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To say that Beyoncé is the biggest pop star nowadays sounds even cliché. At 34, she has won 20 Grammys and is the most nominated woman in the history of the awards. She dominates everything: Beyoncé is a songwriter, she dances and has a chilling voice. She has sold nearly 100 million albums as […]

To say that Beyoncé is the biggest pop star nowadays sounds even cliché. At 34, she has won 20 Grammys and is the woman most indicated in the history of the awards.

She dominates everything: Beyoncé is a songwriter, she dances and has a chilling voice. She has sold nearly 100 million albums as a solo artist and 60 million with her former group, Destiny’s Child.

In 2015, Forbes magazine elected her as the most powerful female artist of the year.

You can read all this and think: but what do I have to do with it?

And I tell you: a lot!

This empire of Beyoncé’s music did not come about by chance. These were years of hard work, work and – perhaps most importantly – a strategy marketing flawless.

Beyoncé has a huge marketing realm around her and we can learn a lot from the star.

Ready to learn everything we can learn from her? So sit in your best chair, put your favorite playlist to play and incorporate your inner diva.

Come on?

beyonce marketing

Lesson number 1: have a big hit on your hands before launching into the digital world

230 million views later …

It doesn’t take much: just listen to the first few seconds of Crazy In Love that we already recognize which song is playing.

One of Beyoncé’s biggest singles, he represented his solo debut, away from Destiny’s Child, the group that put his name on the music market.

Going out on a solo career is always a risky move. There is a lot to consider and the public will not always welcome the new style approach to the songs.

Crazy In Love it was his first solo single. Right from the start, music won first place on the world radio (in 2003, when it was still very important!) And 8.5 million sales, which makes the single to this day one of the most successful in the history of music.

beyonce marketing

Learn from Beyoncé: before launching a product, service or a blog, make sure that what you are offering to the public is of great quality. Crazy In Love it’s addictive and, 13 years after its release, it’s still one of the most iconic songs in pop culture.

That was the turning point in the singer’s career. If her first solo single were half-assed she would not have become one of the biggest stars in music today.

Do you, as a brand, want to be average or do you want to be among the greats? Think about the other members of Destiny’s Child. If you had a choice, would it be Beyoncé or Michelle, who, despite her talents and qualities, was virtually forgotten by the public?

So it is essential that you have something well planned in hand before launching into the competitive market of digital marketing. The public does not forgive a job poorly done. Strive, offer something you can be proud of and drive your followers crazy with love (ha!).

Lesson number 2: have an element of surprise

beyonce marketing

December 13, 2013. It was already night in the USA. The awards season was already closed and the nominees were selected.

Beyoncé releases a complete album in her name on the iTunes Store, without any previous disclosure. Her fans hardly knew that she was recording songs. And suddenly, we have a visual album in hand, with video clips for all the songs in the material.

You can read this and find it crazy. THE content promotion isn’t it one of the most important factors in any strategy?

Yes but nothing replaces a well-planned surprise element.

The other day the whole internet was talking about Beyoncé. Music journalists rushed to listen to the album and watch all the clips to be the first to criticize.

The fans were crazy trying to absorb all the content that was released (include the author of this post in this list). And the results of it all? Was it a good tactic not to promote the album?

And gone! “Beyoncé” debuted at number one on the American Billboard. Sales hit nearly 1 million copies in the first three days, making it the fastest selling album in the iTunes Store history.

5 singles hit the radio and critics acclaimed the material, placing it as the best album ever made by the singer and one of the most innovative in recent pop music.

Take a look at MetaCritic (website that compiles reviews of various cultural products) by “Beyoncé”. Of the 34 reviews recorded on the site, 0 are negative and only 2 are average.

This is a great lesson for any brand. If you have a very interesting launch for your audience bet on the surprise factor and generate good expectations. If this product, functionality or new service is really quality, your audience will have a good reception and will be grateful for this surprise that you planned for them.

Lesson number 3: the power of buzz and social media

beyonce marketing

Beyoncé released her latest album, “Lemonade”, with a 1-hour film broadcast on HBO. Before the release of the film, fans didn’t know much: all the disclosure was made with mysterious teasers that didn’t reveal much about the plot of the film.

Soon after the release of the film, the album was already available on Tidal. There was nothing else: the other day the critics hailed the material as the best ever produced by the singer. “Lemonade” reached number one in sales and became the sixth (!!!) consecutive album of Beyoncé’s career to achieve this feat.

“Lemonade” was not widely publicized.

Beyoncé bet on the power of social networks to guarantee the success of her material. And this promotion of content supported by social media was very effective – the teasers, photos and mysterious posts only piqued the public’s curiosity about what was coming.

Instagram and Facebook were the singer’s greatest allies, who also had a lot of authority that she already has with her fans. They trust their work and Beyoncé knows how to use it to her advantage.

That’s why we talk so much about the importance of a well done social media marketing. Currently, they are the biggest platforms for the dissemination of any brand. But it is useless to use social networks without a strategy and planning.

You need to understand your persona and what she wants from you. Beyoncé knows very well who consumes her material. Does your company already have this defined? What are your audience’s tastes? What kind of content does it consume?

Use the power of social networks and all the dynamics they allow to your advantage – promote your brand in a creative, original way, without overly appealing. One thing that Beyoncé has already mastered is the curiosity of the public, she knows how to work these desires and offer innovative solutions to promote all of her material.

Take these lessons from the singer and your social networks may be one of the best ways to grow your company.

Lesson number 4: know how to manage crises and take advantage of them

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Beyoncé is very reserved when we are talking about her personal life. But in 2014, she had to manage a giant crisis. His sister, Solange, attacked Jay-z, her husband, inside an elevator. Rumors that Solange had a fight with Jay-Z over alleged betrayal in her marriage to Beyoncé started to pop up on all social networks.

And the worst nightmare of anyone with a public life happened: the video was leaked on the internet and the whole world saw that his family was not that perfect.

This type of crisis is very common, whether you are a brand or a famous person. Beyoncé handled it in the best possible way: she said very little about the subject, ensuring that everything was fine in her family and what happened was just a slip. The next day, he posted several photos with his sister on his social networks.

The subject died for a while.

Until two years later Beyoncé releases an entire album talking about betrayal and broken families.

It was inevitable to relate what happened to the theme of the new songs. But saving this subject for later was a touch of genius: the imaginary of the audience that followed it still remembered that incident and everyone was very curious to hear their side of the story. The result we have already seen: the album broke sales records.

This teaches us that crises are not necessarily bad. They are opportunities to invest in improvements and understand who you are as a brand.

Are you experiencing an internal crisis in your company? Breathe and think well. What is the next step? How can I take advantage of this to grow and improve my business? What learning will I learn from these problems?

Crises are important to understand where we fail. Listen carefully to the criticisms and problems that are pointed out in your service – and use them to your advantage.

Lesson number 5: integrate multiple channels

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This is one of the most essential lessons in digital marketing: make good use of the available channels for promoting your brand.

Beyoncé doesn’t just make a music album: she also makes a visual album, a movie and uses social media as the main form of promotion.

This channel integration is a formula for success and growth. Why invest only in text content or a blog?

Do also marketing on Youtube and invest in a video strategy. Produce podcasts, infographics, interesting images. This extends the reach of your message and shows that you are able to produce incredible content in any medium.

Lesson number 6: make strong partnerships

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In all of her albums, Beyoncé has at least 3 songs with cameos from other artists. This strategy (which we know here as co-marketing) has several advantages for your brand. With this, you can:

  • Reach a different audience
  • Strengthen the partnership with other important brands for the growth of your business
  • Generate visibility for the companies involved in the partnership

Do we need more to convince you to start investing in co-marketing strategies? Partnerships are very important to establish in the market. If Beyoncé invests in it, what are you still waiting for to do the same?

Lesson number 7: never forget your origins

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Beyoncé may have abandoned Destiny’s Child, but she never forgot that the group was the foundation of her career and success. In 2013, during his performance at the SuperBowl (the event with the highest ratings on American television), the diva called her former partners and paid tribute to the group.

The meeting broke records (it is estimated that 114 million people watched the show) and Queen-B made it very clear that it recognized and was proud of its origins.

As a company and brand, it is very important that you do not forget the partners who helped you at the beginning of your journey. Your first customers and fans are the ones who believed in you and helped you get to where you are today. Value these first contacts: it shows that you are careful and care about your service and who does business with you.

Lesson number 8: there is no success without effort

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Ufa! It’s a lot that we can learn from today’s biggest pop star. But don’t forget that Beyoncé only achieved all this by working hard and working hard to get to where she is today.

Nothing happened by chance: everything involved a lot of planning and a lot, but a lot of talent.

You can also stand out in your niche: know who you are, what your message is and get to work.

Get inspired by the diva and good work!

beyonce marketing