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Discovering the best tools for lead generation and how they work is essential to create a consistent Digital Marketing strategy that generates results for the business.

The formula for increasing sales is simple: just get more traffic to the website, build a consistent audience and then convert it into customers, right? But, for this to happen efficiently, it is necessary to adopt some lead generation tools.

With them, it is possible to create interactive content, offers, differentiated and free materials, which will convince potential customers to connect with the company. So, go leave your contacts and, of course, some clues on the subjects of your interest.

But how do they work? Which are the best? Considering these most common doubts, we created this post to explain:

Find out how to attract leads to your business by distributing unique content and managing this capture to achieve as many conversions as possible!

What are and how to choose lead generation tools?

Lead generation tools are programs that automate and organize actions to attract potential customers. Therefore, they act in the execution of the marketing strategy idealized for the first steps and interactions of the marketing funnel.

They can take different approaches, such as on-page lead generation, Content Marketing, CRO, email marketing, keyword research or complete management.

It is important to note that, even though it is a tool for the first stages of the funnel, it needs to offer solutions that automate and also qualify the catchments of potential customers. Thus, when choosing which of the lead generation tools to adopt, consider:

  • variety of resources available in the tool;
  • potential return on investment (ROI);
  • quality of your User Experience (UX), since it must be operated by professionals who do not necessarily understand code and programming;
  • ability to integrate with other systems, such as email marketing, customer management platforms, among others.

Of course, the specifics of your business must also be considered, as well as the authority of the developing company in the market.

After all, be among the best lead generation tools implies the need to keep the solution constantly evolving.

What are the main tools for lead generation?

Now that you’ve discovered the importance of using tools to generate leads, it’s time to learn about some options. See our list!

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is an online tool for lead generation with a wide range of integrations, which is very positive. It allows you to connect your tool with email marketing automation systems, CRM, among others.

Its capabilities in capturing leads are also advanced, allowing create rules for initial audience targeting, according to your device’s location, activity or inactivity status, and strategic actions, such as:

  • develop different campaigns for pages on the site;
  • monitor inserted triggers to draw the attention of visitors who are leaving the page before they are captured;
  • create opportunities and promotions for visitors returning to the site.

The solution has versions for industry, e-commerce and agencies, but there is no support or service in London.

2. WooRank

WooRank, which is based in Brussels, is a tool for lead management. Thus, it houses more solutions than just attracting potential customers for the business.

She automates interactions with site visitors, who can be invited to subscribe to the newsletter in the first minutes of access.

The lead generation module is called Lead Gen. It promises to perform instant analysis of the data collected in the visitors’ records, in addition to customizable reports and a good user interface.

Its flagship, however, is the optimization of websites with SEO solutions, giving greater focus to keyword monitoring tools, page crawler, SEO monitoring and optimization plugins.

3. Quora

Nothing better than answering the questions of your potential customers to win them over, right? It is with this principle that Quora works.

The social network allows you to interact with other users who have doubts related to a certain subject.

Likewise, it is possible to create questions and interact with those people who are interested in the topic. But to attract leads, the ideal is for the company to position itself as an authority, that is, who has the answers to the pains and difficulties for its customers.

The good thing about Quora is that the leads that interact on the social network are already demonstrating their question, seeking answers to the problem to be solved. Therefore, they interact more actively with those who are willing to bring a solution.

But it requires constant action, such as managing social networks. It is necessary to create an attractive profile, one that conveys authority, make relevant publications, follow themes related to the company’s solutions and that interest your audience.

In addition, of course, to be useful in responding in an agile way, so as not to give the competition a chance.

4. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a visitor tracking solution and helps companies generate more leads with their reports and analyzes in real time. Among its tools are the generation of potential customers, automatic responses and lead qualification.

The tool is based on Google Analytics as a database to monitor the quality of leads visited, using their domains or device location.

Thus, when a person visits your site, Leadfeeder sends a message to the manager indicating such behavior.

Then, the company can follow the lead back at the right time, that is, when the brand is still in the memory of the potential customer. It also offers good levels of integration with other traditional marketing tools, including the Hubspot.

In addition, it offers a free version with a reduced number of solutions and data maintenance. Its focus, however, is only on B2B.

5. Sendinblue

Sendinblue promises to grow, sell and engage, and yet presents itself as the solution to do email marketing the right way. It allows you to create personalized landing pages very easily, in addition to joining email, chat and SMS channels in the same tool.

Your website is full of interactive content, which proves that your market perception is not just a way to attract public attention. They, in fact, live this philosophy.

Its target audience range is more extensive, offering solutions for independent marketing professionals, startups, agencies, companies, e-commerces and even public institutions.

For this reason, it has more general tools, which can manage both the capture of leads, how to segment them, create email marketing flows and manage them in CRM.

6. Unbounce

Unbounce is a lead generation tool focused on building landing pages and allows you to do this with a unique user experience. In the system to grab and drag the plugins, it is very simple to create pages to capture potential customers.

It has good ability to integrate with other tools and offers solutions such as A / B testing, visitor statistics and connection to Adwords.

Among its specialties and indicators most used in its performance reports are Cost per Click, in English, Pay-per-Click (PPC), Social Ads and email marketing. However, its focus is on agencies, SaaS and e-commerce.

7. ion interactive

Ion interactive is also a complete solution, which serves different types of business. The tool generates leads through different types of interactive content, such as infographics, calculators, quizzes, ebooks, landing pages, etc.

It also allows you to monitor the performance of campaigns, analyzing the content formats that most convert with each type of segment and lead profile. It has an excellent level of integration with other systems.

In addition, the system has a high value in usability. Creating custom marketing actions is easy with Program Builder. In addition to the support offered by the platform, it is also possible to access design and marketing training to optimize your actions with customers.

The platform also offers instant ideas and suggestions during the execution or registration of lead generation campaigns. Thus, it ensures that the user – be it an agency or a company – is able to carry out more efficient actions.

With the use of these lead generation tools, it is possible to create personalized interactions that engage and attract the attention of the public without great costs for the business.

As they progress through the funnel and become segmented, the marketing and sales teams can act on those with the most relevant business potential.

For the health and maintenance of the company in the market, it is important to generate a good volume of business opportunities. The lead generation tools ensure that this is done with operational quality and in the relationship with the customer.

It is indisputable, for example, the effect of interactive content on the audience, isn’t it?

They can be used at different times in the marketing funnel. Want to know how sales conversion works? Then, read about how to monetize interactive content.