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This post is an adaptation of Neil Patel’s article: Why your PPC ads aren’t making you any money and what to do about it. Many companies that advertise on the internet bet more on disclosure through Pay Per Click (PPC) than on doing a good job of optimizing the ads on the engines […]

This post is an adaptation of Neil Patel’s article: Why your PPC ads aren’t making you any money and what to do about it.

Many companies that advertise on the internet bet more on disclosure through Pay Per Click (PPC) than doing a good job of optimizing ads on search engines (SEO).

But the fact is that the PPC – even if it is an alternative that depends on the disbursement of some amount – does not mean that it is a simpler action and with a guaranteed return.

Of course, you hear about many people who have been successful through PPC, but we emphasize that there is a series of care in the dissemination strategy that must be taken or the results will not really come as expected.

Thinking about it, we bring in this article valuable tips for those who use PPC as a way to spread the brand and want stay away from the loss of a sloppy campaign.

Read in full and know everything about it.

Do not pay attention to the question of segmentation

Do you know what is the main factor in a successful campaign? Get offer your products or services to the right people.

Anyone who is not interested in the type of merchandise you work on is unlikely to click on an ad made by you.

The platforms that most use the PPC system as a form of advertising are the Google Adwords it’s the Facebook Ads, who operate with different targeting profiles that must be respected if you want to be successful in your campaigns.

Facebook Ads

In the case of Facebook Ads, remember that people are not usually on a social network with the intention of buying something.

That is, you can’t just “play” your ads on the platform anyway, or you will lose money on it.

The key in this situation is to have mastery over this segmentation part of Facebook Ads.

Search for tutorials, articles, chat with people that can assist you in this regard, so that the viewing settings are aimed at people who really seem to have interest in the niche market which your products or services are included.

Even if we do not explain in detail in this article – as we would need an exclusive post on this subject for you to really learn how to configure these settings – we anticipate that it is related to the pages that people liked, who are your friends and all other requirements that can make them potential customers.

In this way, develop a persona who would potentially buy your goods and set up your Facebook Ads so that the people who will see your ads are with profile as close as possible of this character developed by you.

And so, stop paying for curious clicks.

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Google Adwords

PPC in Google Adwords is effective from when you can “tie” people who are intent on purchasing something on the internet.

That is, your ads can appear to these potential customers from the organic searches they make in search of the products or services they wish to purchase through Google.

In this case, the secret lies in setting the right keywords.

The question of segmentation, here, is to know exactly how the persona developed for your goods thinks.

In other words, being able to predict what words these people will search for in order to find the best offer.

The good news is that Google Adwords can give you that strength when it comes to defining what are the best keywords for what you’re advertising.

There is a tool within Google Adwords called “Keyword Planner” in which you can obtain suggestions of what are the most searched keywords according to your business niche, according to your location, including being able to choose whether you want your brand or your ads to appear on search engines, or the so-called “Display Network” to show your ads on sites where spaces Google advertising campaigns are present.

In this case, if you did not give the necessary attention to the Google Adwords settings, especially when it comes to keywords, you probably lost a considerable amount of money believing that just having this tool without knowing it and operating it in a way deep enough to be successful.

Ledo mistake.

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Direct potential buyers directly to sales pages

The so-called “customer journey” it is not as simple as it may seem. Hardly a user will come across an ad once and then decide whether to buy it or not.

The process of selling a product or service on the internet requires comparisons, details checks, analysis of the solutions that that merchandise may bring and so on.

Thus, a very serious mistake and what is done by most new internet sellers is to “link” their ads directly to their sales page.

The result of this is campaigns using PPC with a very low return on investment.

A solution that usually works very well is the use of “Landing Pages”, that is, landing pages that instead of putting the user in direct contact with the purchase and payment options, offers more details about the company, about the goods, the solutions they can offer to the buyer, etc.

The best of Landing Pages is the possibility of getting highly targeted contacts by filling in fields containing the information necessary to start a relationship with that potential customer, such as the e-mail address, for example.

This ensures that potential customers, called “Leads”, are people who are really interested in your products or services, considerably increasing the possibilities of an initial contact, which starts with a Google Adwords or Facebook Ads ad, becoming a sale and consequently strengthening the customer’s relationship with the brand.

Tips for an efficient Landing Page

  • Remember that the purpose of Landing Page is get customer contact, so it should be as polluted as possible.
  • Highlight your call to action, that is, for instructions on what the Lead should do after being directed to that page. The use of frames, buttons of different colors, arrows and similar features are highly recommended.
  • Tests, tests and more tests! Have you been getting a lot of clicks for the redirect, but with few lead acquisitions? Change colors, content, button and text locations, etc.. This will make it possible for you to decide which options are most attractive to the user.
  • Be very careful with the advertising policies of each platform. Normally, in PPC campaigns, directing to pages containing photos with more than 20% of text, offensive content, or apologies to illegal ideologies or practices is inadmissible.

Do not take care in the conversion process

Let’s suppose that you have already achieved some success, making the people who clicked on your PPC campaign from different platforms leave your contact so that you can continue to work on the process of converting that Lead into sales.

But it turns out that conversions haven’t been happening as you imagined, resulting in a still unsatisfactory return on investment. What could be happening?

O main means of contact between the seller and the potential buyer on the internet is email marketing.

It turns out that this means of contact carries some secrets in its effectiveness:

  • A common mistake among advertisers is to be very busy, trying to sell your product or service on the first contact.
    Remember that the person who received the email probably knows little about your brand or your products, and this way, before going to the shopping stage, he will want to know more about you.
  • A valuable tip for a good “business card” about your brand and its goods is the formation of authority, that is, offer relevant content so that that user feels that he is considering a purchase from someone who knows the subject within the context of the merchandise to be sold. This conveys credibility that will help a lot in forming the interest of the possible buyer.
  • After introductions about you and your brand, and with relatively consolidated authority, signal that you can come up with solutions that solve the problems related to the issues mentioned, by purchasing the products you offer.
  • Another relevant tip is avoid treating your contact impersonally. Talk to him in a close language, explaining all the very technical terms, the always calling by the first name.
    These attitudes will make you think that he is being treated exclusively and that the relationship between him and you will be somewhat uncomplicated.
  • Also think about all the spam you’ve never opened. What do they have in common? Unattractive subject fields. Realize that terms like “free”, “earn money”, “change your life”, among others, clearly seem to be a nuisance to those who receive it.
    Thus, formulate your subject field with the utmost care, in order to convince the lead to open it and interact through links.
  • Also look for content. Remember that many people access their email through cell phones and tablets. Try to send texts and images in the ideal format so that the reading of these is facilitated in these gadgets.
  • And again, tests, tests and more tests. Use the versions with the highest opening rates, write a killer CTA and then sales will start to show.

Trying to market the “wrong product”

PPC ads are made so that sellers on the internet earn money, making the ads appear to those who want to buy the products or services offered.

note: “… For those who want to buy the services offered. “

If your product is not something desirable, there is little point in making adjustments, well-designed keywords, lead generation, etc.

What should be done before venturing on the internet selling products or services is a market research so you can find out what solutions your business niche needs most.

Innovating is fundamental for those who want to be successful on the internet, because people want articles that make their lives easier effectively, regardless of how they work or live.

But know that establishing itself in the market is quite complex when nobody knows your brand or your name, or when you choose a product that does not bring new perspectives, modes of production, or facilities for the consumer, or even when its applications are carried out in a complex or ineffective way.

This way, before using your money in PPC campaigns and everything that should come after that, dedicate yourself exhaustively to the development of your product, since its presentation, quality, applicability and differentials.

As we said, as well as no product sells itself, no marketing is effective enough when the product being sold is hard to defend.


The reasons for using PPC, as seen in this article, can be several.

What is clear is that it is much more about a matter of hard work learning about platforms, using PPC tools, knowledge of content marketing and the market in which you are involved.

Despite the importance of educational materials, and all the extremely necessary knowledge they can provide, be aware of what happens around you it is much more relevant than following cake recipes in order to be successful.

O your waist game and your experience will count a lot when designing the biggest campaigns involving the PPC.

Now that you know some valuable secrets, go for it, study a lot about the market and technology news and try to use that to your advantage.

And mainly, count on us whenever you need. We are here to share our knowledge, and also to do our best to make you a true internet sales myth!

Still have questions about how to use PPC tools masterfully, and what to do to generate more conversions and get a more than satisfactory return on investment? Enjoy the comments below and chat with us!

To the next!