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Want to know how to sell more with Digital Marketing? Define a persona, invest in relationship marketing, produce quality content, invest in email marketing, have a responsive website, use social networks strategically, employ SEO techniques, ensure synergy between teams and implement Inbound Marketing.

Your company’s presence in the digital universe generates an exponential growth in brand visibility, but digital presence alone is not enough for success.

After all, it is useless for your brand to be seen and even recognized, if, at the time of purchase, the public chooses the competitor.

Digital Marketing aims to increase brand visibility through strategies aimed at the online universe. This tool needs to reach the persona at all stages of the sales funnel: top, middle and bottom. That way, you can have not only visibility, but the public’s engagement with your brand.

To win this engagement and, consequently, an increase in the number of sales of the company, it is necessary to follow a series of practices to guarantee the effectiveness of the actions. Therefore, we have separated 9 tips for you to know how to sell more with Digital Marketing!

1. Define a persona for your business

The persona concept refers to a semi-cunning character who represents your company’s ideal customer. It is an indispensable tool for your strategy to succeed, as it is the basis of Digital Marketing.

Unlike the target audience concept, the persona presents details about some habits. Generally, a persona is created with the following information:

  • characteristics;
  • Professional Profile;
  • information about personal life;
  • professional goals;
  • problems and pains.

After create your personas, do you know what the next step is? It is necessary to define which are the most important. Although there is not an ideal number of personas, it must be remembered that the greater the number, the more complex and robust your strategy becomes.

By getting to know your audience better, you can completely solve his pains. Thus, defining your personas is the basis of how to sell more with Digital Marketing.

2. Bet on relationship marketing

It is necessary to create a relationship of trust with the consumer so that he buys from your brand and, above all, so that he is faithful to it. For this, relationship marketing is essential. The idea of ​​creating a relationship between company and consumer is the best weapon that exists against the competition.

Achieving this loyalty is not simple, but it can be achieved by implementing a culture of customer loyalty, which should involve all employees of the company.

Therefore, it is necessary that customer service is captivating, in order to win it at the time of sale and in the after-sales process, to ensure consumer satisfaction.

In this way, your customer becomes your best form of advertising, influencing new people to consume your brand products. Thus, you get efficient and free advertising.

For a successful implementation of relationship marketing, it is necessary that their actions are directed to customers, so that they feel well treated and valued for the company.

Some good practices are recommended in this process:

  • inform the customer about new offers and discounts;
  • create loyalty programs;
  • invest in customer service;
  • conduct satisfaction surveys.

All of these points aim to improve the relationship between company and consumer, in addition to being one of the steps on how to sell more with Digital Marketing.

3. Produce quality content for your persona

The biggest advantage of mapping your business personas is understanding what their pains and desires are. After collecting this information, your company should take advantage of all the power of Content Marketing.

This involves producing relevant content in order to help the persona achieve its goals. To produce this material, it is necessary to have a qualified team, internal or external, that can work to clear the doubts of the persona and explain certain subjects in full.

These contents must be well written and, mainly, must bring results for the company!

4. Invest in email marketing

The use of email marketing has a direct impact on the number of sales of the company. After all, when a person enters their data in a text box on your website or subscribes to a newsletter, it indicates engagement with your brand and interest in the content.

Firing emails with relevant content for each lead generated is essential to advance them through the sales funnel stages.

In addition, this practice lowers the cost of acquiring customers (CAC) and allows salespeople to contact a greater number of people in a shorter period of time.

Customizing this process is the key point for success. Thus, details such as title and time interval between the emails sent make all the difference for the conversion of each lead.

5. Have a responsive website

Many people spend more time using cell phones than the computer. So your company needs to be concerned with offer a positive experience for people who access your site from different devices.

In order to offer a good user experience, it is recommended that your website meets the following aspects:

  • easy to navigate;
  • fast loading;
  • smooth operation on different screen sizes;
  • touch control.

All of these points are vital to the success of your mobile site, as each user has their own requirements.

Some have larger screens and others have a restricted use of mobile data, but the important thing is that no one stops browsing your domain on mobile.

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6. Use social media strategically

Virtually everyone who accesses the internet uses a social network. Therefore, being present in them is essential for the promotion of your brand.

Creating quality fan pages and content makes increase engagement with your brand, through likes or shares.

All of these points strengthen the ties between company and consumer, creating a relationship of trust with the brand and, consequently, an increase in the number of sales.

Merging the content production strategy for organic traffic and investing in ads is a good practice for increasing performance.

7. Employ SEO techniques

Since the largest online search platform in the world is Google, your company’s success in the online universe is directly linked to the platform’s assessment of your content.

In order to achieve a better placement in Google positions, it is necessary to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, which makes the information on your site evaluated as relevant and of good quality.

This good positioning implies increased brand visibility, and organic traffic is the type of access that generates the most benefits for your company, since it has a reduced cost and avoids spending on ads with Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

8. Ensure synergy between teams

To increase the effectiveness of your sales process, joint work between the sales and marketing team is essential.

With the exchange of information between the teams, salespeople are better prepared to address the themes created and the marketing team is able to adapt their strategy in order to reach the persona and measure results.

9. Implement Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing’s main feature is attraction, being a permissive marketing strategy, where the public is attracted and not interrupted.

This is the Digital Marketing strategy that generates the most sales results, as it increases the number of interactions between salesperson and prospect, decreases the cost of acquiring customers, increases engagement with the brand and increases the customization of the sales process.

One of the characteristics of Inbound Marketing is the creation of a shopping journey for the customer, which improves the mapping and understanding of all the processes necessary to work the prospect in different stages of the sales funnel.

All of these points are taken into account to obtain a greater income predictability in the company.

It is important to remember that personalization is necessary so that the prospect does not have the idea that he is being approached by a telemarketing team.

Inbound’s main objective is to understand the pain of the persona and educate and offer the best solution for the prospect. This generates a better receptivity for the solution and a higher conversion rate for sales.

Creating a complete Digital Marketing strategy for a company is not simple, but it makes your company have incredible results in aspects such as brand recognition, increased sales and a better relationship with customers.

Now that you know how to sell more with Digital Marketing, learn some techniques that every entrepreneur should use. Download our free ebook now!