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Gallery plugins for WordPress allow you to display images in a very beautiful and professional way. Among the available options are: FooGallery, NextGEN Gallery, Envira Gallery, Modula Image Gallery, Grand Flagallery, Gmedia Photo Gallery, Photonic Gallery, Media Grid, among others.

From tourism blogs to e-commerces, the use of images plays a very important role in communicating ideas and giving beauty to a website.

Do you know when you are “dating” a cell phone in an online store? When accessing the product page, you may read the technical characteristics and evaluations of other customers several times.

But something you certainly do is click on the photo to access the gallery, in order to view all the details from various perspectives.

In this way, it is easy to understand the importance of images on the internet. What about organize your blog photos or site in a very beautiful way to make a good impression on the visitor?

The best solution is to use a gallery plugin in WordPress to complement the functionality of your template. And since there are thousands of them, we have prepared a selection to help you choose. In this post you will know:

Continue reading and choose the ideal plugin!

1. FooGallery

FooGallery is a plugin with incredible features, even in the free version. For a start, it integrates very well with Gutenberg, the WordPress text editor. This allows you to organize your images with simple drag and drop movements.

You can also choose from 6 gallery templates, being possible to apply the beautiful slide effect, responsible for making the photos slide horizontally when the user clicks to view the next one.

The interesting thing is that this plugin allows you to insert galleries not only in posts, but also in side menus and within other widgets. Since it is responsive, the photos will adapt smoothly according to the user’s screen size.

Other highlights are the display of captions and the possibility for the user to easily share photos while browsing the gallery.

Some really cool features are only available in the PRO version, like adding videos to the galleries, the Polaroid photo effect and uploading images directly from Instagram. Prices start at US $ 29, which can weigh a little for London pockets.

2. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is a WordPress veteran, active since 2007. With over 900,000 installations, we can say that it is one of the most used gallery plugins.

Just use it to understand why it is so popular. Although it is simple to use, it can greatly improve the user experience when viewing images.

The free version allows you to choose between three gallery viewing modes: thumbnails, slideshow and image browsing. For being responsive, the plugin adjusts images according to the size of the visitor’s screen.

The free version of NextGEN does not offer as many viewing modes as FooGallery, for example. But if you find it necessary, you can buy new features to increase the power of this plugin.

3. Submit Gallery

With over 100,000 active installations and frequent updates, Envira Gallery is a great gallery plugin option.

Due to its integration with the Gutenberg editor, the plugin allows you to organize galleries using drag and drop movements, which makes the process very user friendly. Envira Gallery is also SEO friendly, that is, it allows the inclusion of metadata, something important for the ranking of a website. Besides that, the user can easily share images on social networks.

Some very interesting features are only available in the paid version, such as a greater variety of templates, the possibility of protecting your images so that visitors cannot download them and viewing them in slideshow mode.

4. Modula Image Gallery

Very easy to use, Modula allows the creation of galleries containing not only images, but videos as well. Even if you don’t have so much experience with WordPress, you will have no trouble using this plugin. Even resizing images is very simple.

A disadvantage of the free version is that it is only possible to create galleries with up to 20 images. If this is a problem for you, you may want to take a look at the paid version’s prices, which start at $ 29 a year.

5. Grand Flagallery

Grand Flagallery is a gallery plugin for WordPress that allows you to create both image and music and video galleries, in a very intuitive way.

The galleries contain numerous resources and allow viewing in slideshow mode, in addition to including a caption that you can use to explain what is in the image. The features of mp3 and video player, sliders and slideshow widgets can beautify your blog easily.

6. Gmedia Photo Gallery

Gmedia Photo Gallery offers features that go a little further than what we expect from a gallery plugin. It is also possible with manage your media library in an even more practical way than with the WordPress manager.

Features include the ability to add not only images, but also videos and audios to your galleries, not to mention the beautiful slideshow feature. Also interesting are the full screen and social media sharing options.

7. Photonic Gallery

The Photonic Gallery offers integrations that allow you to display images that are hosted on other platforms, such as Flickr, Google Photos and Instagram. That is, it works in a different way in relation to the other plugins we have mentioned so far, since does not require adding media to your library.

Due to its integration with Gutenberg, it is possible to add a specific Photonic block when editing your post, in order to configure your gallery in a simple way.

8. Media Grid

The Media Grid plugin is a great tool for creating image panels. For those who understand CSS and JavaScript, you can still customize the layout of the galleries. But even if this is not your case, it is possible to achieve beautiful effects with the settings that come with the installation.

The configuration of the panels is very friendly, and allows you to define the size and proportions of each photo.

The galleries created with the plugin are responsive, which ensures that images will be viewed smoothly on any device. As for the design of the photo panels, it’s really beautiful.

In addition, the plugin integrates with various social networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, which facilitates sharing by visitors to your blog.

So many features come at a price: $ 25 is the value of the 1-year license.

9. Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery plugin is very user friendly. The free version offers gallery and album options, as well as the possibility to choose between slideshow and thumbnail mode. In fact, there is no maximum number of galleries that can be created.

If you want to upgrade to a paid version, you will have the opportunity to use other layout options, such as wall and mosaic.

Another interesting aspect is that you can add videos that are hosted on other platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram, which is great for saving your server storage space.

In addition, it is possible to choose an audio to play while the user is viewing the photos, which helps to create a more interesting atmosphere and contributes to the user experience.

As if that weren’t enough, the plugin also includes widgets that allow you to include galleries in other locations, such as sidebars and headers. Finally, you can also protect your photos and prevent them from downloading.

10. Elementor Image Gallery

Elementor Image Gallery is not exactly a plugin, but a widget that allows you to create galleries in a simple and intuitive way. One of the advantages is its light operation, since its interface is very lean.

For those who understand a little code, it is a full plate, as it offers the possibility of making a multitude of customizations. Elementor offers 3 layouts and full control of the galleries.

11. Global Gallery

Global Gallery allows you to create almost any type of gallery on WordPress. There are several layout options and even the possibility to create collections automatically, with a few clicks. Of course, if you’re not in a hurry, you can spend a little time to customize the way you like.

It is interesting that this plugin offer integration with Google Drive, which helps to save space on the server. This feature also works with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Another very useful feature is the possibility to apply filters while viewing, so that the user can more easily access what they are looking for. The 1-year license costs $ 29.

12. Everest Gallery Lite

The free version of Everest Gallery offers very useful features, which include 4 layout options and the possibility to customize each one. There are even hover animations, which are effects that the user sees when hovering over an item.

Of course, you can also unlock premium features, which include more than 30 layout options and the ability to create the galleries with drag and drop movements.

Good gallery plugin options for WordPress, aren’t they? From our tips, you can now, if you want, install each one and test to see which meets your blog’s needs.

As soon as you make your choice, be sure to remove those that will not be used, to avoid taking up unnecessary storage space.

To take good care of a blog, you need to know the main features and templates for WordPress. So, take advantage and download our WordPress Guide for Corporate Blogs right now!