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Facebook has not become the largest social network on the planet, with more than 2 billion active users, for nothing. The resources that the network offers to connect people to acquaintances, friends and favorite brands are complete to the point of maintaining high engagement in a subtle way. That same subtlety is used in business, […]

Facebook has not become the largest social network on the planet, with more than 2 billion active users, for nothing.

The resources that the network offers to connect people to acquaintances, friends and favorite brands are complete to the point of maintaining high engagement in a subtle way.

This same subtlety is used in business, which the platform intelligently conducts, by gradually decreasing organic reach and prioritizing the powerful ad system that Mark Zuckerberg’s team created.

Thus, Facebook Ads has become Google Adwords’ main competitor for sponsored links.

One of the main formats is remarketing, a way to recapture the attention of someone who was in contact with the company, but lost interest at some point before the purchase.

Want to learn how to do remarketing on Facebook Ads? Here are some valuable tips for this!

Facebook Ads Practical Guide

Learn how to create amazing ads and generate more results on social networks!

4 valuable tips to optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns

Facebook Ads is a very powerful platform, but it needs to be set up the right way to give your campaigns their full potential.

If you have never created campaigns on the network, or if you have had less than expected results on previous investments, it may be because you did not pay attention to any of the points below.

Notice 4 simple ways to optimize your campaigns and achieve better ROI and ROAS on each ad:

1. Install Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a code that the social network offers to help track how many people made a purchase (or some other type of conversion) after seeing or clicking on your ads.

Simply place the code on the purchase confirmation or thank you page. Thus, Facebook will know that the conversion happened.

In addition, with Pixel installed, you receive a series of reports that broaden your understanding of your audience and allow you to create better campaigns. So, be sure to do the installation.

2. Pay attention to the potential range meter

A very interesting feature of Facebook Ads is the potential ad reach meter. But how does it work?

As you set up your campaign parameters, such as the target audience, this meter shows the number of people that can be impacted by the ad.

It also shows whether the campaign is too vague or too specific, two extremes that could hurt the results. The tip couldn’t be more basic: stay tuned to this meter.

If you do, you won’t run the risk of having ads that don’t convert due to a basic setup error.

3. Create similar audiences (Lookalikes)

It can be difficult to create campaigns that convert if you don’t already have a well-defined persona.

Even so, there is still a feature that can help a lot: the creation of similar audiences (also called Lookalikes).

You can create personalized audiences from your website visitors or people who liked your page.

Then, Facebook will look for people with similar profiles (of interests, demographics, etc.), who could be interested in your offer and convert your ad.

4. Vary in ad formats

Facebook’s algorithm favors those who use different ad formats, so this can be a good alternative to increase the efficiency of your campaign.

This is also a reliable method of testing what works best for your audience and creating more effective campaigns in the future.

If you don’t have enough budget to test multiple ad formats at the same time, do small iterations and test each format in a separate campaign, but with similar goals.

How to create ads that convert: 4 simple steps

You can analyze a series of ads, in the most varied formats that the Facebook Ads network offers. In all, you will find that the same characteristics apply to make it a successful offer or not.

So, want to know how to create ads that convert? So stop worrying so much about the format you’re going to serve, and start doing the following:

1. Look great

Facebook is full of texts, but make no mistake: this is a highly visual network. Good examples of this include the strong commitment to video production with the Watch platform, and the network’s live streaming capabilities.

All the time, there are a million things going on in each user’s feed, and the ads fight for attention with any other type of post.

Therefore, the first step in an ad that converts is to be visually clear and attractive.

2. Be relevant

Every time someone sees or clicks on your ad, you spend money. So, it is important that it is as relevant as possible, to reach the right people and convert.

Facebook even gives a score for relevance to the ads, which depends a lot on the quality of the image, the text and the chosen landing page.

Pay attention to this score and do your best to adapt your campaign to the level of quality that Facebook expects.

3. Make a great value proposal

Your efforts to segment and personalize your audience will not help if the offer does not bring real value to the audience.

Many people do everything right, but fail to show the benefits of the product, service or content it offers, hindering the results.

In order not to take that risk, ensure that your value proposition is not the same as that of all your competitors, in terms of quality and presentation. It is not enough to have a good product, it is necessary to show it in a crystalline way.

4. Use a clear and straightforward CTA

As much as users find your ad interesting, it is still unlikely to let go of inertia and take the action you want without a clear incentive.

This incentive is the call to action, which needs to be clear and direct to work. Think of CTA as the final invitation, which will make conversion seem like the only viable choice.

This requires creativity on your part. Using mental triggers, such as scarcity and urgency, is a powerful method of persuasion that should increase your conversions.

optimize your conversions with facebook ads

4 actions you need to take when remarketing on Facebook Ads

Now, let’s go to the icing on the cake: remarketing campaigns. What do you need to do to get the attention of someone who has dispersed and make them buy?

The fact that Facebook Ads offers many features and tools is not in itself a guarantee that your investment will pay off. It is necessary to understand how each part of the mechanism works, and to use it in the right way.

Here are 4 more tips that will help you reach the right people and not waste a penny to win back those who have already been interested in the brand:

1. Approach those who already follow your brand

You might consider remarketing only to people who visited your site and abandoned their purchase.

However, those who already follow your brand on the network are more likely to have, at one time or another, an interest in one or more of the items you sell.

The strategy is even more interesting for those who run recurring revenue businesses, such as SaaS, or e-commerce.

After all, the greater the contact of your fans with your offers, the greater the likelihood of purchase, and using only Facebook’s organic reach to talk to this audience is increasingly difficult.

2. Use the traffic and audience targeting features

In addition to the similar audiences we mentioned above, Facebook also has customized segmentation options by traffic and audience.

The customized segmentation by audience is created from a list of e-mails or phones of those who already consume their content or bought from the company.

Site traffic targeting, on the other hand, involves people who have visited your site, or specific pages of your site.

3. Base ads on customer behavior

A golden rule when it comes to remarketing on Facebook: be specific. The idea is to get those who are ready to buy and close deals directly.

The best way to do this is to rely on customer behavior. As well? Do you remember the sense of urgency? For those who almost bought a product, it is worth sending an offer with a special discount, valid for a short time.

Remove who accessed the purchase confirmation pages from the campaign. This will prevent someone who abandoned the purchase and then returned to finish receiving the message again.

4. Set deadlines according to the duration of the offers

Your ads must last, at most, as long as the offers contained in them remain valid.

Have you ever thought about what a bad customer experience would be like if they clicked on the ad that offers a discount when they discover that the offer has already expired?

If you decide to offer discounts for a limited time, do not choose the option to run the ads continuously, set a deadline for it to go out of circulation.

Remarketing on Facebook Ads can be a great way to recapture leads that, for some reason, have given up buying on your site. Each recovered opportunity is one more customer that can be fidelized. So, do not discard the tips shown here, they will help you make a lot more money.

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