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I’m sure you’ve heard about Snapchat. If not, I recommend leaving the cave you are living in and finding out about one of the most expansive apps in recent years! Don’t you believe what I’m talking about? So open your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and take a good look at the thousands […]

I’m sure you’ve heard about Snapchat. If not, I recommend leaving the cave you are living in and finding out about one of the most expansive apps in recent years! Don’t you believe what I’m talking about?

So open your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and take a good look at the thousands of screenshots of the app that are shared every day, whether playing with the updated montages daily, or even with the geofilters that can change your business forever!

But, of course, the Snapchat it is not only that. The app has been evolving dramatically, and today it is fertile ground for any company that wants to be closer to its customers, creating different, light and fast-consuming content. And the best: without spending anything.

The application also has more than 100 million daily active users, with a 10 billion video views every day. This data cannot simply be ignored by your business, can it?

So take advantage of today’s post and engage your business now on a growing social network!

How can I participate on Snapchat with my brand?

First of all, you need to download the app on a smartphone (remembering that the app is only available for iOS and Android so far!) And then register with a user using your own email and password. No personal passwords!

It is positive to share the use of the application with your marketing team, so remember to choose something that is suitable for using multiple users at work.

Next, you must add a photo for your avatar and adjust the privacy settings. Do not forget to choose an image aligned with the visual identity of your business, it is essential that customers recognize your brand first of all!

All ready? It’s time to add your friends and contacts. Take advantage of this phase to give your account a boost, looking for people who enjoy your product and are aligned with the persona defined for your business. You can search for users of Snapchat by registered name, Snapcode or even your location (tip for those who enjoy geomarketing!).

Creating real content on Snapchat!

Now that you have an account ready to use, we can start with creating content in the app. First of all, however, it is necessary to know that the Snapchat allows the division of everything that is produced into two main categories: Snaps and the Stories.


The snaps are those messages, containing videos or images, that self-destruct after being viewed by certain users. The main difference for Stories is that snaps sent are not available to all your followers, but only to those you select, allowing only an preview.

Want to send a teaser of a product and make the user curious? O Snap is ideal for that!

To send one just take your photo, or record your video, using the central button of the camera on the cell phone display (tap to shoot, hold to shoot).

You can take advantage of all the app’s features, like lenses (hold the center of the screen for the app to do its facial recognition), filters, captions, stickers, geofilters (we’ll talk about it!) and doodles before sending and, as soon as your image is ready, just click on the bottom left corner and select the users you want to receive that one snap in particular.


The stories allow you to send images or videos in sequence to a mini-timeline that is linked to your user. Unlike the Snaps, messages sent to Stories are available for 24 hours and can be viewed as often as necessary!

This is a wonderful tool for your company to showcase products, features, the culture of the workplace and, above all, work on engagement with the public. Not only that, it is quite common, nowadays, big brands to use Stories to provide coupons valid for only 24h. Have you thought about conversion?

With creativity it is possible to transform your stories in real finds for your persona, but for that, it is essential to identify and map your interests and study how it is possible to transform them into content for the social network.

And the Geofilter?

O Geofilter, or geographic filter, as its name implies, is a filter defined by the location of your GPS. The phone will read the coordinates as soon as you open Snapchat, loading pre-existing local filters.

Do you want to try it? Take a picture, with GPS active, and swipe your finger over the image. Filters with the name of the city, and even the neighborhood, can be chosen for your photo.

And what does this have to do with my business?

Well, now the Snapchat accepts sending custom filters for your company or event, which can be used by customers who are in the vicinity of your establishment, for example.

To do this, just prepare an art following the guidelines of the Snapchat and submit for review. Prices for the inclusion of a custom geofilter will vary between 15 and a few thousand reais, depending on the scope and time it will be available. But, for events, it is a great request, after all, the more people use it, the greater the reach of your brand.

7 tips for using Snapchat for business and engaging your real audience

You already know: the secret to working Snapchat not only in creativity in the production of content, but also in the in-depth knowledge of your business persona.

You need to be inspired daily by the consumption habits and demands of your audience, and mastering the tool can help in this endeavor. Here are 7 tips to get you started getting the best out of Snapchat and publicizing your business effectively.

1) Familiarize yourself with the tool

It seems pretty obvious, but many people end up skipping this step. It is important to explore the network from top to bottom before you start posting and promoting your brand.

Try to understand how users communicate, the jargons most used, who is doing well, how to personalize your content and, above all, what tools are available for you to produce unique materials.

2) Become exclusive

No replicating content!

O Snapchat it should not be the adapted reflection of your other social networks, let alone serve as a deposit for old photos. Users Snapchat ask for fresh news from your business.

Why would the user follow your brand? It’s certainly not to see what he’s already seen on Facebook, is it?

A good opportunity to become exclusive is to seek live coverage of events, quick interviews, product samples, teaser advertising and whatever else you and your marketing team can think of, as long as it is unique!

3) Measure and understand your performance

And how to know if your marketing strategy in the Snapchat is working? For this you will need data and some abstraction to assess the audience’s interaction with your network.

O Snapchat allows access to the number of views and screenshots made by users on each post, and it is from there that you can measure the need to change or optimize your strategy.

Record the preview of each post and start asking yourself a few questions:

  • What makes it more successful: video or photo?
  • What kind of content has generated the most view?
  • On which days do I have more access?

These questions can help you better understand your audience’s behaviors and the possibility to invest in changes in using Snapchat for your business.

You can also invent other metrics to analyze your stories, for example. After 23 hours and 30 minutes of posting (remembering that all content expires in 24 hours!) Check your total views of each one. From the first to the last, how many users remained? In which snap was there a higher dropout rate? What did it contain?

With this data you can now plan better for the next wave of posts. Repeat the process and perform the analysis. Has anything changed? So the adjustments will appear naturally until your brand finds the right tone for the posts.

4) Show behind the cameras

No ideas for exclusive content? Enjoy to show a little of your company and local culture. This helps not only in engaging and gaining new talent, but also in the sense of belonging that users develop for their favorite brands.

Knowing how the business works, giving names and faces to employees and showing that people (and not just machines) work there can generate more empathy with the public.

This is an opportunity to differentiate your company from the competitor, proving how cool your business is and more updated with the interests of your persona.

5) Tell a story!

That storytelling is a trend, everyone knows. But, did you know that the Snapchat can be a great ally in this practice? Creating and telling narratives brings your business closer to the public’s reality, and can make it more relevant in the persona’s day-to-day life as it becomes part of it (and also by replicating everyday content and information).

Take advantage of the stories feature to post quick streams and win over the user with content that is easy to digest and able to keep your interest always active. Only then will you see retention levels rise in the snaps.

6) Remember the variety

Make good use of the tools offered by Snapchat and be sure to vary their content. You can start with photos and videos and start decorating them. Explore the environment around your brand. What can be included?

A series of well-taken photographs is no guarantee of engagement by your audience. Try to explore opportunities within the application itself and try to vary. What can I do with a selfie, for example?

Here is a list of things you can try:

  • Emojis that set the stage
  • Doodles and doodles
  • Funny filters
  • Speed ​​up a video
  • Mute
  • Varied geofilters
  • Show a backwards snap
  • Join the geofilters of the day

7) Build your audience

Unlike Twitter, which allows us to use hashtags to locate users who share the same interests, Snapchat has no search of any kind. So, how do you build a relevant audience?

This is the time for you to start integrating your other networks into the new Snapchat account.

Many users today change their name on Twitter by the Snap username. This ensures that the creation of the network does not go unnoticed by its public already conquered in the Twitter, for example. O Instagram it is fertile ground for sharing the most memorable snaps, in addition to linking the account in the description and location indication.

Did you snap with someone important? Upload the photo to Instagram and tag the person. It guarantees reach and sharing.

Already in Facebook or G + it is possible to take advantage of the generated snapcode to ensure more access and contacts who already know your work.

Isn’t it enough? Take advantage of relevant events in your area to do the live coverage and engaging your audience in something that they know can only be seen in your account, with your tone of speech.

Remember of make creating your new account a big event: Post about it, tell the world that your business is now integrated with one of the biggest social networks of the moment and don’t leave your account hanging.

Snapchat values ​​speed, and only well-planned dynamics can ensure that its users are interested in your content.

Invest in Snapchat as a tool for business is an intelligent strategy that will soon become indispensable for companies brands that want to become relevant in the current scenario.

Create your account, try our tips and start building your audience now. Did you find something cool? Be sure to share in the comments!

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