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Engagement is a marketing concept that indicates the degree of participation and proximity of the relationship between a company and those who are already consumers of it, as well as its potential customers.

One of the great challenges created by digital transformation is, without a doubt, knowing how to deal with increasingly empowered consumers. The traditional relationship that was restricted to the purchase and sale of a product and / or service needs to give way to the closest contact between the two sides and, thus, the need arises to create engagement with the public.

There are several ways to promote this concept within your organization and, as a consequence, get even closer to who you want to convince to become a consumer of your brand. From the production of relevant content to a more efficient service to the user, details that can make a huge difference to the success of your business.

How about, then, delving into the importance of creating engagement with your audience and, of course, what strategies will allow you to get even closer to the user? So, continue reading this article and answer all your questions on the subject!

What is engagement and what is the importance of understanding this concept?

Engagement is a concept that represents the proximity between a company and consumers. That is, how closely these two parts relate and interact in a natural way. Therefore, in practice, the greater the engagement, the closer the two parties are and, theoretically, the greater the relevance of your brand.

How much do users interact with your brand and, in some cases, on a voluntary basis, whether promoting your business, or just enjoying or commenting on a publication? It is engagement that will show this. Therefore, you can assess, for example, whether the marketing strategies are being effective or not.

But why is engagement so important to your business? In addition to showing the effectiveness of its communication actions, it also indicates the level of satisfaction of the consumer with your brand and, of course, the authority and credibility that your company has achieved within its segment.

How to create engagement with the public?

Now that you know the real importance of creating engagement with your audience and establishing your brand as a reference in the market segment, how about knowing the strategies that can facilitate the approach of your business and users? We have separated some tips for you to put into practice!

Know who your audience is

The first step in creating engagement with your audience is precisely to know who is on the other side. Therefore, seek as much information as possible about who you are relating to, and from that data, you can discover what are your preferences and desires, allowing you to offer what they’re looking for, increasing satisfaction.

Be in different service channels

Service must be a priority for your company and the first step is to offer different channels of contact with your audience. That way, you guarantee that the user will be able to choose the platform you like best and, most importantly, that your business will offer a satisfying experience in any of them.

Invest in email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is still an efficient strategy and the main reason is the proximity it offers. When do you have the opportunity to speak directly to the consumer? Thus, it is possible to send content, materials or even forms of contact in a more personalized way and, consequently, more chances of success in the approach.

Measure the results of actions

Another strategy that must be adopted in your organization is the measurement of results. It allows you to identify what’s working and what needs improvement. Why waste time on what isn’t generating results? Or how do you know what can be optimized? With the monitoring of metrics and indicators.

Strengthen your presence on social media

Social networks are popular relationship channels, and this is evident in London. A study by GlobalWebIndex shows that Brazilians spend about 225 minutes a day on these platforms. How to ignore these numbers? You need to be present on the networks and get even closer to consumers.

Create audience-relevant content

One of the most effective ways to generate user engagement is, without a doubt, through the production of relevant content for the user. Thus, it is possible to attract more traffic and engagement with rich materials and that, in fact, help the consumer to solve a problem or learn more about a subject.

Be creative

Another important point is creativity. After all, the internet is full of materials and competition is also high. Therefore, guarantee exclusivity and innovation of what is produced on their platforms and make sure that everything that is done has a purpose, that is, that it is useful for those on the other side, increasing the chances of engagement.

Engagement is therefore essential for any brand that plans to establish itself and succeed within its market segment. Despite its importance, it is not a very simple task to succeed, after all, it depends on the reception of who is on the other side of the tip. It is up to you to shorten these paths and make the relationship even closer.

One of the strategies that can be adopted to increase engagement with your audience is to produce relevant content, right? With that in mind, understand how to create advocates for your brand using Content Marketing!