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In June 2016, Diego Gomes, CMO of Websites Are Us, wrote an article about how a single blog post helped us generate R $ 436,000 in new business in just 16 months. The purpose of the article was to show that a Content Marketing strategy goes far beyond just having a blog and posting […]

In June 2016, Diego Gomes, CMO of Websites Are Us, wrote an article about how a single blog post helped us generate R $ 436,000 in new businesses in just 16 months.

The purpose of the article was to show that a Content Marketing strategy goes far beyond just having a blog and posting frequently. It can bring real results, with a medium to long term return.

1 year after realizing that the famous post on Digital Marketing contributed almost half a million reais in revenue for Websites Are Us, we are here back to update that number and show that a well done content marketing strategy never stops generating results.

The multiplier power of evergreen content

In December 2014, Websites Are Us’s Marketing team identified a golden opportunity to write an article focused on the keyword “digital marketing”.

Besides being the keyword with the highest search volume within the “marketing” segment and having a high cost per click, “digital marketing” also represents one of the first searches done by one of our main personas, the owner of the small company that is little experienced in this field.

So, such an article made a lot of sense for our blog!

We know that each blog post is an opportunity to generate more business. And when we published the article on Digital Marketing, we were sure that while it was on our blog, it would always bring new customers to Websites Are Us.

It was no different.

That’s the beauty of evergreen content, or perennial content. Unlike a news article, for example, evergreen content deals with a subject that will not go out of style anytime soon. And so, just post once on your blog, and it can bring results for many, many years.

2 and a half years after being published on our blog, the post “What is Digital Marketing” has already brought in R $ 1.8 million in new business.

The first part of this story told about the effort involved in the task force to write and update the article. This one will tell you about the math of what came next.

Prepare your calculator

One of the most interesting aspects of Content Marketing is that all results can be followed at the tip of the pencil, and much can be predicted.

So it was not a surprise to us that this article generated almost R $ 2 million in revenue. We know that each blog post is a new opportunity to earn more.

The logic is not complex: the more well-positioned your article is for a particular keyword, the greater the chances that you will get hits on that article, and convert those visitors into customers.

And when the keyword has a large search volume, even better!

According to conservative estimates, on average 30% of people searching for a keyword end up clicking on the first result.

The keyword “digital marketing” is searched for about 30,000 times a month.

Assuming that 30% of the 30 thousand people who search for “digital marketing” every month click on the first result, which is our article, we can already guarantee at least 9 thousand hits per month, only in the Digital Marketing post.

If we were investing in Google AdWords to get the same amount of monthly hits, we would be spending more than R $ 53,000, because the cost per click for the keyword “digital marketing” is around R $ 5.90.

Digital Marketing bid suggested for Adwords

This means that any effort that costs less than R $ 53,000 per month would already bring profit to us. And producing this article, improving it, optimizing it for SEO and taking actions to convert visitors into customers, despite a laborious task, certainly cost less than that!

From Visitors to Customers: Part 1 – Lead Generation

In May 2015, our article reached the first position for the search “Digital Marketing”. From then on, we already had a good volume of accesses, and the next challenge was to monetize these visitors. That is, collect contact information and invest in lead generation and lead nutrition.

We have a few different fronts to turn a visitor from our blog post into a lead, that is, someone who has at least the email information to contact.

Initial offer

The lead generation strategy of our blog posts starts with a pop-up. When someone visits the Content Marketing blog for the first time, they are immediately offered one of our most popular free materials, the “Secrets of Organic Traffic” guide, through a pop-up that fills the entire screen.

Hello Bar

With that, we not only managed to enrich our email base, but also to identify visitors who are interested in learning more about traffic acquisition. After all, this is just one of the many topics we cover on our blog!

5% of visitors who access the Digital Marketing blog post convert it to the pop-up offer. For us, this number is satisfactory, but it is not enough! Therefore, we have other lead generation strategies throughout the blog post.

Offers that complement the reading

The Digital Marketing article is far from short. With almost 6,000 words, it addresses several topics in this vast universe, from basic concepts to tips on choosing a digital marketing agency.

For this reason, there are several opportunities to include CTAs throughout the text for other materials that deepen the subjects covered in the article. And a library full of digital marketing materials is not lacking for us!

We have included, in strategic places in the text, references to materials such as:

In all, the article has 7 CTAs to download materials from Websites Are Us, like this example below.

CTA of digital marketing post

And what does that mean?

The visitor who reads the article and decides to download one of the materials offered, becomes a lead for Websites Are Us because he needs to provide some information, such as name and email, to have access to the ebook or the kit.

Of the 377,570 visitors who arrived, visited our blog through the Digital Marketing article, 4,815 they downloaded some material and became leads. In other words, we managed to generate almost 5,000 business opportunities for the company!

From Visitors to Customers: Part 2 – Lead Nutrition

In every company, each new lead won is a new business opportunity. After all, this person is looking for information about the company’s area of ​​operation, and is indicating that he is looking for a solution to a problem.

In the case of Websites Are Us, someone who downloads our Digital Marketing materials is demonstrating that he has difficulty with some part of the process. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have to be wasting time looking for educational materials!

Every lead is a potential customer, but not everyone is at the right time to buy a product or be approached by a team of salespeople, either due to lack of information or just being at the beginning of their journey as customers.

And that’s why we invest in lead nutrition that we generated with the Digital Marketing blog post, sending emails with suggestions for complementary materials to those that the lead had downloaded, and that explain how Websites Are Us services can help a company acquire more customers with Digital Marketing.

The flow of nutrition these leads receive ends with an email inviting you to speak to a Websites Are Us consultant to understand more about how we can help the lead company. Something like this:

nutrition flow email example

The person who requests this contact is, for us, the most qualified lead that exists, called Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). After all, he has gone through many stages in his journey as a customer, and now it’s time for our consultants to work with this lead!

Of the visitors who visited the Content Marketing blog through the post Digital Marketing, 1,273 of them ended up requesting a contact with Websites Are Us.

And now?

From visitors to customers: Part 3 – Conversion of leads into customers

Between leads and MQLs, Websites Are Us’s sales team had 6,000 contacts to evaluate and to contact if they seemed like a good opportunity. That only counting those who came from the blog post of Digital Marketing!

To work with these contacts, we have an Inside Sales team with about 50 consultants, specialists in Inbound Marketing. Every Websites Are Us customer goes through a consultative sales process before purchasing our services. Therefore, none of our content generates revenue “alone”. We depend on a good team of consultants to carry out the entire sales process!

All consultants on our Sales team are trained to, first of all, qualify the leads they receive from Marketing, based on the information the lead provided when they downloaded our materials (such as company name and number of employees, company website lead company and position).

Thus, only the leads with the most potential to become Websites Are Us customers need to be contacted – optimizing time and increasing the productivity of sales operations.

Of the contacts that came from the Digital Marketing blog post, 85 became customers of Websites Are Us.

Considering an average monthly ticket of R $ 1,770, we were able to generate R $ 1,805,400 in annual revenue. With just one blog post

How to convince your team about content marketing

Summing up:

2 million reais post

This is the life story of 31 months an article that was key to Websites Are Us’s marketing strategy. And it still is!

The results of this blog post only increase every day. And I promise to do a new update when it’s “The R $ 5 million Blog Post”.

Making a blog post can even be easy – after all, it’s just words on a blog page.

But don’t be fooled.

As you can see, producing and posting an article is just the tip of the iceberg. Making a blog generate real revenue requires a gigantic task force to disseminate the content, update the content, refine technical aspects of SEO, build a lead generation and nutrition strategy, and have an animal team of consultants to address the generated leads.

And that’s just for a blog post. Now multiply by 10, 100, 1,000….

If you’re thinking that you’ll never be able to do the same kind of work with your blog, don’t lose hope! Start with small steps, making improvements here and there, including a CTA, focusing your efforts first on the articles that bring the most traffic to your blog, and so on. Content marketing is an ant job.

And I can’t finish this article without saying that if you want help, count on us! Talk to a Websites Are Us consultant to find out how we can work together to help your business grow with Content Marketing, just like we do with our own strategy!

Good luck

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