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The X-men franchise is the oldest of heroes present in cinema. It’s been 16 years since the release of the first film in 2000. And in all those years, the franchise was a true carnival roller coaster. We had excellent films (X-men 2, First Class and Deadpool), good films (X-men 1 and Days of Future Past), […]

The X-men franchise is the oldest of heroes present in cinema. It’s been 16 years since the release of the first film in 2000. And in all those years, the franchise was a true carnival roller coaster. We had excellent films (X-men 2, First Class and Deadpool), good films (X-men 1 and Days of Future Past), bad films (Wolverine Immortal) and terrible films (X-men 3 and Wolverine Origins).

We had films in the future, in the past, in the present of the future, in the past of the present … and they even rewound part of a timeline in the present of the future just to keep up with the present of the past and forget that the third film existed.

He was confused, I know. But neither directors, producers and fans know how to score this timeline well. Not even Deadpool in his own movie knew where he was.

Regardless, the franchise remains firm and strong, taking fans to theaters, learning from their mistakes and reinventing themselves. Fox verged on the apocalypse of its franchise in theaters, was attacked by its 4 knights, but it overcame its problems and the franchise still seems to have quite a breath. There are already at least 3 more confirmed films for the next few years: Gambit, Wolverine 3 and Deadpool 2. And we will probably have a sequel to X-men: Apocalypse.

In this post we’ll see how all this change in Fox’s strategies gives us an important lesson for the Digital marketing of our companies. Nothing is so good that it can’t get bad and nothing is so bad that it can’t get better.

We will learn the importance of being able to change the strategy to achieve success. Understand!

Fantastic start

It is not the quartet, but its start was fantastic. If you watch the first X-Men movie of 2000, you might not think the movie is great. But that film was a milestone. There was no good superhero film in ages, only Tim Burton’s Batmans were saved in the 90s.

It was then that director Bryan Singer decided to bring one of the biggest comic book franchises to life. The strategy was quite different from those adopted by both DC Comics and Marvel films today.

The film was not so faithful to the comics, especially in the characterization of its characters. The budget was not as absurd as the hundreds of millions that are currently invested. And yet the director made a film that excited and pleased the fans, launched Hugh Jackman and opened the gate for hero films. He was the turning point, the ignition point for this era with at least 3 films of the genre per year.


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The initial lessons we learned for our Digital Marketing campaigns are more basic in this principle of the saga in cinemas: planning and regularity.

The production understood the moment of the time well. Perhaps if we saw Wolverine in his yellow costume, the Cyclops in blue leotard and the other carnival costumes, the film would not have been well accepted. Nowadays it became popular, but at the time it was different.

They understood that moment and created a film for that time. And they didn’t stop there. THE persona needs regularity.

After the resounding success of the first film, Bryan Singer returned with what is, for many, the best in the saga and one of the best hero films ever made: X-men 2.

But of course, the film begins to explore new elements and is more ambitious than the first. However good a strategy and the more results it brings, it can still be improved.

So they explore several elements not used in the first film: the phoenix, Wolverine’s past, several new characters, among other things.

Everything is part of a well-planned plan and everything indicated it would continue to work in the sequence, but it was not quite like that …

The Apocalypse and the 4 Horsemen

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You may be on top today, but that doesn’t mean you are safe from the Apocalypse. The first two films were a great success, everything was ready for another great audience and criticism. The second film had set the stage for something great. And that’s when everything started to go wrong and the Apocalypse seemed to have attacked the X-men for good.

Let’s learn now from the mistakes of production so that you also prevent these Knights of the Apocalypse from destroying your online presence.


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X-men 3 and the Phoenix: death struck in the third film with one of the most serious mistakes in a Digital Marketing strategy: promise what you won’t keep.

The second film ends with Jean Gray saving the team with his body being engulfed in flames at the time of his “death” and in the last scene we see the silhouette of the Phoenix in the water. Everything ready for the third film. What’s up…

No phoenix, just a super powerful psychic zombie.

Never promise something you can’t keep. Do not use headings like “Complete guide” for a 200-word text, or “how to get rich in 2 days” if you can’t do that. Everything you produce needs deliver exactly what you promised or something even better.


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Bryan Singer: The director of the first two films decided to abandon the boat to direct Superman: The Return. The thinking mind behind the success of the films was no longer present and with that, the project went awry.

Therefore assemble a qualified team and never depend on a professional. Have you ever thought if the person responsible for your content left your company? Could you maintain the quality? Yes, that is your obligation. Fans and personas will not forgive. If your blog or website loses quality you will also lose your audience.


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X-men Origins: Wolverine: one of the easiest lessons to learn, but often difficult to do, is not producing pig content. It seems that Fox knew that Wolverine was his most popular character and that is why they released a movie with him.

The movie sucks, the story is bad, the characters are out of character, in short, it just seemed like a movie to keep the strategy running and the money coming in.

Never do this to your marketing.


Deadpool: if you are going to talk about a topic, understand about it. Do not invent to produce a text on quantum physics if you barely know Newton’s Laws.

The result can be something very similar to the Deadpool of X-men Origins. The content was so poorly reproduced that they managed to rip the mouth of the “MERCENÁRIO TAGARELA”.

Anyway, lesson learned.

Strategy change

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The franchise seemed doomed to failure. It was from there that Fox had a great catch. Change strategy completely. Enough betting on the same content, which despite being good was already repetitive (Wolverine). It was time to give something new, to innovate.

First they hired a professional equal or even superior to Bryan Singer: Matthew Vaughn. And with him they decided to explore the past. Tell the stories of young Professor X and Magneto and explore mutants less known to the public.

The result was a great success. The new strategy worked.

About you. The strategy you initially adopted will not always last forever. There are times when you need to stop and reflect where your strategy is taking you and where you want to go.

Maybe you started by posting a text a day on your blog. But, over time, the content became saturated and the quality dropped. It may be time to change. Instead of one post a day, make more complete posts two or three times a week.

Changing your strategy doesn’t mean you made a mistake. You can let go of your pride. It just means that you are updating to get better and better.

Always listen to your persona

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Do not do as Fox did and wait for the Apocalypse to change strategy. Always rethink and update. Learn from those who do well and always listen to your persona.

Find out what she wants, your doubts, see what you produced that was successful and repeat the formula. Learn from what didn’t work and fix it.

The biggest example of this is Deadpool. What was reproduced in the Wolverine film was highly criticized. And after a lot of public complaints and a lot of insistence from actor Ryan Reynolds, Fox gave the arm to cheer. They listened to the persona and released the Deadpool that the public wanted.

Bloody, chatty and over 18 years old. The film most faithful to the comics of the franchise. A real success. The highest box office for an 18+ film in history.

Learning from the hits is also critical and Fox has already announced Deadpool 2 and that the Wolverine film will be rated 18 years old.

Abuse of new ideas

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After the success of First Class, Bryan Singer returned to the franchise with new ideas. Hence came the most ambitious film in the series, far from being the best, but still, a courageous film. Days of the Forgotten Future adapted one of the most popular comic sagas. A film that abused new ideas.

They mixed the cast of First Class with that of the old films, messed up the entire chronology, erased the third film from existence and finally used the sentries. Not to mention the spectacular Mercury scene.

To stay on top of Digital Marketing you always need to reinvent yourself and come up with new ideas. If you are successful with texts, great, but don’t stop there.

Invest in videos, storytelling, podcasts, in short, Digital Marketing has a universe almost as vast as that of mutants. Don’t just be producing Wolverines after Wolverines. Your persona wants to see new things. She wants Cable, Deadpool, Phoenix, etc. etc.

Have you ever stopped to think about the weight of a strategic change in your Marketing? Is it time for changes? What was successful 16 years ago would not be as successful today. And in the digital environment, where things evolve so fast, these 16 years can be summed up in 6 months or 1 year.

To learn all about Digital Marketing and come up with the best strategies, download our free ebook: The Digital Marketing Guide.

Post-CTA topic

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Hi guys! It’s me, Deadpool! I’m back! Did you miss me? Loved my text? As you know Marvel’s text always has a post-CTA topic.

I invaded, again, this author’s vacillation account and changed that topic! If you want to read what he had written just click on this link.

That was not his best text, but Apocalypse was also not the best Marvel movie. It was mine! I think you’d better agree.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that soon I will invade the blog again to save that garbage you call your company’s Digital Marketing strategy. I don’t care about your opinion, but I would like to know what I, Deadpool, should write about in my next text. IF THE, Social Networks, new Tekpix, criticize my film, or whatever you suggest.

Leave it in the comments or I will go after everyone who read this text and didn’t comment and I will force you to watch Wolverine Origin 3 times a day (evil laugh). It will be a kind of Clockwork Orange, only more cruel!

It is! Kisses from Dead!

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