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Free online courses offer great opportunities to develop personally and professionally, without leaving home. Thinking about the modern lifestyle, this is the ideal scenario for those who want to build a successful career.

Career development is a common pursuit of most market professionals. For this, the qualification it is a fundamental part of that path, and not always preparing means investing money.

The free online courses are an excellent alternative for those who do not have time for classrooms and do not have money available, but want to continue learning!

The most important thing is that there are no restrictions for these courses, that is, you may be from one area and want to add knowledge from others without any problem.

Increasingly, multidisciplinary professionals are valued in the marketBecause of this, it is important to keep an eye on opportunities in areas such as Marketing, technology, management and investments.

We will bring 8 free courses that you can take online, without leaving your home, in our list below. Check out what they teach and how they work!

1. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

If you’re really aware of what’s going on in the world in terms of technology, you certainly know what Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are, at least in theory.

They promise to be the future of online payments and transactions, but, while they are not yet widespread in society, those who have a deeper knowledge about it can go ahead.

Coursera offers the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies course, offered by Princeton University, free of charge and online.

The content, in English, is designed for lay people and, therefore, has a very explanatory character, showing what cryptocurrencies are and how their decentralized structure works.

More is also said about Bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency on the market today. In the course, you will learn how the cryptocurrency trading structure works, how these transactions are secured and many other details. All of this is spread over 11 consecutive weeks and divided between the following modules:

  • introduction to cryptography and cryptocurrencies;
  • how Bitcoin achieves decentralization;
  • mechanics of Bitcoin;
  • how to store and use Bitcoins;
  • Bitcoin mining;
  • Bitcoin and anonymity;
  • community, policies and regulation;
  • alternative mining puzzles;
  • Bitcoin as a platform;
  • Altcoins and the cryptocurrency ecosystem;
  • the future of Bitcoin.

2. Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is much more present in our society than we can imagine and that is precisely why it is possible to find free and online courses on the subject.

The modern professional needs to understand how this technology works and, mainly, how it is used by companies. Forget the robots of the movies: Artificial Intelligence is much more realistic!

The edX institution offers, through Class Central, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) course, in English, developed by Columbia University.

Face recognition, automatic cars, service robots and tumor and disease detection systems are some of the applications of Artificial Intelligence in our society. You will get to know practical examples and their structures and modes of operation in an easy way.

The course will show the history of Artificial Intelligence and the basis of this technology. With the content, it will be possible to understand how machine learning happens and how systems can act simulating human behavior.

With a simple language and focused on the market, the course of 12 consecutive weeks will cover these modules:

  • introduction to Artificial Intelligence and course logistics;
  • intelligence agents and uninformed research;
  • heuristic search and A * algorithm;
  • contradictory research and games;
  • problems of satisfaction restriction;
  • Machine Learning: basic concepts and linear models;
  • Machine Learning: advanced models, neural networks, SVMs, decision trees and unsupervised learning;
  • Markov decision processes and reinforcement of learning;
  • logical agent, propositional logic and first order logic;
  • Artificial Intelligence (NLP) applications;
  • Artificial Intelligence applications (vision and robotics);
  • review and conclusion.

3. Viral Marketing and How to Build Contagious Content

Many products and web content simply saw a fever overnight. Some, of course, reach that level without having a strategy behind it.

However, many of them were actually designed to be truly viral. After all, Marketing provides the development of remarkable content capable of being a resounding success worldwide.

If you are wondering why some campaigns go viral while others simply do not achieve the result, this course will help you understand a lot.

Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content is offered by Coursera, via Class Central. The content is the responsibility of the University of Pennsylvania, and the idea is help the professional to come up with ideas with great potential for go viral!

In the course, in English and entirely free, you will know how to develop ideas more effectively and with a more strategic thinking when developing brands, products and content.

The proposal is that your creations can achieve a higher status of influence, becoming highly commented and shared content across the web. Over the course of 4 weeks, you will go through the modules:

  • what makes ideas “stick” ?;
  • how social influence shapes behavior;
  • the power of “word of mouth”;
  • social networks.

4. Programming for Everyone

Among the main online and free courses on the web today, perhaps some of the most popular are those of programming. Although it is not a simple task, it is a highly valued activity in the market, especially since we are in the era of digital transformation. A programmer can develop web pages, computer software, smartphone apps and a host of other environments.

EdX offers a free Programming for Everybody – Get Started With Python course, with English language content and produced by the University of Michigan.

The idea is to initiate anyone in programming, by teaching the main details and techniques to bring ideas to life through technological structures.

This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop their own applications and revolutionize the market with innovative services!

The course is focused on Python programming language, one of the most versatile, with wide use and also simplified learning. Best of all, there are simply no requirements to enroll in classes and learn to program in Python.

You will see the main details for configuring functions and tasks in applications, all in a very accessible learning proposal. The course lasts 7 weeks and is divided into:

  • what is a program ?;
  • using variables in programs;
  • conditional execution;
  • repeated execution / looping;
  • functions and code reuse.

5. Introduction to the Leadership Theme

There are many characteristics sought in someone who is in the market looking for development and opportunities. Perhaps one of the main ones is the leadership profile, something important, but that not everyone has.

You can be competent and stand out, but the leadership doesn’t always come with your personality, which also doesn’t mean you can’t work on that qualification!

It is with this in mind that the course Introduction to the Theme of Leadership, in London, is an excellent option offered by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). It is part of the selection of free online courses for executive education and can make a big difference in your career.

Be for grow within the company you work for, be for run your own business, leadership is critical to success!

In the course, you will learn basic concepts on the topic, always emphasizing the importance of your self-knowledge and leading your own decisions.

You will understand how this characteristic can be developed naturally, how important it is to exercise this role thinking about the group, and you will also learn to develop emotional and intellectual aspects. The course is divided into the following modules:

  • awareness of skills;
  • self-knowledge and self-leadership;
  • why self-knowledge ?;
  • golden cycle of leadership.

6. School Management Planning and Strategy

O educational sector always has great opportunities for professionals, but it is difficult to find free online courses for those who want to develop in the segment.

Among the possibilities for those who have already been in the sector for some years, school management it is an important mission that requires some specific knowledge. Dealing with educational institutions is a big responsibility!

It is with this in mind that FGV offers the Planning and Strategy for School Management course, aimed at teachers and other professionals who wish to work with schools.

The idea is that the content can involve students in the whole process of mediation of an institution. The course, in London, is aimed at developing pedagogical projects, education programs and educational practice, always focusing on an effective and current teaching model.

Students will be trained to develop projects together with teachers, for a multidisciplinary and crossed approach to knowledge.

The focus will also be directed to people management, so that the characteristics of the school’s employees are better explored. In the course, divided into 6 units, the modules are as follows:

  • political-pedagogical project;
  • education policies and programming;
  • school unit management;
  • people management;
  • school management;
  • negotiation and mediation.

7. Content Production for the Web

Content Marketing is one of the most used strategies by companies today. Blogs are great sources of information and, for those who work with Marketing, using these platforms as a way to attract audiences is a great possibility.

However, to be successful in this search, it is essential generate quality content, which goes far beyond simply writing well!

WAU University offers the Web Content Production course to educate professionals who want to work with Content Marketing, either independently or within companies.

The idea of ​​the course – offered in London – is that the student understands basic concepts of producing good content and also how can he achieve good results, once it is published on the internet.

Content Marketing has some basic concepts, terms and ideas that need to be well understood, so all of these topics are covered in the course.

You will learn about each step of this practice, which starts with a good editorial planning, and you will also see the best writing techniques, always focusing on optimization of that content for Google. In videos and at the end, with a certification exam, the course is divided into the following modules:

  • presentation;
  • what is content production for the web;
  • basic concepts of Content Marketing;
  • content planning;
  • web writing;
  • review for the web;
  • success cases.

8. Inbound Marketing certification

There are some other good free online courses from WAU University and the Inbound Marketing Certification is one of the most popular at the moment. This strategy is the main one used in the market today, considering that it is fully adapted to digital.

The proposal is to develop Digital Marketing campaigns and actions in an attractive posture, that is, in which the company captures the audience and then converts them into consumers.

For this, there is a long and complex process, just what the student learns in the course. This Attraction Marketing is based on the content, the parameters of IF THE and social media, and all of that is seen in the course.

The proposal is that there is an understanding of how to conduct attraction strategies using the right tools and the best channels, to then achieve results.

In the course, the approach focuses on detailing the four main stages of Inbound Marketing: attract, convert, sell and delight. For this, the student will learn how to position a company on the web, but in such a way that it can offer content and actions capable of attracting the consumer, and only then act to generate conversions.

The course is offered in videos, in London, totaling just over 5 hours, divided between the modules:

  • fundamental concepts of Inbound Marketing;
  • structure of Inbound Marketing;
  • attraction;
  • conversion
  • nutrition;
  • vendarketing;
  • enchantment;
  • results analysis.

These 8 suggestions can help you become a more complete professional! Observe the paths your industry is taking and see which courses may be most useful.

By the way, don’t forget that some of them can also be important for your personal development.

Accumulating certificates and qualifications is not only good for the curriculum, and the sooner professionals realize this, the more they are able to exploit learning from different sources. Free online courses are great opportunities to absorb new knowledge and not stagnate, doing it free of charge and simply anytime and anywhere.

If you were interested in the courses shown, do not waste time and start your studies right now! Download our Inbound Marketing guide and become familiar with the strategy.