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The tools to find influencers bring more agility and practicality to a marketing strategy, regardless of the niche in which your brand operates. They have a base of professionals who help to enhance their results in digital media, bringing qualified audience to their audience.

Influence marketing is one of the strategies most used by companies and is developed by independent content producers who manage engaged followers with high purchasing potential.

Content producers are generally known as digital influencers and aim to create a closer relationship between the brand and the audience.

However, many professionals find it difficult to find influencers who are connected to their product and persona. But the good news is that there are great tools for finding influencers.

So, no more wasting time choosing digital influencers for your company! Read on and find out now how to succeed in your social media marketing strategy.

Why invest in digital influencers?

Digital influencers are one of the best resources for you to maximize your results on social media and a partnership with these personalities can strengthen the relationship with their customers.

When the campaign is applied correctly, influencers provide several benefits for brands, bringing greater reach, an engaged audience and a more segmented audience.

After all, who doesn’t like to choose products or services through referrals from partners, customers, friends and even famous personalities? There are also other advantages of betting on this strategy in your marketing plan:

  • the public is more easily reached;
  • the investment cost is lower;
  • consumer interaction and communication is encouraged;
  • messages are transmitted more directly;
  • the results are measurable.

What are the best tools for finding influencers?

The search for digital influencers is not a seven-headed bug. On the contrary, the process is simpler than it seems, as there are several tools that can facilitate this whole process. We will list some of the most popular platforms.

1. Influency.me

Influency.me is one of the most practical tools for finding influencers on the internet. On the platform, you have access to a complete database with approximately 80 thousand internet personalities.

The tool allows you to search for influencers with various characteristics. You can filter them according to gender, reputation on social networks, age group, among other profiles.

Influency.me also shows the professional’s performance over time, indicating the moments when their reach on social networks has grown or decreased. In addition, there is a system in which you can negotiate directly with the professional as will the service, payment and other information about the job.

2. Airfluencers

Airfluencers has features that are very similar to the Influency.me tool. It also has a database with several influencers.

In it, you can analyze the impact of your campaign and the performance of the professional you hired. The tool calculates metrics like likes, types of interaction, comments and visualization.

The platform user also has a complete low cost service to develop his campaign with content curation, planning and execution of actions.

Another important feature is that you can check the performance of other influencers in the same niche, allowing your choice to be easier and faster.

3. Celebryts

The Celebryts tool is one of the most strategic platforms when it comes to influencers. It is aimed at micro and large entrepreneurs, as well as mega-companies. In practice, the tool serves specific segments, including fashion and geek.

Its base has almost 40,000 influencers and major brands already use the system, such as Microsoft, Mercado Livre and Nestlé. In addition, it is possible to negotiate all contract issues on the platform itself.

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4. Hubble

This tool allows you to find the best celebrities to publicize your brand and your product. The platform has some personalities, like funker MC Guimê.

Hubble has options for small, medium and large companies. Influencers receive full payment without interference from those responsible for the tool. Within seconds, you have access to complete data of the artist and get direct contact with the famous for your next campaigns.

5. Kuak

Kuak is a great tool to seek out influencers. It provides complete reports for you to monitor the impact that influencers have brought to your campaign. The platform also shows important information about your audience, among which are age, religion, gender and demographics.

In the tool itself you have access to the content that is most popular at the moment, in addition to finding professionals who follow the same interests as your brand.

6. Influence.co

This tool is foreign, but it does not hinder your search for Internet personalities, since it has London influencers that are easily found in the system.

At Influence.co, users can find influencers through filters such as engagement rate, number of followers and specific social media. The platform allows a free search of up to 30 monthly influencers.

7. Digital Influencers

Are you having trouble finding the best digital influencers for your region? Digital Influencers has several professionals in several London states. Depending on your scenario, a reference in your city can bring more benefits than a celebrity.

Digital Influencers has professionals with varying amounts of followers, between 3,000 and 200,000 users. Its base is not as big as at Celebryts and Influency.me, however, segmented influencers make the eyes of any strategy shine.

8. FameBit

This tool was one of the pioneers in influencer research services. FameBit focuses its searches on YouTube personalities and another interesting point is that influencers inform in their registration whether they are available to do Digital Marketing campaigns or to promote a product or service.

9. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is ideal for anyone working with content production. It helps to identify digital influencers who can share your article on various media, increasing the chances of your content going viral.

In practice, BuzzSumo works as follows: the user does a search according to the profile of the influencer or the content he is used to sharing. Then, the tool highlights a list of various influencers who are addressing the subject, pointing out tips on how to create great content.

How do I choose influencers for my business?

There are no mysteries for choosing the best influencers. The big trick is to find out who you want to relate to and which audiences can care about your product or service.

The rule is as follows: invest in content niches, especially if your product is aimed at a group of customers who share the same tastes, challenges and particularities.

If you create digital products, marketing influencers are the best options. If you talk about automotive vehicles, for example, choose influencers who are experts on the subject.

The best influencers have similar characteristics and one of them is relevance. That is why, note if the content posted by digital personalities is aligned with the message you want to share on the internet.

The fact that an influencer talks about cooking, for example, does not mean that he wants to talk about the specialties that his restaurant has on the menu. So, be aware of this detail so as not to give your audience the wrong image.


This indicator shows how fans interact with the content that is shared on influencers’ pages. At that point, you should check if followers comment or share content, in addition to checking how many new users appear on the page and how many leave monthly.


The analysis of this characteristic is quite simple. You must check if the influencer publishes content frequently on your page, as profiles with little content have fewer visitors and less loyalty from followers.

It is essential to know strategies to find the best influencer for your brand, so that your partnership results in quality content and reaches your audience.

All the platforms we show are very practical and efficient and you don’t have to be an expert on the subject to use all of its resources. So, test each item and check the one that is most aligned to your expectations.

Now that you know what the best tools are for finding influencers, learn some tactics for negotiating with digital influencers.

Keep in mind that the price of a personality can change according to the segment, the number of publications, page reach, among other issues.

However, in all situations it is possible to negotiate with a digital influencer. For that, it is necessary to understand the person’s ascension curve and know sales techniques and other important details to close a good price for your campaign.

So, read the article where we show you a step by step to succeed in your negotiation with digital influencers.