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Enhancing internet sales is the desire of every entrepreneur active in the digital market. In such a competitive environment, it is essential to adopt efficient practices. Learn how to boost your sales!

You outlined your strategy, dealt with logistical issues, made the product available on the internet and now you expect the public to do its part: buy a lot.

I wish things were that easy, right? However, we know that, in addition to you, several other entrepreneurs have the same expectations.

In an extremely changing and competitive scenario, such as digital marketing, standing out is not an easy task, but it is completely possible.

A brand that works effectively to consolidate its online presence and is always keeping an eye on market trends has good chances of boosting sales on the internet.

Thinking about that, we prepared this article with 7 essential tips for you to increase the volume of online sales of your business. Check out!

1. Have an updated persona

Think about persona as the idealization of the perfect customer for your products.

The creation of these profiles facilitates that the campaigns and actions of the brand are directed to the public more likely to go through the entire buying process.

That way, you lower your irrelevant ad costs and have a basis for thinking about more accurate marketing strategies.

Did you find it similar to the target audience concept? The similarity does exist, but the persona is a more specific approach.

In addition to demographic data (profession, age, sex, city, etc.), the profile of a buyer persona adds particularities of her personality, problems she has to deal with, hobbies and other pertinent characteristics.

Despite having somewhat intuitive definitions, the creation of the persona must have a base of studies. Therefore, the collection of data on consumers and potential customers is essential.

Finally, remember to keep the persona up to date. Therefore, observe the change in consumer behavior and the fluctuation of market trends.

2 . Get first place in Google ranking

Just above we mentioned the consumer’s purchase journey. You probably remember your first step, don’t you? It is the moment when the person suspects that he has a problem and seeks the solution to solve it.

Now, where will this solution be sought? In a country where more than 65% of the population is connected to the internet, it is not difficult to deduce the answer: search engines.

Therefore, when the consumer performs the search on engines like Google, you will want to make sure that your website is among the first results.

After all, about 75% of users never click on content that is not displayed on the first page of the search.

So, how to climb the Google ranking and figure in the first places? That’s the question that has kept digital marketers busy for the past few years.

There is not – and probably never will be – a definitive answer, but there are very efficient techniques for achieving this goal.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is a set of techniques used to optimize web pages, aiming to improve ranking on Google and generate authority for the brand.

The approach is only possible thanks to the Google algorithm that tracks and classifies all pages based on their relevance to the user who performed the search.

To use SEO to your advantage it is important to adopt some practices inside and outside your website. The use of keywords relevant to your persona, for example, is essential for your content to be among the results presented.

In addition, the quality and size of the material also has a direct influence on its classification.

SEO for E-commerce

Content Marketing

Content marketing is already consolidated as one of the most used marketing approaches in the market.

Content Trends 2018 reveals that 73% of companies that invest in the digital landscape work with content marketing.

This method is based on the creation of quality material and relevant to the persona.

Through this content, your audience is attracted to your page, and there you have the opportunity to educate them about their needs and, eventually, present your product as a solution.

Call to action

CTA (Call to action) is the call to action. Its importance for content marketing is tremendous, as it is the call that encourages the audience to take some action, such as downloading some rich material, contacting the company or even getting to know a product of your brand.

So, using CTAs that convert is essential to boost your internet sales.

It can come, for example, in text or button format. The important thing is that it has an appeal to request immediate action from its audience.

The type of CTA used depends on the objective of your strategy and the characteristics of your audience.

To increase the number of sales, a good idea is to include a button that leads directly to the conversion page.

3. Practice retargeting

Derived from the word target, which translated from English means target, retargeting is a digital marketing strategy.

The method aims to reach people who previously became interested in your product. Its practical application usually occurs through the insertion of advertisements at strategic points on web pages.

At first, the strategy may seem similar with the use of an Ads management tool.

Its differential, however, is that all ads will be shown only to users who have already visited the site, showing interest in buying the products. Thus, the likelihood of conversion is much higher.


Remarketing is a strategy with many similarities to retargeting, not just in name. So it usually causes some confusion. Here, the focus is still on reaching those who have already shown interest in your product, but communication is mainly done by email.

It is possible to segment the sending of e-mails by lists, differentiating between individuals who have already made purchases, those who just visited the site and those who abandoned a cart before checkout.

Messages can notify you about promotions, new products, or even remind you about unfinished purchases.

4. Invest in user experience

Imagine that you are visiting a physical store where all the products are messed up, making it difficult to find what you are looking for.

In addition, the temperature is not pleasant, the attendants are unprepared and, to make matters worse, the line is gigantic.

You would probably consider this an unpleasant experience and would hesitate before returning to the establishment, would you agree?

The same goes for online stores. Obviously the scenario is different, but the concept of consumer experience is just as, if not more, important.

This is because the ease offered by the use of the internet means that, when noticing anything that bothers him, the customer can quickly close the window and search for another online store.

So make sure that the user experience is the best possible. Your website must have well-specified products, organized information and enable fast and efficient navigation.

Ideally, all information on the site can be accessed with a maximum of three clicks.

Have a responsive website

More than 44% of e-commerce purchases are made using a smartphone. Knowing this, it becomes clear the importance of having a responsive website.

The responsiveness of a website is about how easy it is to adapt to different screen formats and devices.

Given the importance that mobile devices have for online shopping, creating pages that do not facilitate their use is one of the most efficient ways to amaze a customer.

That is why, when launching your website, make sure it can be used effectively in all possible formats.

Simplify the checkout process

Another essential factor to boost internet sales is the optimization of the checkout process.

A well-organized checkout page facilitates payment and allows the purchase to be completed quickly, reducing the risk of stray abandonment. The more forms of payment available, the better.

5. Pass confidence at checkout

Speaking of checkout, did you know that most visitors to an online store do not complete this process? That’s because 97% of consumers claim to have abandoned shopping after selecting items. One of the reasons for the high rate of abandonment of strollers is the lack of confidence that affects them at checkout.

Avoiding this is not difficult. Make sure that information about your company, such as contact details and location, is available to the customer.

In addition, including a chat service on the checkout page can help build credibility and resolve last minute questions. Check out other tips to increase the credibility of the procedure:

  • keep an updated SSL certificate;
  • display security seals in the user’s field of view;
  • make your privacy policy clear;
  • explain what the card’s security code is;
  • for international consumers, explain fees and tariffs.

Include testimonials from satisfied buyers

Reserve a space on your website to display testimonials from satisfied customers. Many people who give up in the middle of the buying process do so due to lack of confidence.

When reading reports from people who have gone through the same experience and ended up satisfied, the natural way is for the consumer to increase confidence in the store.

6. Bet on social networks

The ability of social networks to boost sales on the Internet is no longer new. That’s because, according to Content Trends 2018, 85.4% of respondents use social networks as a channel to find content and information.

Most likely your persona is also there. For this reason, the inclusion of social networks in its strategy of marketing it can be very fruitful.

For this, once again, it is essential to know in depth the characteristics of your persona. Which social network does she use most actively? What type of content do you most engage with?

Observing the performance of the competition in networks such as Facebook and Instagram is a great way to obtain these insights and develop your own strategy.

The performance of a company in social networks is gaining more and more possibilities.

Functionalities such as Instagram’s Business Profile and Facebook’s ad tool allow targeting audiences and launch targeted ads.

In addition, it is possible to monitor the progress of each campaign and take steps to enhance it.

7. Value email marketing

Some people insist that the use of e-mails is out of date. This is certainly not true when it comes to boosting sales on the internet.

E-mail marketing continues to be one of the most effective strategies to engage, educate and relate to customers. After all, along with the use of search engines, e-mail consultation is the main activity of online users.

The email marketing strategy must be defined based on the particularities of your persona.

Try to understand what days and times she is most willing to check such messages, as well as the type of content that most catches your attention.

Remember, email should not be limited to offers, but also bring related and educational content.

For the efficient use of email marketing, some practices must be adopted. The A / B testing process, for example, seeks to understand the format best accepted by recipients.

Thus, messages are sent with marked differences in order to determine which has been most successful. Understanding your contacts’ preferences is crucial to the success of the strategy.

Boosting sales on the internet is not an easy task, but completely achievable if the right techniques are used. Remember that digital marketing is an extremely competitive market, so every detail counts.

Understand your persona well, invest in your engagement and focus on producing the best possible shopping experience. Thus, the natural path is to observe significant growth in sales conversion.

So, ready to put the tips into practice and boost your sales on the internet? Download our e-book to go even deeper into content strategies for online stores!

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