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WordPress is one of the most used systems for producing content within a marketing strategy. And, to let you know how to use it, Websites Are Us University has just launched the WordPress Course.

Who works with Digital Marketing must have heard the expression: “Content Marketing brings results”.

And, if you still have doubts that this is true, Websites Are Us is an example of this, as it managed to generate revenue of two million reais from a single blog post.

In addition, according to Content Trends 2018, 58.9% of micro companies consider themselves successful in their Content Marketing actions. The main channel for this type of strategy is the blog, so it is the starting point for generating results.

And, for those who don’t have a blog yet, Websites Are Us developed WAU Stage, the best tool for creating blogs in WordPress.

WordPress, by the way, is the most used CMS in the world, so companies and marketers choose to use it to create professional corporate blogs. And that’s why WAU University just launched WordPress Course in Practice!

So, continue reading this post to know all the benefits of WordPress and what you will learn in our course.

First, what is WordPress?

As we said above, WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), that is, it is a content management system for websites and blogs. To create one, just have your own domain, in addition to a hosting server or create it for free through WAU Stage.

Generating and publishing content on WordPress is very easy. Inside your panel, located on the left side of the dashboard, just choose the option “Posts” for creating articles on the blog and “Pages” to create pages that you can use in specific parts of the blog like “Quem Somos”.

Once WordPress is installed you have access to a number of functions. We list the main ones here.


Through WordPress, you can choose themes and customize them to make the blog look the way you want.

To do this, just go to “Appearance / Personalize” and make customizations involving background, colors, fonts, logo, items to be displayed in the menu, as well as in the header and footer.

The greater the customization, the more unique your blog will be. Depending on the theme used, you can still make further changes. Access “Theme Options” within the WordPress Panel.


Another benefit of WordPress is the use of plugins and widgets that assign different functions to your blog.

So, before creating it, a good suggestion is to list everything you want it to have such as: forms, comments, buttons for sharing on social networks, etc. So, you can go to plugins, search for those that will give you these attributes and install them.

In fact, Websites Are Us has its own plugin, WAU Convert, with which you can insert banners in your posts according to the categories.

SEO optimization

And, since we talk about plugins, one that, for sure, you need to use is Yoast SEO. It is of great use as it helps to optimize your content for SEO.

So, if your text is short on words and the keyword is missing at important points in the text, Yoast will inform you.

How is Websites Are Us’s full WordPress course?

Now let’s go to the long-awaited part of the post: check out everything you will learn in the course!

WordPress Course Modules

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Which is;
  • Why WordPress;
  • How to create a blog (WAU Stage);
  • Panel Overview;
  • Settings;
  • Title;
  • Goal;
  • Permanent Links;
  • Users.

Module 2: Contents

  • Contents;
  • Posts;
  • Post author;
  • URL;
  • Scheduling;
  • Change date;
  • Categories;
  • Tags;
  • Pages;
  • Menu (how to create and configure);
  • Media (Images and videos).

Module 3: Themes

  • Install;
  • To set up;
  • Theme structure;
  • Customize (colors, typography, logo).

Module 4: Plugins

  • Which is;
  • Best plugins;
  • Marketing (Yoast, Convert, Schema);
  • Optimization / Performance;
  • Safety.

Module 5: Solving common problems

  • Problem in the featured image of posts;
  • Page / Post no longer exists (redirect);
  • Page and Post with the same URL.

Websites Are Us WordPress Course Teacher

The course teacher is the Matheus Clemente, growth hacker and WordPress expert at Websites Are Us.

How do I enroll in WAU University’s Free WordPress Course?

To register for the WordPress Course in Practice, just click here or in the image below, insert your full name and start attending classes.

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