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Is your business ready for Black Friday 2019? This year’s edition should feature unprecedented trends, starting with the equivalence between physical and digital channels. In addition, the use of applications and the expansion of services are trends that you should keep an eye on.

How did your business do last Black Friday? The event, imported to London in 2010, is a great opportunity to boost your sales and attract public attention to your brand. The success is such that the adhesion of merchants keeps growing, which increases the challenge to overcome the competition.

In order to stand out, it is necessary to plan and develop methods to deliver to the public what they want. This is only possible with access to data that includes the motivations, needs and preferences of the consumer throughout their shopping journey.

It was with this proposal that Google, in partnership with Provokers, launched a study of the main market trends for Black Friday 2019. In this article, we will present the research findings and indicate the way for your company to benefit from this information.

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Black Friday Trends 2019

According to the study carried out between Google and Provokers, 99% of Internet users already know about the Black Friday date. Purchase intention increased by 58% compared to 2018 and the public prepared in advance to go shopping.

The survey shows that 69% already know the category they are going to buy, just waiting for the day of great promotions. In addition, the expected average expenditure will be R $ 1,330.

Apparently, this will be the ideal time to win customers, as 71% of respondents made at least one purchase on Black Friday 2018 in stores different from what they usually buy. In 2019, that number rises to 84%.

To find out what the main trends of Black Friday 2019 are, and get ready to attract more customers, read on!

Explore both online and offline environments

When it arrived in London for the first time, Black Friday was an event 100% aimed at the online audience. Discounts on products and services were offered exclusively on e-commerce, and had no impact on physical store activities.

That has changed. In 2018, the number of offline buyers already represented a large part of the event’s participants. In 2019, the expectation is that sales in physical and digital stores will reach equivalent numbers.

According to a survey conducted by Google, this phenomenon is driven by the multichannel consumer, who in 2019 should represent 25% of the total audience. To get an idea of ​​the size of the change, just look at the past year. In 2018, only 7% of buyers went through a purchase process involving more than one channel.

What does this mean for your business? More than ever, it is essential to work on an omnichannel strategy. That is, you need to organize your sales funnel in order to promote an experience that integrates online and offline environments. So, check out the following tips.

Structure the physical and digital environment

If you have a physical establishment, it is time to prepare it to receive a larger number of visits than usual. This means that the stock must be reinforced, the team must receive training and care with factors such as cleanliness and safety must be redoubled.

At the same time, prepare your website to provide visitors with a satisfying experience. It is essential that it is responsive and easy to navigate, in order to avoid cart abandonments. Also, make sure that the products displayed have clear images and descriptions.

That’s because the digital environment will be fundamental to the consumer’s purchase decision this Black Friday. According to the Google study, two out of three Brazilians research online before making a purchase in the physical store. Only 27% of buyers make the decision at the time of purchase.

Offer in-store pickup

This is the big deal for Black Friday 2019. Many consumers want to guarantee the product from the comfort of home, but they also do not want to wait for the necessary shipping time. The compromise is to buy online and pick up at the physical store.

This option is considered by 39% of Brazilians as very important when deciding which stores to consume on Black Friday. In addition, 24% of the people interviewed by Google expect to apply this type of purchase on November 29.

As it is relatively new in London, this option still does not have as many followers among traders. It is, therefore, an opportunity for you to acquire a very significant competitive advantage.

Invest in the use of applications

The digital transformation has caused profound changes in the relationship between buyers and companies. With technology, brands gained fuel to optimize the customer experience and, thus, enable their loyalty. London is one of the most prominent countries in this regard.

Here, the use of applications to make purchases is an increasingly common practice, employed by 57% of consumers. With Black Friday, the trend is for this practice to become even more popular. According to the study already mentioned in this article, the week before the event has an increase of 27% in the rate of app downloads.

In the week of Black Friday itself, the increase in downloads should not exceed 7%. So, ideally, you should work with a marketing strategy to generate visibility for your app weeks before the event starts. After all, it is quite possible that your competitors do not follow this trend.

Although 36% of Internet users declare an interest in making purchases through the app on November 29, only 28% of them have installed the application of the preferred retailer. It is, therefore, an extremely promising and little explored market.

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Enrich the consumer experience

The commercial success of any company is directly linked to its ability to meet consumer demands. This goes beyond quality products or competitive prices. As Philip Kotler, considered the father of marketing, explained to us, the modern consumer places an extreme value on one factor: the shopping experience.

This experience involves several aspects, from the service to the ease of making the purchase. The fact is that each of them is essential for decision making. According to Google search for Black Friday 2019, 54% of the factors taken into account by the consumer in this process are linked to the level of trust.

Therefore, based on the trends presented by the study, we have separated some tips for you to generate value for consumers on Black Friday 2019. Watch it!

Present attractive benefits

Naturally, the discounts offered play a fundamental role in convincing the consumer. After all, the great attraction of Black Friday is the possibility to buy qualified products at a price below normal. That said, it is important that these benefits are relevant.

On Black Friday 2018, 61% of consumers pointed to the little difference between the promotional price of products and the price offered in previous years. When identifying this, the tendency is for the customer to lose some confidence in the store, which can create negative results.

Therefore, seek to give relevance to products that have undergone significant price changes. If that is not possible, explore other benefits. At least 10% of respondents to the survey indicated giving preference to options that include free shipping, while 4% said they paid attention to delivery time.

Another advantage that can be offered is related to the payment method. 11% of consumers who will participate in Black Friday 2019 intend to find stores that offer the installment of the value of purchases.

Earn consumer confidence

As we mentioned, a large part of the factors that will influence the consumer’s purchase decision on Black Friday 2019 are linked to trust.

To be more precise, the study commissioned by Google indicated that 16% of people will make purchases because they trust the store, while 11% attribute the decision to the credibility of the brand or product. Therefore, more than ever, it is time to create a firm relationship with your persona.

To this end, one of the most efficient strategies is to position your company as an authority in the market. A Content Marketing approach is very effective in attracting and educating the persona, so that he associates your brand with a position as an expert in the subject.

To build trust, it is essential to value your reputation. Stay tuned for feedbacks offered by buyers and work to correct the negative points. It is also crucial to invest in a branding process for your products, so that they are taken to the top of the consumer’s mind.

Prepare qualified service

Qualified service is the icing on the cake of any marketing strategy. This is intensified on a date such as Black Friday, when the enormous density of offers gives the consumer extreme ease to choose different stores. So, it values ​​a fast, agile and efficient service.

It is essential that your employees are prepared for the increase in the volume of purchases. This is only possible with internal communication operating efficiently, to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Other than that, invest in training programs to enhance the quality of attendants.

With regard to the digital environment, it is essential to have a structure to support buyers. To optimize the experience, it is worth investing in marketing automation tools. Chatbots and virtual attendants can make the process much more efficient at a reduced cost.

Diversify communication channels

It is essential that your Digital Marketing strategy includes the most diverse communication channels. It is not enough to have a structured website, you must show yourself available on the main social networks used by your persona.

To make the experience even richer, you can create a Brand Persona, that is, a virtual character to represent your brand. The strategy is successfully used by Magazine Luiza, which created Lu to interact and serve the public in the digital environment.

However, it is not imperative to go this far. An fanpage active and well structured can be enough to meet the demand of your business. In addition, of course, show availability to make calls by phone and email, methods still preferred by the general public.

Prepare personalized offers

Regardless of the time of the year or the proximity to Black Friday, consumer 4.0 is known for giving great value to personalized experiences. Therefore, if you want to increase your sales it is essential to know the characteristics of the public well and use them to your advantage.

With an email marketing campaign, it is possible to segment the messages sent according to the characteristics of the contacts. In this way, you can create special offers according to the peculiarities of each profile. This will increase the conversion rate considerably.

If you already have a nutrition strategy, it’s time to call your leads’ attention to the most relevant discounts for your preferences. Imagine, for example, that one of your contacts started buying an item but ended up abandoning the cart.

A message highlighting the discount that this same product will suffer on Black Friday may be enough to convince you to complete the transaction.

Explore cashback

Do you know what cashback is? If the answer is yes, congratulations! You are part of the 23% of merchants who demonstrate knowledge about this feature. If the answer is no, don’t worry! This is something new that, although it is gaining popularity, is not yet widely explored in London.

The term cashback can be freely translated as “cash back”. The idea is exactly to return a part of the purchase price to the consumer, in order to generate an additional attraction for your experience. The amount is usually referred to a pre-established percentage of the total price.

The strategy has been successfully used by B2W, which allows cashback on purchases made in its application. As we have already said that the benefits of Black Friday should go beyond discounts, investing in offering this advantage can put your business in evidence, especially due to the low adhesion of other companies.

Black Friday 2019 promises to be an event with unprecedented airs. The equivalence between online and offline shopping should be the big news for this year’s edition, which emphasizes the importance of working on your strategy covering both the physical and digital environments.

To guarantee the success of your business, it will be essential to establish a relationship of trust with the consumer. In addition, the offer of advantages beyond the price should be seen as an essential differential for your company. Application usage and channel diversification are trends that cannot be ignored.

One of the main challenges for e-commerce, at any time, is to make consumers complete the purchases they start. So, download our ebook on how to reduce cart abandonment through Digital Marketing?