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“Ah, but I have a nephew who does that for me …” Unfortunately, this is a common response when advertising or marketing agencies present proposals for companies of all sizes and segments. Generally this “nephew” is not a person in training in the area or who works in a reference company, but a […]

“Ah, but I have a nephew who does that for me …”

Unfortunately, this is a common response when advertising or marketing agencies present proposals to companies of all sizes and segments.

Usually this “nephew” is not a person in training in the area or who works at a reference company, but a person who knows how to work with Photoshop or who stays all day on social networks and therefore “understands the subject”.

This is much more serious than it may seem!

First, because it shows that many people still do not consider marketing as a fundamental part of their business. After all, nobody would hire a “nephew” to take care of the legal part or to be responsible for the cash flow.

Second, because unprofessional marketing actions can irreversibly compromise a company’s image!

If you have already thought about this possibility, please read this text until the end!

I don’t want to convince you that Websites Are Us is the best solution for your business, but rather to prevent you from making a mistake that can undermine your business in a way that even we couldn’t help anymore!


Would you hire a person who has not studied dentistry to extract a tooth? Or someone who did not study medicine to perform surgery on a family member?

Of course not!

This is because health is a serious thing and the risks that people who undergo this type of situation may be countless.

Now, is your company important? Or are you willing to let her take risks?

Even reference companies in the market and with years of experience can make mistakes, as was the case for the Paralympics or Catraca Livre campaign.

This becomes something even more possible to happen when we put the marketing of our business in the hands of people with no experience or minimal fundamentals needed to perform a really professional job.


The image of your business will be directly associated with the quality of your marketing actions, both in terms of aesthetics and execution.

With this, as much as your product is excellent and your service is incredible, if marketing does not do a good job you will hardly gain people’s trust, to the point of being contacted.

Your credibility is at stake!

It is one of the main factors that make a person choose a company over a competitor.

That is why you need actions, materials and content of sufficient quality that strengthen the positioning of your brand and give you confidence, which only good professionals who understand the subject will be able to provide for you.


Few people take your business as seriously as you do! The same is true of professionals and quality agencies in the market.

So, just as your image is at stake, theirs is also when they provide a service to your company.

This makes the commitment and seriousness of the work even greater, both for them to be able to keep you loyal, as well as to strengthen the image of the marketing agency or company itself for having served you well.

On the other hand, in informal or “nephew’s” care: it is unlikely that this person will take the service provided in such a responsible manner.


How to charge results from a person who may not even know how to measure this data?

No one hires a marketing service without a goal. Be it selling more, improving online positioning, building a good relationship, gaining visibility … in short, endless possibilities.

In addition, the data also help guide the next steps, providing guidance on what works and what does not on your audience.

This critical and strategic analysis needs to be performed by a trained professional who, more than extracting data, knows what to do with it, increasing the return on your investment.


How many cases do we know of companies with “prices well below the market” and that sin in quality, deadlines and results?

This is even more common with informal contracts and “nephews” who promise delivery in unreal execution times, creating expectations that will not be met and delaying – in some cases, months – the delivery of a product or service.

A formal contract clarifies the responsibilities and rights of both sides, ensuring delivery of what has been agreed within the established period. If this does not happen, you will have a legal right to act, ensuring that you do not “throw money away”.


This is an extremely important point, especially for companies that have contracted services, platforms, applications, other tools, for those who are creating a website or for those who are working on a strategy.

It is inevitable that doubts and even unforeseen events will happen throughout the process. With that you will need support, either to make adjustments or to use all possible functions.

Will this “nephew” be able to provide this support? Will you know exactly how to help you in an emergency?

For example, you’ve hired someone to make your paid ads and your cost per click is increasing dramatically. Will he know how to optimize content to lower costs per click?

This can represent, in addition to security, savings for your business!


Regardless of training and area of ​​expertise, few things teach us as much about a business as experience.

This does not mean that you cannot hire new companies on the market or newly graduated professionals. Everyone has gained their experience by starting somewhere and giving opportunities is important.

But trusting 100% of your strategy to a person without market experience can be a big shot in the foot.

Marketing requires constant knowledge and updating, in addition to a certain “malice” to see beyond the obvious, either to innovate and not only do more of the same, or to not commit any madness.

In short…

Your business is serious!

Each of the decisions you make, regardless of the area, can affect the direction and mean the success or failure of your reputation.

And that has even more potential based on marketing.

After all, it is these actions that present your business to the world, attract your potential customers and can generate good sales results for you.

That is why this sector is just as important as taking care of your finances or hiring a new manager.

Unfortunately, this will often represent a higher cost. But this should not be a hindrance!

It is better to adjust your expectations and do a smaller project, but with a lot of quality, than trying to embrace the world and take a lot of risks with work of dubious origin.

So, think carefully when hiring a company or a marketing professional!

And, if you need help, check out our content with all the prerequisites that a good company in the area needs to have to serve your company well.