to watch the game – without their girlfriends. At the same time, girlfriends, soccer fans, were invited by the company to travel to Milan, to watch the championship final at the stadium.

The commercial’s clever humor generated many comments on social media, while breaking stereotypes, such as that only men like the sport.

7. Itaú

Banco Itaú is already known for its different campaigns that have become successful cases. Since 2013, the bank has invested in the platform #issomudaomundo which, with a series of films, plays and conversations, shows that people’s choices can change the world. The aim is to stimulate public awareness.

Within this campaign, Itaú invests in its own initiative “Read for a child” that has already donated more than 3.6 million books to needy children. This movement aims purely and simply to create value for the brand, showing that the bank is aware of social problems and is contributing to a more egalitarian reality.

At the end of the day, a marketing success story is centered on conversation with the public. Content is fundamental to generate value for the brand, the product or service provided by the company. Therefore, there is no formula to be followed, after all, each organization is unique and has a different added value.

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