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Still don’t know how to create an ebook? Then check out the best tips and strategies that we have separated for creating ebooks that generate results!

Whether in the B2B or B2C market, it is a fact that inbound marketing and content marketing are gaining more and more space.

They are smarter strategies, focused on consumer needs, ready to attract, convert and engage people with the help of rich content, among them, ebooks. But do you know, in fact, what an ebook is? And how to create a successful ebook?

It seems simple to create more extensive content than a blog post, fit it into a cool design and upload it to the internet, hoping that people will love it at first sight, download it, share it and do that word of mouth advertisement for you.

But the story is not quite like that. Creating an ebook requires professionalism, it involves a team focused on generating value for the customer and a good dose of knowledge.

Are you creating ebooks the right way? Let’s find out?

What is an ebook?

The word ebook or e-book means eletronic book, or simply: eBook.

That is, it is digital content in the form of text that aims to bring more complete information on a given subject.

If we transport the idea of ​​a book to the internet, we will automatically think of ePubs, the entire books that we download to read on the smartphone, tablet, iPad and Kobo, among others.

However, when we talk about creating an ebook as a content marketing strategy, we are talking about a immediate access content, easy to read, with practical and applicable knowledge.

So, no dramas, novels or science fiction.

The ebook should be created in order to educate your leads on important topics in your market, so that they know what you do, how you do it and what you can do for them.

That’s why he became the main digital lead capture bait, because you share specialized knowledge in an attractive and easy to assimilate way, requiring in return contact details of these people.

Important note: according to the Content Marketing Benchmarking Report 2015, 37% of B2B companies produce ebooks as a digital marketing strategy, with 55% of them considering it to be a highly effective strategy. Are we underestimating the power of ebooks?

5 reasons to use ebooks in your marketing strategy

Okay, did you notice that the ebook is more extensive content, with more dense knowledge than blog posts and that requires extra care when creating it.

And why would you want that responsibility and that job for you? Can’t you just stay on 500 word posts?

1. Ebooks help to educate the public

Well, blog posts are essential for get your audience’s attention, but in general they deal with matters in a very segmented and summarized way.

For example, a blog post that talks about Marketing on Facebook will not contemplate the full potential of Facebook marketing, as space is limited. What to do then to educate your audience on this subject?

Create an ebook!

2. Ebooks are the gateway to leads

Ebooks are also key to lead generation, because to provide such a complete content, you will certainly want something in return.

And if it’s not money, it’s information. Quality information that will help you get closer to your target audience and start a relationship that will generate business in the future.

lead generation kit

3. Ebooks help to increase your authority

Talking about competition on the internet is a hot topic, but it is important to remember that to stand out from the competition you need to show what you came for.

A good way to do this is to create an ebook for each topic you have mastered and share that knowledge on the web, show what you are capable of and how you can help people solve their problems.

4. Ebooks are a source of friendly knowledge

Have you ever thought about having a question about cloud backup and having to read a 200-page book with technical terms on the subject? We guarantee that there would be far less self-taught in this world.

On the other hand, how about downloading a 2000 word ebook (about 10 pages), with short paragraphs, information that is easy to assimilate and that teaches step by step exactly what you need? Much easier, agree?

5. Ebooks are the starting point for a successful blog

There is so much information in an ebook that you can break it down into blog posts, infographics, videos, images, calls to action and various other content formats that go attract your audience and generate engagement.

Ebook is life for your content marketing and inbound marketing strategy! Don’t waste any more time and learn how to plan a successful ebook!

How to create a successful eBook?

If you have a defined and documented content strategy, you already have a good deal of what it takes to create a successful ebook.

Anyway, let’s go step by step so that you don’t skip any steps.

1. Know your personas

You have certainly heard a lot about personas and the importance they have for a powerful digital marketing strategy.

We have already talked about them so much on our blog that we have a Guide for creating personas and even a tool called Personas Generator.

If you haven’t checked out these materials yet, go check it out! Once you know exactly who your personas are, move on to the next step.

2. Define the theme of your ebook

All content you create should answer a question or solve a problem with your personas.

Therefore, create a list of what can be used as an input for an ebook, always thinking about the stage of the sales funnel that the people you intend to reach are and how to take them to the next stage.

Sales Funnel Planning Kit

3. Structure your content

Before you start writing, make a skeleton of what you will cover throughout the ebook.

Use titles and subtitles, search for references, insert some reminders to leave none detail escaping during production.

4. Write!

Armed with all the information you need, start producing the content.

Remember to use the same language as your audience, explain technical terms, be light, like you’re in conversation.

5. Optimize

Of course, during the production of the ebook content you will already be thinking about how to optimize it for the search engines, but it is worth a review to make sure that it will be found with the right keywords.

To make a top 10 optimization, check out our SEO Guide.

6. Illustrate your content

With the text ready, it’s time to select the images, figures, illustrations, graphics, infographics and other elements that will help bring your ebook to life.

Having a designer is essential at this time, so that you have an attractive and compelling ebook.

7. Don’t forget the design

The formatting of your ebook should take into account the devices most used by your audience to access content.

We increasingly access blogs, websites and social networks through mobile devices, therefore, it is essential to think about a responsive design for your ebook.

Besides that, the layout should reflect your company’s image – relaxed, serious, lively etc. – for the reader to create identification.

Use the colors of your logo, think about the harmony between the elements, use the blank spaces as a rest for reading and separate the information into small blocks, which make reading easier.

We finished the production part, but the work is not over yet. Your ebook needs an audience, so let’s do the marketing of this material!

How and where to promote your ebook?

Have you followed our blog? So you have already contacted various content about how to disseminate your content on the internet.

There is no lack of tools for this and inbound marketing is our greatest ally in this endeavor.

Practical Guide for Content Disclosure

Prepare your landing page

All rich material, like an ebook, need a landing page or landing page.

This landing page is made exclusively to highlight your content and invite the user to download the material.

We have a post that will help you build an effective landing page, access it at this link. In addition, we also have a Landing Pages Kit, with templates ready to be customized and used.

Promote your ebook on social media

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google + and Medium are just some of the social networks where you can promote your ebook.

Knife CTAs impossible to ignore to get the public’s attention and get them to visit your landing page.

Create CTAs for the ebook on your blog posts

Ebooks and blog posts are best friends, always. Remember when we talked about digging up your ebook into other types of content?

It is exactly so that you can link the two subjects, inviting the reader of the post to check a deeper and more complete content about what you are talking about.

Give your ebook the deserved prominence with sponsored links

If you really want to see your ebook be successful on the internet but still don’t have all that traffic on your blog, website and social networks, why not bet on sponsored links?

Allocate a budget to promote your best ebooks on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads and all the other Ads on the internet.

Promote your ebook to your lead base

Email marketing is a great ally at the moment, isn’t it?

You can create an email marketing campaign to promote your ebook and getting people to know about this new content. In this ebook you learn everything you need to create a winning email marketing campaign.

Insert social sharing buttons

Ebooks serve to increase the visibility of your business and increase your authority in certain subjects, but for that you need an audience.

A lot. Thus, insert social sharing buttons on both your landing page and email marketing and motivate people to share your ebook with their networks.

Have you ever thought about seeing your ebook go viral on the internet?

Insert an ebook banner on your website

Who said the company’s website is no place to post content? It may be that the tab “blog” or “educational content” does not attract much attention. But a banner promoting your newest ebook is sure to be very successful.

Touch your friends

Word of mouth is the best of recommendations.

And why shouldn’t you ask for help from your friends to give that boost in the promotion of your ebook? When posting on social media, mark those people you believe are interested in the subject.

Call in the inbox and ask them to give you a hand. From reader to reader you build your audience.

Isn’t creating an ebook fascinating? The entire route you have until you see the conversion results is quite an experience for those who create content.

Of course, if you can count on other professionals, like a web designer to create the landing page, a designer to shape the ebook, an SEO professional to optimize the content, it will be much easier.

But if you’re still alone in this endeavor, don’t be alarmed.

We never forget the first ebook, get a little, but in the end, everything works out. Our tips and templates are there so you can use them whenever you need them.

Want to understand even more about creating an eBooks? Download our complete and free material!

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