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October 6, 2010. It was a Wednesday like any other when they launched a new iPhone application. The app allowed to take pictures, add some filters and share the images with friends. Simple thing. A month later, in November, its creators raised $ 20 million in investments. In December, 1 million people […]

October 6, 2010. It was a Wednesday like any other when they launched a new iPhone application.

The app allowed to take pictures, add some filters and share the images with friends.

Simple thing.

A month later, in November, its creators raised $ 20 million in investments. In December, 1 million people already used the new App Store sensation.

In April 2012, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had purchased Instagram for $ 1 billion.

Instagram’s meteoric rise leaves no doubt about its ability to generate interest, engagement and… profit. And a lot of people are taking advantage of this platform.

Want to know how to be part of the group of digital influencers and how to make money on Instagram?

This guide is for you. In it, you will see:

  • why invest in Instagram as a business channel;
  • how many followers are needed to make money on Instagram;
  • how to be successful and make money on Instagram;
  • how to find the right brands and close profitable partnerships; and
  • how to register for the digital influencer profile.

Come on?

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Why invest in Instagram as a business channel

It wasn’t just Instagram’s initial results that impressed. The current numbers of the network show that it is among the main digital channels today.

See why it is (and very) worth investing in Instagram as a tool and business channel:

  • more of 1 billion of active users every month;
  • of that number, 500 million of people use the app every day around the globe;
  • nothing less 400 million accounts use Stories every day;
  • 80% of accounts follow at least 1 company.

Do you know what this data proves about the network?

First, that it is among the main social networks in the world, ahead of Twitter and LinkedIn, for example.

Second, Instagram is not only big in size, but has an absurd engagement among users.

In other words, people love to interact and consume content on this platform. Since it is so, it is clear that you can make money from Instagram, but do you need a crowd of followers to monetize your profile?

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How many followers are needed to make money on Instagram

It is common to place expectations high when it comes to success and make money on the internet. The digital market is full of impressive success cases with high numbers.

So, what is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about making money from Instagram?

“I need a lot of followers.”

But this is not always the case, the number of followers you need will depend on your market segment.

If you work in an area with few influencers, you can stand out even without having such a large audience, on the other hand, if your industry is full of authorities, your chances of getting partnerships with a few thousand followers are much less.

In the end, it is not possible to enter a number, not least because the digital world changes all the time. The key is to focus on quality – and let’s talk more about that …

How to Make Success and Make Money on Instagram

The size of your audience is an important factor, but it is not the only one to determine your ability to generate income through Instagram.

What are the options for that?

Let’s talk in 4 main ways, but be careful: one does not exclude the other. So, feel free to put into practice all you want.

If you decide to do this, just be sure to stay focused. It is better to execute a single strategy well than to shoot at all sides without any result.

Check out how you can make money with Instagram:

Sponsored content

You’ve seen many of these posts in your own feed. Publishing posts sponsored by brands that want to promote products, services and even social initiatives is quite common.

This is one of the main ways to monetize a profile, obviously, to qualify to work with these brands, you need to be considered a digital influencer.

There are many platforms that connect brands to influencers, in some of them it is possible to participate with just a few thousand followers.

But remember:an influencer is not measured only by number of followersSo, nothing to buy followers to register on one of these platforms.

Disclosure of products as an affiliate

Another option for those who already have a reasonable and well-engaged audience is to work on making Instagram an affiliate marketing channel.

How does it work?

Just become a partner of companies that sell products aimed at your audience and that relate to the content you publish, so you can continue with your content normally.

From time to time, you can recommend one of these products with your affiliate link, for every sale made from the link, you receive a commission.

Realize that, again, the most important factor is not your number of followers, but that they are engaged.

It is better to have 2,000 people willing to listen to what you say (and potentially buy what you recommend) than 20,000 strangers who don’t care about your posts.

Products and services

While the title of digital influencer is pursued by many people, using Instagram to promote products and services is still the most common way to make money from the network.

In this option, you will not necessarily make money directly from the network, but if you use it correctly to cultivate a solid and active audience, you will see a huge increase in sales.

The secret to impact your ideal customer is to offer quality content, this creates credibility, increases your exposure and contributes to your sales.

If you decide to use this method, it is worth investing in ads, which increase the reach of your message and can accelerate the results of your strategy.

Selling photos to stock images

It can take some time before you can become an influencer, establish credibility to recommend products you are affiliated with, or get your business off the ground on Instagram.

In the meantime, there is a simple and easy way to raise that money through the platform. Do you know what it is?

Selling photos to image banks. That’s because other brands need quality photos every day to compose their own digital communication strategies.

If you understand the subject and care about the quality of your productions, why not register on some platforms?

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How to find the right brands and close profitable partnerships

Working with partner brands is undoubtedly a very profitable way to monetize Instagram, but you need to search for the right companies to form successful partnerships.

Here are some practical tips to help you on this mission:

Do your homework: create your media kit

A media kit, which explains more about your audience, the scope of your content and your editorial proposal, so this is a homework that is worth doing.

Many influencer platforms require this material, and brands will see that you are really professional and can prove the results.

Study the brands that fit your editorial proposal

There is no point in thinking that every company in its segment would make a good partnership.

Make a list of the brands that seem most interesting and spend some time studying their performance on Instagram.

Separate those that have a tone more like yours and that could present a good fit in editorial terms.

Create a value proposition and approach the brand directly

Why wait for brands to come to you?

This can take more time than you think – even more if your niche is competitive, so the best way out is create an interesting value proposition and approach the brand directly.

This can be done either formally (with a project proposal through institutional paths) or informally, through a nice post on your corporate blog in which you mark the company in the publication, for example.

Search for influencer agencies and platforms

Yet another proactive attitude that will help you to be found more easily is to register on influencer platforms or seek partnerships with agencies specializing in influencer marketing.

Some of the main market options in this regard are listed below.

Registration is quick and easy, and the terms and conditions are very flexible:

How to become a digital influencer

There are some basic precautions that every aspiring influencer needs to take before they are accredited and earn money from it.

After all, despite the many miraculous promises, it is not so simple and fast to become a reference for thousands of people.

See what you always need to do to get along:

Fill in your profile

It’s basic, but a lot of people skip this step, so don’t be careless and fill out your profile completely.

This will help to cultivate followers in less time and make it easier for potential partners to take their work seriously.

Prefer quality over quantity

Do you know the old maxim “less is more”? Here it proves right again.

Quality is much more important than quantity to establish authority on Instagram. So, if you are unable to maintain a daily routine of really good publications, publish less often, a few times a week.

Just make sure each photo or video matches the best brands.

Become an editing champion

Much of the quality mentioned above is in its ability to edit the material produced well.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are Instagram stars, but make no mistake: There was a lot of editing behind each photo posted.

It may seem silly, but just think about the role that editing has in the story process, like books and films. Without a good job in this sense, the whole narrative can be wasted.

Master and quickly use what’s new in the network

Instagram keeps evolving, and that includes adding new features, like IGTV.

Take advantage of the opportunity that these new features offer, learn to use them and quickly include them in your strategy.

This can make all the difference in monetizing your profile, in addition to making you more and more comfortable to fully explore the app and interact better with your audience.

Be consistent

Consistency is key, no one becomes an influencer if they appear on Instagram from time to time without advertising.

For your planning to work, it is important that view your presence on Instagram as an enterprise.

If it is just a hobby, any claim to monetization should be overlooked. because knowing how to earn money on Instagram is one thing, quite another is to put all this knowledge into practice and see the fruits for the work done.

So, the best tip we can give you is: Don’t be just in theory; start your strategy right now!

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