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Cloud computing allows the development of websites with much more practicality. Thanks to some services, such as AWS hosting, it is possible to do all of this with much more quality. If you want to set up your own website, then this is an excellent path.

In recent years, the creation of new tools has allowed anyone to create their own website, from ordinary users to entrepreneurs.

However, when it comes to developing a professional website, in addition to the platform, you also need a service host. In this post, we’ll talk about one of these services: AWS hosting.

To help you understand the subject better, we’ll cover the following topics:

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What is AWS hosting?

Amazon Web Sevice, abbreviated as AWS, is the website hosting service offered by Amazon, one of the largest digital commerce companies in the world. Through these services, you can create a website and make apps available to your audience more easily online.

What are the advantages of AWS hosting?

There are several hosting services available today, each with its own particularities. The service offered by Amazon, however, is among the best available. See some of its main advantages.

Lodging in different parts of the world

When you hire a website hosting service, you are not only paying for a virtual space, but also for the physical server where it will be stored. When accessing the page, the distance between the origin server and the user’s computer directly affects processing time. Therefore, some foreign sites tend to take longer to load.

This means that when you hire a server from outside the country, you will need more time to make a proper connection. Fortunately, Amazon has hosting systems around the world, making it easy to find an optimized location for your connection and your target audience.

High scalability on demand

Over time, it will be necessary to expand your cloud computing service, either by adopting new features or simply by expanding the size of your data storage. A familiar situation would be to add a new hard drive to your computer to expand its memory. As you may already know, this situation can be quite a lot of work.

To deal with this, the ideal is to have a hosting service with high scalability, that is, the possibility of expanding its functionalities and storage without making a major restructuring.

AWS is a great option in this regard, as the whole system is based on cloud computing, without needing to change much in your company to improve the service.

Compatible with a variety of CMSs

A confusion that many people make when it comes to creating websites is that hosting does not deal directly with the creation of the page, only with its storage. The creation and editing of the page depends on the Content Management System, or CMS.

This tool acts as a platform for configuring your website, creating and organizing your content. A well-known example is WordPress, widely used for portfolio sites and blogs.

However, not every CMS is compatible with every hosting system. So it’s important look for a provider that has a wide variety of compatibility.

What types of hosting does Amazon offer?

Depending on your goal, certain hosting packages may be more or less interesting for you. Considering this, there are different types of AWS hosting offered by Amazon.

See now the main types of accommodation available and for whom they are indicated.

Static website

A static website, for those who don’t know, is one that has no editing tool or interface. Essentially, it is a page that can only be changed with direct editing of its source code.

In general, these sites are less common, as they require more knowledge, but are still a good option if you only need a page with basic information, which will not be changed frequently.

Simple website

If you are still afraid to invest in a website for your business, a good starting point is to use a simple website, which is stored on a single server.

In him, the same central that stores the data also acts as CMS. It is better for low traffic sites and has low initial investment, but it is not such a scalable solution.

Business website

This is the most complete package, with more advanced features, other cloud computing services and more of the benefits we have listed above.

It also offers more resources for hosting data for your website and for your company as a whole, which makes your management much more efficient.

What are the services of AWS hosting?

Along with the hosting itself, Amazon also offers other associated services. Check out the main ones here and see which ones are best suited to your needs.


This is Amazon’s data delivery service, that is, it ensures that the information stored in the cloud reaches the user with the minimum of waiting. This is what allows a website to receive multiple simultaneous accesses without loss of quality.


Elastic Computer Cloud is a service that manages the computing power of processors in the cloud. With it, it is possible request and distribute more processing for your site or any other cloud computing service.


Relational Database Servise is a system that allows database management in the cloud. With it, it’s easier do large-scale analysis and evaluate the performance of your business.


Last but not least, Simple Storage Service, is a large-scale data storage system and programs, as the name says. With its high scalability and security, it is one of the safest options on the market.

With this information, you already understand a little more about AWS hosting and its main benefits. However, keep in mind that, to make the best choice, it is important to know your options.

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