all the CTAs you need to convert your visitors into a single plugin – WAU

WAU Convert is the WordPress plugin that allows you to create automated CTAs and banners, increasing the number of leads and decreasing manual work.

When creating a blog, your first challenge is to win a loyal audience. For that, you need a very well planned content production and dissemination strategy. But when can you say that you have achieved success with the blog?

If the conquered sessions do not take your visitors to a next step in the journey, it is useless. And that next step is the conversion and loyalty of your audience, so that they can follow your newsletter, news and launches.

In this way, your visitor becomes a lead and, over time, naturally becomes a customer through the structuring of a sales funnel.

To build this funnel, there are several applications and techniques that can help you. For example: banners, boxes for newsletter subscription and hellobar.

In order to facilitate your work and bring together the entire conversion strategy in one place, we developed WAU Convert.

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What is WAU Convert

WAU Convert is a plugin compatible with any version of WordPress with several features, such as adding mass banners, automatic generation of the pdf version of the post, newsletter box in the sidebar and several others.

In addition to grouping all of these functions in a single application, calls-to-action (CTAs) are published directly from your WordPress dashboard and can be monitored through Google Analytics.

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How to install WAU Convert

To install the plugin, your system needs to meet only the following two requirements:

  • WordPress 4.7 or higher;

In your WordPress, access the tab Plugins and select Add new.

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Search for WAU Convert and click Install now.

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With the plugin installed, you will have access to all its features presented below.

How to create a banner

Access WAU Convert on your WordPress and select New banner.

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You will see that the operation of this feature is very intuitive. It allows you to choose for your banner:

  • Title: CTA identifier. This name does not appear on the website and is used only to identify the banner in the listing.
  • Image: banner image. We recommend using an image with the same width as the blog (usually between 750px 960px)
  • Link: where the user will be redirected when clicking on the banner.
  • UTM Source and UTM Campaign: attributes to identify the banner in the analytics tool.
  • Visibility: in this part it is possible to hide the banner on specific pages. If you do not want the banner to appear in a post, just add its URL in this part.
  • Display categories: select in which categories this banner should appear. If no category is selected, the banner will not appear anywhere on the site.
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In addition, it allows you to choose a specific category of your blog and a position (above or below the content), for mass banner publication.

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If you do not want the banner to be added to specific places or posts, just leave the category fields all blank and click publish. As soon as the page is updated, the plugin provides a code for free use:

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Just insert this code in a specific section of your post, update it and check the published version:

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The banner does not appear in the WordPress editor, but visiting the published page it appears normally:

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This WAU Convert feature eliminates the hassle of inserting the media and manually configuring the UTM every time you need to insert a banner into content. And it also offers functionality to analyze the performance of each of your banners:

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To enable this function, simply access the WAU Convert settings tab and enable Analytics.

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How to generate leads by offering your own post as rich material

When you produce a very complete content, there is the possibility of offering it in PDF as a rich material to make it easier for your reader to access it again whenever he wants.

To generate this pdf, there is a challenge: every time the post is updated, it is also necessary to update the pdf, right? Or else it would end up getting out of date.

WAU Convert not only facilitates the generation of the pdf, it also has a dynamic behavior, updating the document every time the content is updated.

To use this function, simply access WordPress as an administrator and edit the post you want to create the pdf version of. With WAU Convert installed, you will see the following side window:

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When selecting the Make the post available for download and update it, a shortcode will appear on the side and the option to view the file:

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Then, just follow the same procedure as the banner, copy and paste the code throughout the content and the following box will appear instead of the shortcode. To check the quality of the downloaded text, just enter your email below to have immediate access to this content in pdf:

Download this post by entering your email below

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How to insert a newsletter box in the sidebar

In WAU Convert, it is possible to add a widget to capture emails that is in the blog’s Sidebar. To do this, follow the step by step:

Logged in as WordPress administrator, access Appearance> Widgets.

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Then click Capture box | WAU Convert> Sidebar> Add Widget.

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The names that appear for the options to insert the capture box depend on how your WordPress is configured.

With the widget added, the following box will appear in your blog’s sidebar:

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To change your text, simply access Appearance> Widgets and click on the widget Capture box | WAU Convert:

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In this form you can change:

In the case of redirection, it is possible to choose where the user will be redirected after filling in the email. The default option makes the user stay on the same page, with the following success message:

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How to insert a banner in the sidebar

Remember the code to insert a banner anywhere we use inside the post? You can generate the banner in exactly the same way, copy the shortcode and use it in the sidebar.

To do this, access Appearance> Widgets, select the module Custom HTML and drag to the Side Menu structure. Then expand the box, paste the banner code and choose your title:

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It is important to remember that sidebar banners usually have a different dimension than the ones inside the post. Therefore, it is necessary to do tests to see which is the best option for your blog’s structure!

The ideal is to have a designer at your disposal to build the banner in the dimensions ideal for you. But thinking about facilitating this, the next feature was built.

How to insert a customizable banner in the sidebar

The version 2.2.0 of WAU Convert provides a new feature called Customizable banner | WAU Convert.

This Widget allows you to create customized banners in the blog’s sidebar without needing external resources such as the use of code or images.

To get started, go to the Widgets and click Customizable banner | WAU Convert:

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With the widget added, you can change the title, redirect link and colors, both background and text:

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With everything set up, just save to view the side banner on your blog:

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How to create an ad bar at the top of the site

The version 2.2.0 of WAU Convert it also introduces functionality for those who need to announce something new on the blog.

The ad bar appears at the top of the site and is fully customizable, allowing you to change the content, the colors of the bar and choose where it should appear.

To get started, just go to WAU Convert> Ad Bar

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On this page, you can customize the entire ad bar and its settings:

  • redirect link;
  • background and text color, both bar and button;
  • visibility (which posts and pages will show the bar).
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If you made it this far without installing the plugin, it’s time to put what you just learned into practice and increase your conversion rate. Access WAU Convert now and, if you have any questions, just talk in the comments!

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