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Pagely offers managed WordPress hosting, with very high performance and scalability – its cloud infrastructure is based on AWS (Amazon Web Services) technology. But all this availability and exclusivity can be very expensive for users.

Pagely is a hosting company 100% focused on pages in WordPress. The goal is to optimize the features of the CMS tool and make the user experience more dynamic, especially for more complex demands.

In this article, we discuss whether this exclusivity is beneficial to customers, what requirements are chosen to compose the company’s IT infrastructure and the aspects that must be analyzed before hiring Pagely’s hosting service so that the user can guarantee the best cost ratio -benefit with the platform.

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What is Pagely?

Pagely is an enterprise-level provider that offers a small – but highly exclusive – portfolio of managed hosting solutions for WordPress.

Headquartered in the United States, the company has 13 datacenters, among which 4 are established in the country and the rest are in Canada, Ireland, Germany, England, London, Singapore, Japan, Australia and London.

Despite the high availability, shared hosting services can only be purchased from the data center located in Virginia, in the United States. In addition to physical servers, Pagely has a partnership with Amazon, that is, its cloud infrastructure is based on AWS Technology.

Amazon Web Services can meet the demands of millions of people simultaneously, so its cloud solutions are highly scalable.

From this partnership, Pagely created a proprietary line of servers specialized in offer a fast and safe experience for pages developed from WordPress. Here are some resources available:

  • uptime 100% guaranteed by SLAs (Service Level Agreements);
  • daily backups stored in the AWS database for up to 14 days;
  • complementary domains from 15 to 60 WordPress sites per account;
  • free SSL certificates on all plans;
  • SSD storage from 30 GB to 50 GB (depending on the plan);
  • free migration of up to two sites;
  • caching with NGINX or Varnish;
  • PHP 7 support;
  • SSH and Git access.

What services are offered?

Pagely’s WordPress website or blog hosting plans are divided between VPS, Enterprise and Elite Publisher. Check the specifics of each one of them.

WordPress Hosting VPS (Virtual Private Server)

VPS packages are Pagely’s entry-level hosting plans. As an integral part of the service, the company’s team manages and optimizes the website, regardless of the chosen monthly subscription.

This initial level supports up to 15 WordPress sites, a good option for those who care for multiple sites.

SSD storage space ranges from 30 GB to 50 GB, as well as bandwidth, from 50 GB to 750 GB. There is access to the CDN in all options, and it is necessary to check the availability of these requirements in each plan at the time of contracting.

Pagely’s most affordable hosting cost is $ 299 monthly, which means that not everyone will be able to count on this service. But the company reimburses the contracted amount in the first 30 days.

WordPress Enterprise Hosting

There are few WordPress hosting promoters at the enterprise level. Scalability is a strength of corporate plans and pre-configured plans and customized configurations are available to ensure the best user experience.

Business plans are ideal for hosting three to ten sites, but not in an integrated manner, as they do not have the WP-CLI interface to support multiple pages. See its features:

  • C5.2xlarge (16GB of RAM) or C5.4xlarge (32GB of RAM);
  • single node or load balanced pair;
  • Single Multi-AZ RDS: MySQL or Aurora;
  • 2 TB + CDN included
  • deployed in any of the 11 data centers.

WordPress Elite Publisher Hosting

Elite Publisher plans serve higher demands than corporate, as they are adapted to advanced website hosting needs.

Despite exceptional resources, the option is quite salty: plans start at $ 2,000 a month.

What resources are available?

For those who want high security and advanced features, Pagely can be the ideal provider. See which resources are guaranteed.

Extremely fast charging times

A half-second speed increase can increase many important metricsincluding for SEO strategies. For this reason, website owners should constantly seek to improve time on the page, to reduce the bounce rate and get more views per session.


Pagely’s security procedures are continuously tested. In addition, the code is frequently optimized to correct vulnerabilities, and the entire monitored infrastructure to anticipate the imminence of intrusions.

Managed WordPress updates

To simplify WordPress processes, Pagely delivers managed updates across all plans. The service covers installations and updates for the tool and all of its installed plugins.

The team also takes care of the advanced adjustment of the website to keep it functional, in order to facilitate workflows and streamline the development and configuration of websites.

Expert 24/7 support

Support is one of the great differentiators for hosting service providers. Pagely also aims to provide a consistent and high quality service to your users.

Calls are made through live chat, but unrestricted support and telephone service are exclusive to some plans. There is also a private channel for more complete contracts.

As the team only deals with sites hosted on WordPress, it is highly specialized, and the rate of resolving demands on Pagely’s first call is unmatched. In addition, quality of service is another recurring requirement, with high levels of customer satisfaction.

AWS Hosting

Perhaps this is one of Pagely’s great differentials: delivery of a robust environment and high performanceweb hosting service that enables the company to offer customers consistency, access to high levels of redundancy and scalability.

Automated backups

While Pagely keeps its website safe and protected from vulnerability, malicious attacks and hardware problems, human failures are unviable.

In this regard, the company offers a solution for automated daily backups, which are sent to the Amazon S3 cloud database, highly available and easy to restore.

It is still possible for the user to send a copy to their own account on Amazon, which gives greater control over the information. Also, about how long this data will be kept.

WordPress site extension

Pagely’s friendly premise includes preparing to guide the user on how to create a website. The process should happen in a simple way and the version becomes a basis for the rest of the development to take place without compromising the information that has already been released.

Website migration

Pagely facilitates the host change process to avoid downtime as much as possible. Just send a migration request and the team takes care of the transfer.

Other Pagely hosting features

There are many features offered:

  • PressThumb image optimization tool and thumbnail generation;
  • PressCACHE’s global WordPress acceleration system;
  • PressArmour security architecture;
  • user account and permission manager to share access to the panel;
  • self-management of SSL certificates;
  • hosting based on PHP7, Nginx and Redis.

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How is it to host with Pagely?

Many requirements must be evaluated to attest to the quality of a web hosting. Performance, security, support and scalability are just a few examples.

In terms of customer support, Pagely has an excellent knowledge base and the team responds to chat tickets quickly and friendly: the average time is one hour, and the customer satisfaction rate is high, around 99 , 3%.

Despite the high availability, unrestricted service, which would be a major differential for the company, is available in a limited way to the simplest plans, and only selected plans have access to phone support.

Alternatively, they are extremely responsive on Twitter and users can hire services through the social network. They can also contact the Pagely support team via live chat and Slack during business hours on weekdays.

Regarding performance, the loading time of a website hosted by Pagely is also fast and eliminates the need for customers to create their own section of plugins and tools to add features such as cache and optimization to their sites.

As a true managed WordPress hosting, users can simply sign up and take advantage of the optimized hosting environment available. We made a compilation of Pagely’s pros and cons, right after that.


  • specialized in managed hosting for WordPress;
  • high performance, even on complex and high traffic sites;
  • intuitive and professional interface;
  • maximum availability guarantee enhanced by SLAs (100% uptime)
  • friendly customer service;
  • safe environment;
  • processes optimized for WordPress.


  • extremely expensive plans;
  • live chat available during business hours only.

Pagely is a exclusive hosting provider and, being the only one dedicated to WordPress, its quality is huge, but its price is incomparable to other providers. Therefore, a user must pay much more for their solutions.

Although SSL certificates are included, the domain registration will also be an additional cost with which the user must pay.

The option is valid for those who manage multiple sites in their portfolio, since, among Pagely’s options, the managed service of multiple sites in WordPress can become a more accessible plan.

If this is not your case, take a look at the free hosting options and study whether the resources available for these simplified plans are more worthwhile for your need!