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RD Summit is the largest Digital Marketing event in Latin America. That year the event had enormous proportions reaching an audience of over 5,200 people. Websites Are Us, as the largest content marketing company in London and one of the master sponsors of the event, needed to create a campaign that impacted and branded […]

RD Summit is the largest Digital Marketing event in Latin America. That year the event had enormous proportions reaching an audience of over 5,200 people.

Websites Are Us, as the largest content marketing company in London and one of the event’s master sponsors, needed to create a campaign that impacted and marked the event.

And it worked!

We had one of the most crowded and commented booths in the entire event. The campaign idealized by the ZUBB agency surpassed any expectations. We achieved everything we wanted to represent at the Summit.

See in the video a little bit of what our stand was and this incredible material:

WAU Your Bussines – Summit – 2016 from Websites Are Us on Vimeo.

Sensational isn’t it?

To find out how this whole campaign went, the results it brought to us and how the campaign was conceived by the ZUBB team in conjunction with Websites Are Us, check out the rest of the post!

The intention

2 years ago WAU participated in the RD Summit for the second time. The campaign’s slogan was “WAU Your Blog”, a phrase that at that time showed well what WAU did for companies with Content Marketing.

Rock Your Business

That year our CMO Diego Gomes remembered that year and thought how today WAU is much more than that. We propose to do much more than just make your blog awesome.

We help companies to grow, win customers, increase their value and brand awareness, educate the market, increase revenue, among many other things.

Then came the concept: “WAU Your Business”

rock content at rd summit

And WAU wanted to impact the event. Create a campaign and a stand that would mark each person who passed by and who passed on the values ​​of our company.

That’s when Diego decided to contact his partner Guilherme Araujo co-founder of ZUBB. And to understand how this partnership was, let’s see the testimony that Guilherme himself posted on his LinkedIn:

The campaign: WAU Your Business

*This testimonial was originally posted at:


The phone rang.

– Hey, Bill, Diego from Websites Are Us, okay?

That’s how the creation of the Websites Are Us campaign for RD Summit 2016 began. We set up a lunch so that he could share the challenges with me.

I have known Diego for a long time and I have been following WAU’s trajectory and strategies closely. We know RD Summit well too (I write this post directly from Floripa).

We basically updated the specific objectives and left with a task: to create a high impact campaign for Websites Are Us during the event. We created a Whatsapp group, set some dates and played the boat.

WAU has a very clear team in digital marketing, but they asked for help with the creation of a strong concept, with personality and that tied several specific communication goals and the metrics they were looking for at the event.

Therefore, while WAU took care of the infrastructure, logistics and operation in an impeccable way, I met with the creation and planning team of ZUBB to arrive at a cool solution and aligned with the objectives of WAU.

After a week, brainstorms and many ideas thrown in the trash we got to insight. The campaign’s response was precisely the essence of the company, the combination of culture and name with its ability to generate real results for customers who invest in content marketing.

I called Diego and Mafê (head of WAU design) and booked a coffee to present the WAU campaign at RDSummit 2016. Apparently they liked the idea. And the result of this is what you saw in the 2 days of the event.

rock content at rd summit

Uniting the great symbols of the world rock n roll with the terms and expressions of marketing and technology we arrived at the developments that could really engage the RD Summit audience.

And which piece would best represent this concept? T-shirts. Sure.

Rock Your Business

With Websites Are Us’s brilliant design team, we also created digital pieces, stickers, buttons, postcards, stands, outdoor signs (properly tracked) and a lot of other things. The concept still unfolds for WAU’s recently launched certifications.

Get to know WAU University here and see the newest certifications to train your entire marketing team!

Finally, the WAU team couldn’t be left out, could they? They have a brand just for them, celebrating the partnership with Resultados Digitais.

Rock Your Business

The pieces

What did you think of the campaign? Incredible isn’t it?

The ZUBB staff and our design team led by the incredible Maria Fernanda Chicre managed to capture the essence of Websites Are Us by taking one of the most incredible marketing actions I have ever seen (really!).

Take a look at the sensational look of our booth:

rock content at rd summit

Check out all the pieces that this successful partnership produced for our action at the Summit, starting with the complete collection of t-shirts:

Each was based on a classic rock band:

RC RD – AC / DC (Team jersey)

Lead Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin


Automation – Iron Maiden

Metric – Metallica

Analytics – Aerosmith

If you liked the t-shirts as much as I do, don’t worry, soon we will have an online store for you to buy your favorite models! In the first half of 2017, you can stamp a combination of your favorite band with the most important digital marketing terms!

And the campaign was not just about T-shirts. We had this incredible collection of stickers with the prints:

rock content at rd summit

We also provide the badges of the Websites Are Us University certifications:

rock content at rd summit

In addition we gave free gift kits to our customers:

rock content at rd summit


At the end of three months of planning and execution and a general effort by our team headed by our Design manager Maria Fernanda and our Marketing manager Renato Mesquita, we were able to complete everything we wanted to do at the event.

And it was as big as we planned:

  • 2,000 shirts
  • 25,000 stickers
  • 1,000 buttons
  • 6,000 popcards

And the best for last:

It was worth the rush, the effort, spending good hours organizing the queue and distributing shirts, in short, every moment that made our campaign successful.

And the best thing was not the numbers, but to see the impact we have on each person who passed by!

We left our mark.

We thank each of you who literally wore our company’s shirt and motivate us to get better and better.

Special thanks to Guilherme Araujo and the entire ZUBB team.

To our leaders and mentors Edmar Ferreira, Diego Gomes, Vitor Peçanha and Matt Doyon.

rock content at rd summit

And of course, to our entire team! If it weren’t for each of them none of this would have happened!

rock content at rd summit

Keep WAUing!