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Instagram is a phenomenon of audience, engagement, content and sales. And everyone knows that, you don’t have to think long to agree. What many people do not know is how the results of the marketing strategy in this network are going. It’s one thing to confirm that your audience is on Instagram and to be present […]

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Instagram is a phenomenon of audience, engagement, content and sales. And everyone knows that, you don’t have to think long to agree. What many people do not know is how the results of the marketing strategy in this network are going.

It is one thing to confirm that your audience is on Instagram and to be present there as well. It’s quite another to know if the people you want to attract notice this presence and care about it. Even more deeply, it is important to find out if your fans care enough to become customers, and what role Instagram plays in your business process.

It all seems like too much information to keep up with, and it really is. That is why it is so important to use accurate and well-prepared periodic reports. They will help you better understand your performance, the behavior of your audience and how to optimize your actions on the social network to have real results.

See now everything you need to know to create a perfect Instagram report!

6 reasons to start making Instagram reports

Nowadays, nobody has time left, and the idea of ​​creating a detailed report can seem exhausting and laborious. So, the question remains: is it really worth investing time in this or do the advantages not worth the effort? The answer is simple: it is certainly worth it!

Here are 6 clear reasons that prove how important it is that you start paying attention to Instagram reports as soon as possible:

1. Error correction

The first reason for using reports is that they show you what is wrong with your profile. It is normal that, even after planning every detail of your strategy, something does not go as expected.

Assessing the performance of your profile as you execute what you have planned will show what needs to be reviewed and corrected for results to be consistent.

2. Achieving goals

Even if your content does not present serious flaws and the growth of your profile is not stagnant, the question remains: is the current growth sufficient to reach the initially proposed goals?

If not, you can find ways to accelerate that growth. You will probably even find it easier to find the best levers when analyzing the data calmly.

3. Orientation of tests and experiments

A concept that is very popular in companies of all sizes is called growth hacking, or experiment-based marketing. The idea behind this is to find ways to exponentially increase results with relatively small efforts to do tests that optimize the key points of the strategy.

If your company performs this type of experiment, generating periodic reports makes it easier to know what is working.

4. Presentation of results

The construction of authority on social networks is still seen with some suspicion by many leaders, and its return needs to be proven in numbers to justify the investment.

With clear and accurate reports, the job of presenting these results to a boss or client is much easier and faster. If the work is bearing fruit, they will soon see that it is worth keeping the project active.

5. Measurement of return on investment (ROI)

The return on investment is the ultimate goal of any marketing action, and that does not exclude social networks. Instagram is a powerful channel of communication and engagement, but it needs to be well explored to translate into sales.

An accurate report allows you to see at a glance whether your profile is helping, in any way, to lead customers through the purchase journey or if you are just accumulating likes.

6. Ease of creation and analysis

Finally, it is worth investing in creating reports because this is a very easy task. You will have no effort and the results, as we have seen, can change your company.

You don’t have to be afraid of wasting too much time creating reports and doing little to solve real problems. On the contrary, with the reports created you will be better able to hit the nail on the head.

What an Instagram report needs to have

Great, you’re convinced it’s worth doing reports from your Instagram to ensure results will come. But what does a report need to have to be relevant?

In a word: it depends. Most people will want to make the analysis as complete as possible, to have an eagle view of strategy on the network. This includes evaluating a number of factors, such as:

  • growth of the follower base;
  • general public engagement with posts;
  • post formats that are most successful with the audience;
  • best times to publish;
  • and many others.

On the other hand, if you have little time and a busy schedule, or think you will not have time to act on all the necessary points for improvement, it may be better to simplify the analysis.

By focusing only on the aspects that have to do with your immediate objective, it becomes more agile and practical to make sure decisions based on the data evaluated.

Therefore, the general recommendation is that a report be complete, with all the items in the list above. But if your team is unable to act on everyone at the moment, your report may be more basic.

7 reporting tools with ease

It would be impractical to think of making Instagram reports by analyzing each post, one by one, or writing down in a spreadsheet how many new followers you gain per week. Like virtually all repetitive and analytical tasks in modern marketing, this is an activity that you need to automate. The good news is that there are many quality tools to do this job.

The list below contains 7 quality tools – both free and paid – but they are not the only ones on the market. There are dozens of other options for generating reports and tracking your progress. Just choose your favorite and get in on the action:

1. Social Sprout

Sprout Social is not only a reporting tool, but also has content production and management features. It is also not only focused on Instagram, but works with several social networks.

The tool’s reports include recording all your interactions on the network with other users and a performance analysis on each hashtag used. It is also possible to manage multiple accounts at the same time.

2. Iconosquare

Like Sprout Social, Icononsquare is primarily a social media management tool, geared only for Instagram and Facebook. Even if you already use another tool for this, it is worth knowing the features.

The easiest and fastest way to do this is by using the free tool in the app, called Instagram Audit. The analysis is done instantly, based on your last 30 posts, and generates a detailed report with practical tips.

3. Keyhole

The Keyhole is a tool somewhat different from most. Usually, when we think of Instagram report something weekly or even monthly comes to mind.

But the Keyhole’s greatest asset is its real-time view of the data. You can track hashtags, mentions, keywords, URLs and accounts of other people / companies.

4. Picture.io

Picture.io is a free and very direct tool: just log in with your Instagram profile and it will give you a score. Your rating is based on how visually attractive your content is and how your audience reacts to it.

Who makes this analysis is the algorithm of Chute, company that owns the tool, which works helping companies to connect with their audiences using visual content on Instagram.

5. Minter.io

In addition to the common features of analysis tools, such as analyzing profile growth and tracking hashtags, Minter.io has a really cool content optimization feature.

How does it work? Basically, the tool evaluates which of your posts perform better and why: which hashtag is better, better publication times and even which filter usually gives better results.

6. Reported

Reportei’s promise is straightforward: “generate professional reports in just 3 seconds.” Even better if you need reports for other social networks besides Instagram, or if you need to present results to customers.

Among the metrics analyzed by Reportei, we can highlight:

7. Quintly

Quintly is a tool for grown-ups, which is proven both by its features and by heavy customers.

With the tool, you can evaluate in detail all your social networks (there are more than 250 metrics available for analysis), customized dashboards according to objectives and much more. There will be no shortage of data to put in your reports and inform your strategic decisions on Instagram.

An Instagram report can make a lot of difference in your presence within the network. In addition, tracking performance on social media as a whole and acting on the findings is what separates successful strategies from those that are just trying.

One of the pillars of success in any social network is engagement. Want to know how to increase your Instagram? Then see these 6 practical tips!

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