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Social networks are constantly expanding and sometimes it is not exactly easy to keep up with them all. This week, for example, Instagram went through a drastic update in its functions, including the Stories mode, very similar to Snapchat, which allows the user to upload their photos in a timeline […]

Social networks are constantly expanding and sometimes it is not exactly easy to keep up with them all.

This week, for example, Instagram has undergone a drastic update in its functions, including the mode Stories, very similar to Snapchat, which allows the user to upload their photos in a timeline of maximum duration of 24 hours.

This is just one example, but social networks with greater access, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, bring updates of greater or lesser importance that need to be predicted within the framework of your marketing strategy.

An update like that of Instagram Stories, for example, it is of great impact for any brand that has (or aims to have) a faithfully engaged audience.

But, don’t be alarmed! We have separated here 19 features that you probably missed, and that can now be used to improve your social media marketing:

4 amazing Facebook features

Arguably the most used network in the world, Facebook has been improving over the years to meet the demands and reconfigurations of its users.

Take a look at these four functions that can be a hand in the wheel when using the network!

1. Save links for later

Of course, you can use your bookmarks bar or open a file in the notepad to keep the most interesting Facebook links, but why not take advantage of a feature that is there to make your life easier?

The “save to read later” function was added a few months ago and it will certainly be useful when assembling clippings on social networks.

To save a post for the future, just click the arrow in the upper right corner and select the desired option.

social networking features

You will find everything that was saved on the link, or you can take a shortcut and select the option “saved links” in the menu on the left.

social networking features

2. Place a beaten goal!

Did it reach 100,000 followers? Did you get funds for any particular investment? You can let all your fans know about your achievements with the Milestone feature on Facebook.

To add it, select the option on posting a new status, and then tell the world about your achievement.

social networking features

You can customize the goal with images, videos and text, making it more attractive to your audience.

3. Hidden emojis

Facebook recently updated its old model of emojis for chat, but this news did not affect the basics used in post comments.

So, some hidden commands still work, allowing you to use sharks and penguins, for example, in your comments (even if they are not available in the emoji menu).

Here are the most searched special codes:

(y) = Like symbol
(^^^) = A giant white shark
: |]= A robot
: poop: = Well, you can try and discover this one
<(“) = A penguin

By clicking on this link you can see a complete list of emoticons hidden on Facebook.

4.Reorganize your page items

Do you want to leave your contact information at the top of the page? On your Fan Page you can organize the information tabs according to your preference.

social networking features

If you want to change something, place the mouse over the area and select the reorganize button (with a pencil drawn).

Then just drag the tabs as you like, leaving the page with your face.

3 actions you didn’t know on LinkedIn

With more than 400 million users worldwide, this network specially developed for networking and business opportunities can be a key part of your digital marketing strategy.

Check out 3 actions you can do in LinkedIn’s Marketing strategy!

1. Use videos and images on your profile

Did you know that it is possible to break large blocks of LinkedIn text with images, videos, documents, audio, slides etc.? That way you can make your profile, or your business, much more attractive.

This is a very basic feature, but a good part of the users misses out of pure attention.

To edit your profile, click on ‘profile’ at the top of the network and then scroll down to the summary area by clicking on the square icon to the right of the title.

social networking features

An area for uploading images will open, and then just choose your file or insert the direct link.

To check what may or may not be included in your LinkedIn profile, just check this official link.

Remembering that the files cannot be larger than 15mb when uploaded directly through the social network.

2. Create a page for your business

Premium users can invest in special pages to promote their business or product.

Brands like Microsoft, or Websites Are Us, have specific pages that bring feeds from their businesses and allow their users to follow them, in a logic very similar to that of Facebook Fan Pages.

But, of course, that’s not all.

After creating a page, you can still invest in Showcase Pages.

This functionality allows the creation of segmented content according to your product (and persona), and is available on the right tab for all your followers and network users.

social networking features

3. Get a unique URL

Every user gets a new URL as soon as they register their account on the network, but to optimize the searches that lead to your account, it is essential to think of a link that is easy to access,

To edit your URL, go to the profile and select “Manage public profile settings” within “View profile as …”. Then select the edit button in the right column, where a text field will open.

social networking features

Here, just choose your new URL. Remember to consider readability and ease of access before defining your profile link.

5 Twitter features that can change your user experience

Despite losing space to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, Twitter is still a very popular network, especially in London.

Check out 5 features you probably didn’t know about!

1. Do your account data analysis (for free!)

This is one of the most interesting features on Twitter and, unfortunately, is still unknown to most users.

To access Analytics from your account, click on the link and a report for the past 6 months will be generated automatically.

Here you can check your average amount of Tweets, number of mentions, profile visits, new followers etc.

And all of this accompanied by percentage analyzes that guarantee a complete monitoring of your resourcefulness on the network.

social networking featuresTake advantage of this data to rethink your marketing strategy and find out what content really engages your Twitter audience.

You can also do individual analysis of the tweets by selecting the graph icon below each posted message.

2. Tag people in your photos

This alternative works just like Facebook, with the exception that there is no automatic facial recognition.

To tag people, just upload a photo to the network and select the “who’s in that photo?” Option. Then just link the user name and that’s it.

social networking features

3. Find out who stopped following you

This type of information is essential to build a thermometer for your social marketing strategy.

If a particular niche is ceasing to follow your Twitter account, it’s a sign that something is missing (or left) in your posts,

With the integration of Who Unfollowed Me? it is possible to keep track of users who follow or fail to follow their Twitter profile, ensuring data for network monitoring.

Take advantage of this type of information to review your language, style or frequency of posting. Taking action in advance ensures that you don’t lose even more of your precious followers.

4. Accessibility legends

Go to settings> accessibility and select the checkbox with “Write image descriptions”. After saving, return to the Twitter home page.

social networking features

Now, whenever you post an image, you can add a description of accessibility for people with visual impairments.

Remember to make a succinct summary of what is going on in the posted content, ensuring that it is easily accessible to any type of user.

5. Your Twitter file

Using the file request button through the Twitter settings menu, you can gain access to the record of all your tweets and interactions from the beginning of your account.

social networking features

With that you have in hand all the content posted on your network, which facilitates the analysis of language and perspective change over the years and evolution of your business.

4 Instagram secrets

Hitting the mark of 500 million users this year alone and every day launching new features, Instagram is on the crest of the wave and getting to know this network better is essential.

Check out our tips!

1. Stories mode

Stories mode was recently added to Instagram, and can now be used by any user on the network. To access it, just access the “+” button in the upper left corner of the screen:

Save your image, customize it with the new Instagram options and then select Story mode.

Ready! Your update will be visible for 24 hours to your followers.

2. Switch accounts

After years, this option has finally been added!

Now you no longer need to log in and out (and notify all your network users when you do this) to access different Instagram accounts.

To add new users, go to your account options and scroll down to the bottom of the menu.

At the bottom select “add accounts” and enter your new account login information.

social networking features

To switch, just open your profile and select the option in the upper left corner. All your accounts will be listed there.

A button with your avatar is also added to the bottom bar of the app, indicating which login is active at that time.

3. Rearrange filters and tools

Tired of the 912378723 filters added on Instagram? I doubt it, but if you want, you can manage your filters and hide what you haven’t been using.

social networking features

To do this, select an image and go to the filter selection area. Rotate to the last option and choose “Manage” (button with a gear).

Then check (or uncheck) the filters of your choice. This keeps your selection screen cleaner and makes it easier to find what really matters.

4. Take advantage of peripheral apps

Instagram, by itself, is an extremely dynamic app.

And, you may not know it, but the same company that created it has two other peripheral apps that can be used in conjunction with the main app to make your editions and posts more professional.

social networking features

Boomerang, which can be downloaded directly from the store, allows you to create looped mini-videos (just like gifs) and export them directly to Instagram to be posted to your feed.

The advantage is that it is possible to create these loops and send them to your social networks without losing the format.

The Layout app comes to replace the lack of an internal collage function on Instagram, allowing you to rearrange two or more photos in different ways.

In this application you can select borders, enlarge images and everything for a more accurate collage.

Then just export to Instagram and continue with the native edition.

3 secret Pinterest functions

This social network came up with the idea of ​​being a framework for inspiration and, therefore, it is very visual.

Discover how to get the best out of Pinterest with our tips!

1. Find out who’s pinning your website

You can discover all the pins on your website by copying the address and changing it with the address of your website:

So Pinterest will make a selection of all pins that come directly from the link mentioned.

social networking features

There is a good idea to monitor what is making the network more successful and suggest new content along the same lines.

Securing Pins on the net is an easy (and free) way to bring more visibility to your website.

2. Notify your fans via Pinterest-mail

That’s right! Pinterest allows you to email your favorite pins to specific users (or yourself!).

To do this, just click on the main sharing arrow and select “Send by email”. You can either type in someone’s email address or select users.

social networking features

3. Have a corporate account

You can convert your Pinterest into a Corporate account. Just click on that link and access the conversion button.

social networking features

The advantages include the possibility of using Pinterest Analytics, having a special Pin widget for your business in addition to the creation of paid campaigns to increase the reach of your pins.

Not only that, Pinterest is a fast growing social network, and a find for businesses that deal with fashion, crafts or primarily visual products.

Did you like it? Leave your comment telling about your favorite features!

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