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Guest blogging is one of the most powerful marketing levers. This tactic allows you to play in several fields at the same time: reputation, backlinks, traffic, relevance, lead generation, etc. In short, it is a gold mine for any marketing specialist. But it is not as easy as it looks. In order for your efforts to bring about a desired result, you […]

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful marketing levers. This tactic allows you to play in several fields at the same time: reputation, backlinks, traffic, relevance, lead generation, etc.

In short, it is a gold mine for any marketing specialist. But it is not as easy as it looks.

In order for your efforts to bring about a desired result, you need to prepare your plan of attack! We present a quick guide that will help you to improve the results of your guest posts!

1. Define specific goals

If you embark on this journey without goals, you won’t get far. Guest blogging will bring results only if you publish with a certain frequency.

For that you will need motivation, and the best way to feed motivation is with super satisfactory results. And for that you need to define your goals.

For example, you may want to:

  • Get more quality backlinks
  • Bring more traffic to your website
  • Attract new audience
  • Build long-term relationships with other bloggers and find opportunities for partnership
  • Build your personal brand
  • Investing in your image as an expert in the field

Your guest blogging strategy will depend on the goals you choose. They will help you choose article themes, guest blogging platforms, backlinks that you will insert in your text, etc.

2. Find a good platform for your guest posts

You don’t have to be everywhere, you just need to be in the right place.

Which blogs should you publish on?

If you are having trouble deciding, we have separated some tips to identify the most influential blogs in your area:

Search Google

The first sites you will find in the search results are also the first blogs that your readers find when searching for solutions to their questions.

Since even Google considers these blogs relevant, you should consider appearing on their pages.

Identify influencers

Find the most famous bloggers in your area and identify the platforms where they post their guest posts to choose an ideal platform to reach their target audience.

In addition, most influencers have their own blogs. Study their audience to understand if posting on this blog would be beneficial

Use marketing tools

Some tools on the market allow you to identify influencers and contact them. The best known are:

  • FollowerWonk, a very effective tool to build your Twitter network
  • KeyHole allows you to identify the most used hashtags and influencers who are most engaged with your brand
  • SEMrush Brand Monitoring helps you monitor your brand mentions online.
  • Klout, allows you to find the main influencers in your area thanks to a KloutScore rate

3. Choose the most relevant blogs

For this you need to evaluate the following criteria:

Guest friendly

Make sure the influencer has articles from other bloggers on his website before submitting your post.

That way you identify if he is available to receive other posts.

High visibility

Check the number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Then, check the engagement rate with the blog posts.

Did you find a blogger with 20,000 followers on Twitter, but your posts aren’t shared and don’t receive comments? It is better to choose another platform.

Similar themes

The subjects covered in the target blog must be similar to yours so that your article can integrate organically.

This is important for blog readers, but also for the quality of backlinks and referral traffic you will receive. .

4. Get ready to contact the chosen platform

As soon as you define your list of goals, start the attack!

We recommend not to start with the website that is at the top of your list. Build your image in the area to interest the editor of this blog and start with the smaller platforms.

Here are some important steps to prepare for your first contact:

Read the invited author’s guide

Many blogs have an invited author guide with advice and tips. There you can find the number of words recommended per post, the topics of interest, information about using images, links etc.

Review the most popular publications

This can help you understand the style of posts that gain greater engagement from readers. Note the type of content (interview, research, case study, infographic, etc.), size, tone and theme.

If you have an idea for a topic that could complete one of the most popular articles, it may be easier to convince the editor to publish your post.

Review the profiles of blog authors

Can you see yourself among them? If you are starting out in the guest blogging field and see that a blog only publishes posts from well-known authors in the market, the ideal would be to start somewhere else.

Another solution may be to include a comment from a well-known author in your post – this will increase your credibility in the eyes of the blog editor.

Be part of the blog community

The goal is to enter the community.

Actively participate in the blog’s social media, comment and share the posts to increase your chances of being published

5. Get in touch

The message you send to the blog editor will make the first impression on you, so it is important to invest in the content and structure of that email.

Prepare a personalized email

For your first contact to be more effective you need to personalize more than just the name of the blog.

It would be good to show that you are following the blog and that you have common goals.

Tell me about you

The editor must be able to quickly understand who he is talking to. Highlight your strengths – your experience and knowledge. Includes some links to your recent publications.

Propose a current subject for the blog

Explain the value of your content and why it can be interesting to readers. If the article is ready, you can attach it.

6. Prepare a quality article

To write a good guest post that can quickly gain prominence on the pages of the chosen platform, we recommend following the following advice:

Offer “never seen before” content

Bet on unique content, bringing the best of your experience.

If it is an article with tips and hacks, be generous, do not be afraid to reveal your personal tricks – this is exactly what will bring value to your article.

If it is an informational article, prepare the latest trends in your area. Avoid inserting promotional content in guest posts, this type of content is not welcomed.

Insert quality links

Make sure the external links you include are there to help the reader better understand the content and learn more about the subject, not to promote your blog or business.

Pay special attention to your biography

The biography accompanying the post must be written according to your goals – attracting traffic, improving the visibility of your blog, presenting yourself as an expert in the field, etc. – and can include teasers (ebooks, guides, etc.) and relevant links.

7. Analyze the performance of your content

Your work doesn’t end as soon as you publish the article. You need to measure the performance of your article to understand if your strategy was successful or if you need to correct something in the next post.

Here are some metrics you may want to measure:

  • Likes, shares and likes on social networks
  • comments
  • Backlinks
  • Re-posts
  • Article requests

Use the analysis tools that allow you to obtain data on content published outside your site. SEMrush’s Content Tool can be a good option.

The tool is very simple: insert the link of your content and get data on backlinks, shares and keywords.

Effective steps for guest blogging


An effective guest blogging is a strategy that brings satisfactory results and helps to achieve the goals. Monitor the results, and adapt your strategy to position yourself as an expert in the market.

And if you have useful experience in the digital marketing area that you would like to share we look forward to your guest post on SEMrush Brasil’s blog!

If you want to learn more about blog management and ask questions, watch the webinar “How to treat your blog like business” with Raquel Furchinetti, author of the blog Plano B Life.