78 photo apps and get amazing images (73 are free)! – WAU

Creating interesting and engaging images is key to a marketing strategy. Discover 78 photo apps that will help you edit your images and get incredible results!

Whether to make the Instagram feed more beautiful or to make your online store’s products more attractive, producing good quality images is essential.

Images directly impact the message we want to convey. In fact, did you know that more than 90% of the information sent to our brain is visual?

You can have a dimension of how the visual content we offer must be as good as what we want to get from it.

But it is not always possible to invest in professional cameras, photo editors and other services that make images incredible.

So on this list, I separated X mobile photo apps – separating between free and paid – which can help to define a visual identity, make your images more interesting and also generate more engagement for your digital strategy.

Most, in addition to being completely free, are available for Android and iOS, and will showcase amazing editing apps for photography lovers!

If you have more app suggestions, leave them in the comments to extend this list!

Best free photo apps

1. Snapseed

One of the best photo editing apps today, offering several effects and filters that can be adjusted to vary the intensity.

The app is free, but additional effects can be purchased.

Download: iOS / Android.

2. Aviary

Aviary is a photo app that allows you to use various effects, in addition to the possibility of retouching brightness, contrast and colors. It is also possible to insert texts and decorations in the images.

Download: iOS / Android.

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3. Adobe Photoshop Express

This is one of Adobe’s official applications, one of the largest references in image and video editing in the world. It allows you to correct aspects of your photos, in addition to the application of more than 60 previously defined filters.

The application is free, but some features are only provided if you are a subscriber to the Adobe package and connect with Creative Cloud.

Download: iOS / Android.

4. Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom provides simple correction and editing solutions for your photos.

Like Photoshop Express, the application is free, but additional features require subscription to the package.

Download: iOS / Android.

5. Adobe Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Mix provides image editing features like Photoshop Express and Lightroom, with the advantage of also allowing you to crop, make montages and add text to your photos.

The application is free, having the same possibility to access more resources if you connect with Creative Cloud.

Download: iOS / Android.


Perfect photo app for those who want multiple editing possibilities and at the same time have the ease of pre-defined effects.

He is free, but additional effects can be purchased.

Download: iOS / Android.

7. Instagram

You may be surprised to see this app here. After all, Instagram is a social network, right? Yes, that is the idea. But the network allows you to make good edits to your photos: explore that potential!

If Instagram initially offered only filter options, today its editing possibilities go much further: it is possible to adjust the intensity of the filter, make changes in saturation, color, brightness, contrast, among many other aspects of the image.

Download: iOS / Android.

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8. Path On

Path On is another app for adding graphics and text to your images, enabling a range of choices. It also allows you to improve the photo in some ways.

Download: iOS.

9. Perfect 365

The purpose of this photo app is to give a better look to a face image. Therefore, it informs improvements to be made in an image and has predefined formats of makeup (but it is legal to be careful when using this feature so it doesn’t get too artificial!).

With it, you can remove dark circles, highlight colors and make improvements to a selfie, for example.

Download: iOS / Android.

10. Flickr

Flickr, as you probably already know, is one of the biggest sites for hosting and sharing photos. Many professionals even set up their portfolios there.

The network app, in addition to allowing sharing and uploading photos, also brings some features to your photos!

Download: iOS / Android.

11. Color Splash Photo

Black and white photos with a colorful element: this is the functionality of Color Splash Photo. Just select the desired part and the app does the rest.

Download: iOS / Android.

12. Lidow

Lidow stands out for the variety of resources available. It allows changing the orientation of the photo in various dimensions, correcting aspects, applying effects, making montages, adding graphic elements … That is, it is an application that brings together many things in a single space.

Download: iOS / Android.

13. Google Photos

I believe that many people in their 23s remember Picasa: it was a Google desktop program dedicated to photo editing. How many Orkut photos haven’t been there before, huh?

Nostalgia aside, Google Photos is a Google application that is a continuation of Picasa. It offers several editing features for the photos and is also a storage application (despite having some restrictions according to your space availability in Google Drive).

Download: iOS / Android.

14. AirBrush

AirBrush is one of the most famous photo editing apps. It has “beautification” features, such as teeth whitening and correction of imperfections.

The application is free, but some features are only available when purchased.

Download: iOS / Android.

15. Polarr

With Polarr you can edit more than 10 aspects of your images, as well as create and share filters with other users.

Download: iOS / Android.

16. Defqt

Defqt photo app

Defqt allows photo editing from geometric elements and effects, such as kaleidoscope, triangles and reflections.

The application is free, but some effects require purchase.

Download: iOS.

17. B612

This application is to be used in selfies and its great differential is to allow the editing to be done live, that is, the effects are applied while you are taking the photo. It has some “beautification” features, in addition to stickers.

Download: iOS / Android.

18. Foodie

As its name suggests, this app is especially for editing food photos! It’s simple: just select the food photographed and apply the corresponding filter, such as vegetables or sweets.

Great idea for anyone who has a business in the food business, right?

Download: iOS / Android.

20. MuseCam

MuseCam offers semi-professional features that allow for more manual and personalized editing. It also has many filters, although only two of the collections are available for free.

The application is free, but some filter collections need to be purchased.

Download: iOS.

21. Cupslice Photo Editor

Cupslice is an application that allows you to edit photos with filters and add graphic resources, creating interesting final images.

Download: Android.

22. Pixlr

Pixlr photo application

Pixlr is a very popular photo application and this is certainly due to its quality and ability to bring together several resources in one space.

With it, you can make basic improvements, such as color balance and adjust brightness, but also create collages and make image overlays. With the features of this app, you can create more than 2 million effect combinations for your photos.

Download: iOS / Android.

23. Artisto

Artisto is an application not only for editing photos, but also for videos: that is, a bonus! was designed to edit short videos. Just upload the image and apply filters. In the case of video, you can assemble a sequence of images.

Download: iOS / Android.

24. B&W Film Emulator

This is the ideal application for those who like analog. With it, you can, in addition to editing your photos in black and white, simulate how they would be in different photographic films.

Download: iOS.

25. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor is an intuitive and feature-rich application. There are several filters, besides allowing several improvements in the image and it has camera improvement resources.

Download: iOS / Android.

26. PicsArt

PicsArt is an application that offers from image enhancement features and filters to graphic parts and frames, which can even be exchanged between users.

Download: iOS / Android.

27. PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid is the ideal application for making multiple assemblies, but it also offers filter features and basic corrections.

Download: iOS / Android.

28. Ultrapop

Application for lovers of pop-art, colorful, geometric and even psychedelic images. Ultrapop makes it possible to create very different arts.

Download: iOS / Android.

29. Camera MX

In addition to being easy to use and having a friendly interface, Camera MX has tools to improve your photos.

It also allows you to take a photo capture just before it is taken, creating gifs.

Download: Android.

30. Lensical

This application allows both editing and creating galleries. With it you can use fun filters, graphic resources and even combine elements in one edition.

Download: iOS.

31. Retromatic

Retromatic is an image application with a vintage proposal that offers filters, graphics and themes that can be combined with each other.

Download: iOS.

32. Candy Camera

Candy Camera allows editing in pre-existing images or captured within the app itself. It has filters, embellishment and graphic features, such as stickers.

Download: iOS / Android.

33. Google PhotoScan

This application will make it easy to scan your photos to store and edit them on your phone.

Download: iOS / Android.

34. Prism

Prisma allows you to apply filters to your photos so that they look similar to that of artists with Picasso.

Download: iOS / Android.

35. Lens Distortions

Lens Distorsions photo app

This application applies some distortions to the photo that bring an interesting final result, adding harmonious elements.

Download: iOS.

36. Cymera

Cymera is great not only for editing photos, but for creating interesting, different collages that stand out in the feed.

Download: iOS / Android.

37. Deep Art Effects

This app is also dedicated to providing filters that transform photos into more geometric images and with strong colors, resembling drawings.

Download: iOS / Android.

38. LifeCake

The app has a storytelling format and is a great way to create timelines and save memories, but without sharing them openly on social networks.

Download: iOS / Android.

39. Darkroom

Darkroom photo application

The Darkroom, in addition to offering basic features such as crop, brightness and saturation, also has the possibility of adjusting curves, colors and tones. It also makes it easy to access photos with its easy-to-use interface.

The application is free, but access to some resources requires payment.

Download: iOS.

40. 360 Panorama

This application, as the name implies, creates full panorama photos, that is, 360 degrees. They fit together to give a holistic view.

Download: iOS.

41. Camera Cardboard

With this app, in addition to taking 360 degree photos, it is possible to capture audio and have a 3D view of the photos. It is an application aimed at creating photos in Virtual Reality.

Download: Android.

42. Alter

Alter is an app for transforming photos into drawings and adding various elements to them.

Download: iOS.

43. PicFrame

PicFrame is dedicated to making photo montages. There are several templates that support different amounts of photos and it is a great application for those who want to post multiple photos or advertise products on social networks.

Download: iOS / Android.

44. Retrica

Retrica has photo adjustment features, has more than 100 filters and even allows you to add frames and adjust the focus.

Download: iOS / Android.

45. Magic Hour Lite

The “golden hour” (or golden hour) of photography is what is called the moment when the sun goes down or rises and natural lighting makes any picture perfect. The application will inform you about the sunrise and sunset and best times for your photo, giving an accurate analysis of the day’s sky.

Download: iOS.

46. ​​YouCam Perfect

YouCam offers enhancement features, filters and effects, but its great differential is to offer effects in real time.

Download: iOS / Android.

47. Photo Wonder

This application allows edits, cuts, application of filters, among other effects. In addition, it has a “Magic Camera” feature, which allows you to apply the features in real time.

Download: iOS.

48. Sktchy

As the name suggests, the application transforms the photos into “sketchs”, that is, sketches of drawings.

Download: iOS.

49. Line Camera

Line Camera allows you to edit your photos with filters and cheerful effects. But its main highlight is the stickers, called “Seals”. There are several stamps available and it is still possible to create some.

Download: iOS / Android.

50. Z Camera

Z Camera also provides real-time filters and allows you to apply them to improve your images.

Download: iOS / Android.

51. Selfie Wonder

Application to improve your selfies: it is possible to correct skin imperfections, whiten teeth, among other resources.

Download: iOS / Android.

52. Tadaa!

It can be used both as a social network and as a photo editor: you choose to log in or not. It has several filters and editing features.

The application is free, but some features need to be purchased.

Download: iOS.

53. Trigraphy

Trigraphy transforms your photos into artistic, and even psychedelic images, using pre-determined effects, textures and filters.

Download: iOS.

54. Instants – Photo Edition

Like some other apps on the list, Intants is a photography app that explores some of the nostalgia for polaroids. Through it it is possible to create images with the typical white borders, in which it is possible to write captions with different sources.

Download: IOS.

55. Lumio Cam

Lumio proposes to be an application that combines the technology of smartphones with those of DSLR cameras, offering an interface similar to theirs, as well as some specific features of this type of camera.

Download: Android.

56. InstaSize

InstaSize was very famous for adapting images to the square format of Instagram, but the app currently offers a much wider range of features: filters, collage and ease of sharing are just a few of them.

Download: iOS /