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Anyone who works in the legal field must have noticed how times have changed. With competition so tight, you can no longer trust the old word of mouth to get a prominent place in the market: whoever wants to be in evidence needs to do more. In addition, it is still necessary to remember that the dissemination strategies […]

Anyone who works in the legal field must have noticed how times have changed.

With competition so tight, you can no longer trust the old word of mouth to get a prominent place in the market: whoever wants to be in evidence needs to do more.

In addition, it is still necessary to remember that the dissemination strategies cannot violate the restrictions on advertising imposed by the OAB Code of Ethics and the Statute of Advocacy.

Hence the challenge: how can my law firm stand out effectively and in accordance with the law?

In this scenario, content marketing appears as a great tool not only to win more customers, but also to retain the old ones and create more visibility for your business.

Want to know more about how this tool can make all the difference?

We prepared this post with the best tips on content marketing for legal firms.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that consists of producing and sharing relevant content on the internet.

The strategy is based on the idea that when a person comes into contact with the content that you have made available online and realizes that it is of interest to her and meets her needs, she ends up identifying with that content – and, consequently, identifying with her company, her brand.

This identification with the company can bring great consequences for your business: your company positions itself as an expert in its segment of activity; its visibility increases significantly; puts you in touch with potential customers; among many other benefits.

But what exactly would that be relevant content?

It is basically all kinds of information that allows the creation of a relationship with your persona (i.e., the semifunctional profile of your ideal client): blog posts, e-books, video lessons, among others.

Any specialized knowledge that is useful to your ideal client can be considered relevant content.

Why should my law firm invest in content marketing?

When we are going to make a significant purchase or need some specialized service, the first thing we do is research on the internet before closing a deal, right?

This rule also applies to legal services: when someone starts to feel that they need a lawyer, it is quite common for them to go to Google and do a little research about their problem and about the professionals in the market who, in theory, can solve it .

That is why, making a presence on the internet is essential for legal companies!

Being active on the network, making relevant content available to a potential customer and investing in new relationships, your company will always be within reach of your target audience.

In addition, always producing new content also helps to maintain constant communication with the old ones, allowing your company to be always attentive to your needs to meet them.

In addition to all this, content creation is a great way to position your legal company as an authority on the market.

Publishing articles or blog posts, e-books and videos, for example, are great ways to expose your knowledge to the public – and best of all, in accordance with the OAB Code of Ethics, which authorizes content marketing in its article 46!

How can I do content marketing in my office?

Following a few simple tips, it is easy to start marketing content in your legal company.

Shall we see some of them?

1. Define your persona

The central idea of ​​content marketing is produce content aimed at the target audience of a business, seeking to attract qualified audiences – that is, those who will potentially be interested in your products or services.

This happens when the internet user gets in touch with your content and gets the impression that that content was made especially for him, since it takes away your doubts about a subject or solves any of your problems.

Of course, this identification of the audience with the content is more difficult if you try to reach an undetermined number of people, without any direction.

So, the first step to start investing in content marketing is to define which customer profile you will be directed to – that is, your persona.

After all, if your content is produced exactly for the type of person looking for your business, the chances of success in creating a relationship are much taller!

To assemble assertive personas to guide your content marketing campaigns, use our incredible tool: the fantastic free personas generator!

2. Invest in educational material

Everyone who works in the legal field has that uncle who always stops you at family parties to answer legal questions, right?

Many people have doubts about their lawsuits, rights and other legal issues, but not everyone has a caring lawyer in the family.

What do these people do?

They search the internet for the answer to their questions.

So a great content marketing strategy for law firms is to produce and share content that educates people about recurring legal issues in their daily lives.

You can write about choosing the best lawyer, or the benefits of legal advice; what are your rights if the ‘x’ situation occurs; anyway, all doubts that may be recurring to your persona can be addressed.

By doing this, you gain credibility and become a kind of authority towards your target audience.

3. Translate the legalese

A major problem in law is that it is not so accessible to lay people, and this is mainly due to the use of the famous juridique.

The use of legal jargon prevents “ordinary people” (and sometimes even the lawyers themselves!) From being able to understand most of the legal issues.

For this reason, a good idea is to create content that “translates” some laws and understandings of the doctrine and jurisprudence of interest to your persona.

Use simple, easy-to-understand language.

A good way to do this is to write as if you are explaining everything to a client who is in front of you, in your office.

Remember if: the content is not for you or for your colleagues, it’s for your persona!

4. Talk about market trends

In law, some areas are expanding and few people know about them.

If your legal firm operates in any of these areas (such as sports law or environmental law) it is important to discuss this with your clients.

Explain what you do; why the area has grown; why it is important to invest in it.

This can help your persona not only to find out about new trends in the legal market, but also to consider new investments in these areas – in which case, you will be at your disposal offering your services!

5. Promote your content

Finally, one of the most important tips is: share the content you have produced!

After all, it is not enough to just post the content on your website and leave it alone: ​​you want the information produced to reach the largest number of people that fit your persona profile, right?

Therefore, it is also important to invest in a work to disseminate this content.

Advertise on social networks and specialized law platforms, invest in sponsored advertisements (Facebook and Linkedin, for example, have great returns for this type of disclosure), send newsletters to those registered.

The important thing is to share the knowledge!

Those were our tips on content marketing for law firms.

And you, have you invested in marketing in your company?

Do you have any other tips that were not on our list? Tell us in the comments!

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