Choosing the best website hosting for your company is crucial. After all, the quality of the servers, their availability and speed can make all the difference in the experience of using your visitors and potential customers.

Especially considering that more than half of online traffic already occurs via mobile devices, you need to ensure that your page loads quickly even on connections like the old 3G.

To help you choose an excellent option, check our list and even evaluate alternatives that offer free website hosting!

Hostgator is one of the most popular hosting services in the world and, fortunately, it is entirely located for the national market, even offering prices in reais (R $).


  • Ease to migrate your domain to HostGator;

  • Dedicated servers for Windows, Linux and VPS servers;

  • Possibility to register your domain easily.

They offer different plans with different advantages and features, such as changes in the storage capacity of the website, number of websites and email accounts. However, a great advantage is that every plan offered by HostGator includes a free SSL (https) security certificate.

Also check out our full review of all HostGator features.


Another alternative that could not be missing for you to get the best website hosting is Hostinger. They offer different services for hosting small, medium and large-scale websites.


  • Website creator included in all plans;

  • Hosting for professional emails;

  • VPS server and domain transfer to Hostinger.

Hostinger offers different monthly billing plans for each type of service – which also includes plans with more features and differentials, such as options Premium and Business, which offer lifetime SSL certificate.


Hostlite is a company that offers the possibility to host your website in the cloud with ease and practicality – in addition to other services presented, such as the creation of online stores and solutions to grow your brand through Instagram and Facebook.


  • Pre-installed WordPress for creating websites;

  • Hosting of professional e-mails;

  • 24/7 support for your customers.

They offer an MEI plan for those just starting out, an ME plan for microentrepreneurs who need a website with up to three domains and dedicated servers for companies that need a more robust hosting service.

The MEI and ME plans already have a free SSL certificate, as well as unlimited email accounts.

HostLite guarantees quality in all its services, from hosting websites to its own website accelerators, Antispam systems and page creator. It has an intuitive control panel that helps to facilitate management.


  • Unlimited email accounts on all plans;

  • Free SSL certificate;

  • Website creator included in the plans;

The company offers three different plans (I, II and III). From the Hosting II plan, you can now take advantage of the free Antispam system and use the Varnish website accelerator to guarantee a fast loading for your users.


Infinite offers three different cloud options for its customers: DigitalOcean, Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services, ensuring the quality and security of all hosted data.


  • Compatible with WordPress, Magento, and access to cPanel for management;

  • Corporate email server;

  • Free image optimizer to make your website faster;

An interesting differential of Infinite is the possibility to create your own personalized plan – if none of the different pre-defined packages already available do not meet the needs and specifications of your business.


We also couldn’t leave Locaweb on our list of options to choose the best website hosting. In addition to what you expect to find in a company that offers this service, they also have several alternatives, such as website creator, online store, e-mail solutions and digital marketing.


  • VPS and Cloud servers;

  • SSL certificate and free domain,

  • Website creator and facility to migrate an existing domain and e-mails to Locaweb;

The company offers different plans suitable for businesses of all sizes. As a differential, all plans have unlimited storage and transfer.


With Secnet, you can choose Cloud hosting and hosting for WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, WooCommerce websites, among other content management platforms (CMS).


You can try the services for free and talk directly to the Secnet team to establish your plan.


GoDaddy offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee for your page through modern, quality and optimized servers so that they can offer excellent loading speed.


  • Possibility of acquiring additional resources regardless of the chosen plan;

  • 24-hour security monitoring and protection against DDoS attacks;

  • Extremely easy installation for registered domains;

They have several plans, from the possibility of hosting a single simple website to packages for complex pages with more intense traffic – being suitable for companies of any size.


UOL Host is also a popular alternative when choosing the best website hosting. In addition to offering your own website creator, you can purchase “” domains with a minimum space of 30 GB for storage and 60 email accounts.


  • Corporate email accounts;

  • Backup of websites and unlimited transfer;

  • Free SSL certificate;

They guarantee 99.8% availability and have servers 100% hosted in Brazil, in addition to offering an intuitive control panel for its users.

UOL Host

To finalize our list, we present Dreamhost, which is also behind any other alternative presented throughout the article. They offer quality hosting service for their pages, as well as compatibility with WordPress and WooCommerce.


  • Specialized 24/7 support;

  • Availability for shared hosting;

  • VPS server and WordPress page creator;

Dreamhost offers a free domain, creator of WordPress sites and free SSL certificate already in its most basic plan. The values ​​are presented in dollars, but are still highly competitive with other solutions.


Did you find the best website hosting?

We hope this article has helped you find a company that offers exactly what you need according to the particulars of your business. And of course, don’t forget – getting your website up and running is just the first step.

In order to retain visitors and increase your chances of conversion, install Websites Are Us for free on your page – regardless of which solution you choose to host it – and chat with visitors in real time.