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FastComet is a relatively new company that has been gaining market share due to the great availability of free resources for users of more affordable plans. Despite this, it does not have a data center established in London, a factor that can compromise its server performance.

An solid presence on the internet demands a hosting that has characteristics compatible with the profile of the owner of the page and with the expectation of experience of the end users.

This is because many people do not have a minimum of programming knowledge and need assistance in creating, updating and maintaining their websites.

Besides that, the volume of accesses, the page loading speed and the connection stability directly interfere with the strategy established by the blog owner, the institutional website or e-commerce.

The quality of access (established by the speed and uptime of the server) and the support service are decisive when choosing a hosting service.

FastComet is one of those hosting companies and, despite being not having a data center established in London, has been in high demand.

Users often have doubts about the characteristics that distinguish their services from others available here. Then, a more detailed analysis of these requirements and the services provided by the company follows.

In this article, you will see:

What is FastComet?

FastComet is a relatively new company – founded in 2013, has its headquarters in San Francisco, in the United States.

It has more than 50,000 active customers, has a team of 70 employees working in its 11 data centers around the world: Chicago, Toronto, Dallas, Newark, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.


The users can choose the best location (the closer, the faster the speed) when making your plan purchase, but, initially, the company provided hosting and systems administration exclusively for corporate customers.

Only in 2017 did it launch the cloud hosting solution and open the portfolio to private customers and small businesses.

What plans, services and resources are offered?

Shared hosting

fastcomet shared hosting

In shared hosting, registered accounts make joint use of available resources. It is divided into three plans, both managed through cPanel and with a cloud-based server.

Check the specifics of each plan below.


Free domain for life and unlimited traffic. Maximum volume of visitors per month is 25,000 users. Check out other features:

  • 15 GB of SSD space;
  • daily backups;
  • Free CloudFlare CDN;
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate included;
  • BitNinja server security;
  • free website transfer;
  • unlimited FTP accounts;
  • unlimited subdomains;
  • unlimited database;
  • multiple PHP versions;
  • human support 24 × 7;
  • free website builder;
  • free installation of the platform;
  • more than 350 free templates;
  • unlimited email accounts;
  • refund of the amount paid in 45 days if the customer is not satisfied with the plan;
  • compatible with WordPress.

FastCloud Plus

It offers the same features as the simplest plan, as well as the lifetime domain name, fixed renewal fees, maximum volume of visitors per month of 50,000 users and the following differentials:

  • 25 GB of SSD space;
  • free private DNS server;
  • free Dynamic SSL seal;
  • adding free domains;
  • restore settings.

FastCloud Extra

It differs from the last option by the amount of disk space, the maximum volume of visitors per month of 100,000 users and the option ‘WAUetBooster’ to speed up processes, in addition to these features:

  • 35 GB of SSD space;
  • Vanish cache and WAF;
  • APC and OPcode cache;
  • backups for 30 days on the server;
  • three times fewer clients per server;
  • LiteSpeed ​​LSAPI;
  • Memcached, a distributed memory cache system that increases the performance of websites due to their storage capacity.

In all plans, the registration process is easy, and the payment methods include credit cards and PayPal. In addition, it is not difficult to install open source applications and CMS (WordPress, Joomla etc.).

VPS cloud hosting

VPS cloud hosting is divided into four plans. In it, the user has more SSD space, more bandwidth and more monthly visitor volume than in the shared hosting of the previous item.

VPS cloud hosting

Dedicated server

The dedicated server is an option for IT infrastructures that require exclusivity of available resources.

The plan options are divided into four categories, and the differences between them are the memory and processing space, which doubles with each upgrade; bandwidth, among other features.

Dedicated server

What are the main advantages of FastComet?

Based on several positive feedbacks from customers, FastComet, in general, leaves nothing to be desired in terms of server performance. Uptime and speed are technical requirements used to measure this quality.

Although the loading speed be lower, the uptime was kept stable according to several tests carried out by review sites. Activity time averaged 99.98%.

Another requirement that must be analyzed to check the quality of the hosting service is support. Although FastComet is small compared to other companies in the same segment, the customer service team has run more than 400,000 live chat sessions and 875,000 resolved tickets.

The big advantage is the possibility of offer fast and friendly service that most other companies cannot match.

Regarding access security, FastComet also shows great concern: the platform supports two-factor authentication, which adds a layer of security needed today.

In addition to the login of the customer area, it is also possible to configure the requirement to enter a 6-digit code generated by the user’s smartphone that changes every 30 seconds.

Besides that, promises to block up to 99% of security threats (malware and virus attacks), executed from a firewall optimized for CMSs, and has an isolated environment even for shared hosting.

That is, accounts that use the resources together cannot be affected if any user is infected.

THE service usability is also an advantage. CMSs, like WordPress, have their management with dedicated support and hosting features such as free daily backups, an exclusive instruction guide, as well as the possibility of installing and automatically updating the tool.

In addition to WordPress, the user you can configure other content management tools, such as Magento, Joomla, Drupaland another 150 different platforms, without requiring manual download and installation.

Also, if the required application is not available, the user can connect to the server via FTP and install it manually.

Another differential is the money back guarantee within the first 45 days of hiring in case the user is not satisfied with the service. Some providers only make this reimbursement from premium plans.

If the possibility of transferring the domain is an obstacle to changing providers, this may be an additional incentive to try. FastComet also has other advantages over others:

  • the aforementioned free and fast daily backups;
  • assistance in restoring older versions of the site, if necessary;
  • Free Cloudflare CDN;
  • free migration service;
  • free lifetime domain;
  • transparency in the explanation of resources and prices.

What are the disadvantages of FastComet?

As for the disadvantages of FastComet, we can highlight the second requirement for performance analysis: loading speed.

In this aspect, the server left something to be desired compared to the other players, such as GoDaddy (544ms), HostGator Cloud (412ms) and shared HostGator (1113ms). The average loading speed of FastComet, based on analysis of the last 12 months carried out by review sites, was 855ms.

Do not offer a dedicated IP it can also be considered a defect in the most basic plan for shared hosting, as well as providing only seven days of evaluation of VPS cloud hosting plans.

Is it worth joining FastComet?

FastComet can surprise users, especially due to the availability of free resources in simpler plans.

Another differential analyzed, the server uptime, can add value to the company’s portfolio, but it is something more common among other hosting service providers.

Friendly and fast service it is also a great advantage, but, like uptime, it has been noticed more frequently among all users of other support services, especially with the wide dissemination of this requirement as a decisive factor in choosing a company.

The biggest problem, which may be very serious impact on the visibility and Digital marketingof any business, is the speed of loading. The requirement is essential to provide a good experience of accessing institutional pages, blogs and e-commerces.

Without quality of access, no page can have a satisfactory ranking in search engines, which consider this experience decisive to elevate the address on their result pages.

Even so, FastComet’s hosting service has been widely sought after, even by the London market, which does not have a data center installed in the country.

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