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The idea of ​​a good part of the London population is that the best path to financial stability is to have a property of your own as a way of escaping rent. In addition, many rely on buying real estate or land as a good long-term investment. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why there are so many construction companies, real estate […]

The idea of ​​a good part of the London population is that the best path to financial stability is to have a property of your own as a way of escaping rent.

In addition, many rely on buying real estate or land as a good long-term investment.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why there are so many construction companies, real estate companies and other companies focused on this market in the country.

The problem is that this also increases competition, and it is essential to find a way to differentiate yourself. Incidentally, that’s probably why you’re reading this article, right?

Because you will like to know that the best solution is to invest in real estate marketing, and that I will show you the 9 steps to follow so that you have good results with it!

What is real estate marketing?

Marketing is, by definition, a way to identify unfulfilled desires and explore the potential of a niche market.

Among its characteristics, the most common is of course the attraction of people who may soon become customers.

So, real estate marketing is nothing more than knowing what your customers want and need in order to create a more interesting shopping experience for them.

A fundamental part of real estate marketing is the relationship with the public, something that we will address below.

Why is relationship with the public a key factor in real estate marketing?

If I had to change the term real estate marketing for any other, it would have to be relationship marketing. After all, that’s what real estate work is all about.

And do you know why maintaining a good relationship with your audience is so important for winning customers? We can consider at least 3 strong reasons:

Competition is fierce

The first factor to take into account when investing heavily in the relationship with stakeholders is that the competition is very strong.

In addition to traditional real estate options, new housing concepts are emerging, influenced by international culture and even by the shared economy that has grown a lot in recent years.

Given this, the relationship becomes more important than ever to gain the trust and, in turn, the preference of a potential buyer.

Investment is usually high

Buying a property involves a high investment and, in these cases, even if the cost-benefit ratio is excellent, the potential buyer will seek all kinds of extra guarantees that they can find.

The main one is certainly a good relationship with the company and the professionals involved in the negotiation.

Any problem at this stage of the purchase process can trigger an alert for the customer, and even make him give up the investment.

Buying a property involves life goals

In addition to the high figures, we must not forget that there is usually a very strong emotional component when buying real estate.

For many, it is the first (and perhaps only) property, the place where they intend to live with their family for many years and create a happy story.

For others, it means an investment for the future, and nobody likes to lose money on failed investments.

So, whatever your niche and whoever your customers are, investing in a close relationship is essential for your real estate marketing planning to work.

9 steps to successful real estate marketing

Real estate marketing revolves around the relationship, nothing better than creating a strategy that promotes closer ties with your audience and establishes confidence in your company’s ability to offer the best service.

This mission takes time and cannot be completed unless you are willing to follow the steps to follow with dedication.

In other words, there are no shortcuts, it is necessary to commit and apply the techniques shown, not least because they have been proven by many others.

Here’s what you need to do well with real estate marketing:

1. Have a website ready for conversion

The first step is to have a website prepared to convert visitors into leads, that is, potential customers, and later convert those leads into customers as well.

For this, it is important that the website has a simple and objective navigation, in addition to being adaptable to various screen sizes to offer a good experience on mobile devices.

The website is the exclusive channel for communicating with your audience and helping them to see value in your services, and you will have total control over the message to be delivered.

2. Use the Inbound method in your sales process

Inbound Marketing is a methodology created to generate value from the first contact with a person, and make him become not only a customer, but a defender of the brand.

This method consists of the following steps:

  • attract visitors (to your website, blog, etc.);
  • convert these visitors into leads;
  • close sales;
  • transform customers into brand promoters.

Using this methodology in your sales process will make the process of selling real estate much easier and more efficient.

3. Produce content to become an authority

Those who want to buy a property certainly have very pertinent doubts, and will seek to resolve these doubts online.

This is where your company should appear as an authority figure, through relevant and practical content for your persona.

For example, you can produce materials with:

  • tips to help your audience choose the best location to buy a property;
  • explanations about what type of property is best suited to the profile of each person;
  • clarification of taxes and declaration of assets in the income tax;
  • among others.

And don’t just limit yourself to traditional written articles. You can produce videos, podcasts, infographics and several other types of posts to engage and inform your persona.

4. Be present on social networks

There is a big difference between being present and being present, and brands that want to achieve real results with social networks need to belong to the second group.

To do this, share the materials you produce for your blog, in addition to producing specific content for each of the networks where you are present.

To be successful on social media, keep in mind that the way is not to talk about how profitable your new venture is or how good the financing conditions are.

Instead, find out what topics are most interesting to your audience and create discussions around them.

5. Think like your target audience

What would you achieve if you were looking to buy a property? This simple question can go a long way in creating specific campaigns or defining tactics to use.

For example, virtual reality marketing creates a much more immersive experience, and could be used to demonstrate what a property that is still in the plant would look like after it was done.

A video like a 360 ° view of the environment would also help to win the interest of many visitors even before visiting a sales stand or the site of the enterprise.

6. Create a recommendation program

The famous “word of mouth” has always been considered one of the main forms of marketing in existence, and with good reason. It is certainly worth taking advantage of this in real estate marketing as well.

The best way is to create a recommendation program, which facilitates and even rewards customers who indicate potential stakeholders to you.

The endorsement of a friend or acquaintance counts a lot in purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to something as important as a house or apartment.

7. Use real estate platforms

There are already several real estate platforms and portals dedicated to the purchase and sale of real estate, many achievements thinking precisely about creating a direct negotiation between companies and customers.

So why not take the opportunity to be present at these portals as well? They attract a lot of qualified and ready-to-buy traffic, are easy to use and have useful tools.

Some of the main portals are:

8. Analyze the results achieved

Analyzing results is one of the main requirements of marketing, because without it it is simply impossible to know how your company is doing in attracting and converting customers.

There are several metrics that can be used to determine the performance of your marketing strategy with extreme precision.

Therefore, select the most relevant ones according to your objectives and observe them for a reasonable time, until you get enough data to draw accurate conclusions.

9. Review your strategy and always evolve

Finally, it is time to reverse the data you collected with the analysis done in the previous step and review what is working or not in your strategy.

The idea is that you always evolve in your efforts to identify the public’s problems and desires and offer something that is relevant to them.

The result of this will be that your company will always be able to remain strong, making use of the best marketing and sales techniques.

Undoubtedly, implementing real estate marketing is worthwhile. Your company will have a strong brand and will be considered an authority on the market, which will result in increased sales consistently, not just for a short time.

Thinking about it, how about a little help to take the first step mentioned in the post? Here’s how to create a website and attract the right people with it!