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Knowing how to advertise a company on the Internet is essential to achieve good results. Being present in different media, making a marketing plan and creating relevant content are common characteristics of those who achieve success with their actions.

Those who work with Digital Marketing must constantly deal with several questions about how to advertise a company on the Internet. Often, these people believe that there is a magic formula, that a given technique gives more results than others, whatever the business segment.

The great truth is that if you want to be successful in your dissemination you should not stick to a strategy, it is necessary to be present in various online media and test different types of approach. After all, it will not be just a text about marketing that will solve your problems, but the constant exploration and application of techniques.

In this post we have separated 13 special tips for you to promote your business online:

  1. Create a Google My Business profile
  2. Invest in Google Ads
  3. Optimize your website for search engines
  4. Use the blog to your advantage
  5. Produce video for YouTube
  6. Create a podcast for your segment
  7. Create quality content for social networks
  8. Boost your best posts
  9. Partner with influencers
  10. Use hashtags in your publications
  11. Join online communities
  12. Encourage the public to publicize your business
  13. Send news emails regularly

Want to know more about these tips? Keep reading and check it out!

1. Create a Google My Business profile

Google My Business is an excellent tool for you to work in your local marketing. Like him, his potential customers can see the location of your establishment, check the photos, ask questions and more.

Best of all, you don’t have to pay anything for your company to appear on Google and enjoy all the benefits of the platform. In short, just enter the Google my Business website, click on “start now”, fill in the requested information and wait for a confirmation code that they will send to the address informed via Correios.

After confirming the code, you will be able to make several edits, as if it were a small site that is very easy to move. Like this, in addition to giving users relevant information, you can make your business more attractive.

2. Invest in Google Ads

If you want to expand your reach and reach people in any region, Google Ads (or Google AdWords) is an excellent choice. Although it is not a free tool, you can set the budget for ad serving and get good results – as long as you do a good segmentation and make an attractive description.

It is also very important that you keep the goal in mind before starting your campaign. You can customize your ad to get people to the site, get calls or even get visitors to your establishment.

3. Optimize your website for search engines

There is another way to stay on the first page of Google results without having to invest in ads. For that, you will need to optimize your website according to good SEO practices.

It must be said that this strategy takes time to bear fruit, but it is very worthwhile. After all, it is not enough to have a visually flawless website, it must be easily found by your target audience.

There are several techniques that contribute to your website’s ranking in search results. Among the main factors that Google takes into consideration to move up a site in position, we can mention:

  • page loading speed;
  • responsiveness (should work well on any device);
  • relevant keywords;
  • backlinks.

4. Use the blog as a favor

You may have heard a lot about Content Marketing, especially if you’re a regular reader of the WAU blog. Through this strategy, when well executed, it is possible to be found by the target audience, enchant them with relevant materials and convert them into customers.

The blog is, without a doubt, the best channel to produce content designed for the sales funnel. What’s more, it will help your website appear in search engines, since content production is key in an SEO strategy.

So, if you haven’t yet created a blog for your website, it’s best to rethink your strategy. This is one of the most powerful tools to increase traffic.

5. Produce videos for YouTube

A lot of people when they think of YouTube already remember the face of the great creators of content, also known as youtubers, like Whindersson Nunes. What not everyone realizes is that companies can benefit – and a lot – from video production on the platform.

One reason for investing in this strategy is quite simple: YouTube also works as a search engine. You yourself must have done a lot of research directly there.

The great advantage for the audience that seeks informational content on the streaming platform is that the videos tend to be more didactic. There are numerous tutorials on just about anything.

If you sell preparatory courses for public tenders, for example, you can create several videos with study tips. Thus, it is quite possible that many interested parties click on your video and end up getting to know your business.

6. Create a podcast for your segment

Until a few years ago, the podcast was a niche medium. There were not so many content producers, the number of listeners was growing in a timid way and investment in advertising was minimal. However, in recent years the situation has changed considerably.

Spotify, the main audio streaming service, has seen this change and helped spread this content. According to them, the number of listeners on the platform rose by 330% from 2017 to 2018. Today, we hardly find anyone who has not at least heard the term podcast.

The advantage of the podcast is that there are still little explored segments. The principle is similar to that of YouTube, many people looking for quality content get to know your business. So, in addition to disclosure, you can become an authority in your area of ​​expertise.

7. Develop content relevant to social networks

It is quite possible that social networks were your first choice when starting to publicize your products or services. It costs nothing to create a profile for the company and it is relatively easy to publish content on these media – this is where the danger lies.

Due to its inclusive feature, we constantly come across pages and commercial profiles sharing materials without any quality criteria. Unfortunately, there are still those who believe that it is enough to reach the public and everything is resolved.

Just like any marketing strategy, to achieve good results it is necessary to plan. Therefore, you must think about the profile of your target audience, the primary and secondary objectives, the visual identity of the brand and other criteria. That done, don’t forget to measure the results periodically.

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8. Boost your best posts

Now that you’re already producing quality content and have built a respectful page on the social network, it’s time to set aside a little money to sponsor your publications. Both on Facebook and Instagram, you have two ways: create a personalized campaign through the ad manager or boost your posts.

That said, the following question may arise: which publication should I promote? Well then. There is more than one criterion to be judged at this point, but a good tip is to look at those posts that were most successful among followers.

So, you must go beyond reach and look at interactions, such as reactions, comments and shares. If the engagement is great with your followers, chances are good that it will work with other people.

9. Partner with influencers

A good action to put in your marketing plan is to partner with digital influencers. Today it is possible to find digital influencers that reach with the most varied audiences.

The greatest care you should take here is don’t choose an influencer based only on the number of followers – because, unfortunately, some people still buy followers.

The ideal is to find someone who speaks to your target audience, behaves in a way that does not hurt company principles and gets a good engagement.

10. Use hashtags in your publications

Although Instagram is not a good search engine, it is still possible to be found by potential customers. One of the most recommended ways is to use hashtags in your publications.

It is common to see people using this feature just to add casual words or phrases anyway. For example: #sextou #umbrindeavida #hojetemfesta. This can be nice to make publishing more fun, but it is not recommended to use in commercial accounts to gain visibility.

Instead, you must include keywords related to your area of ​​expertise. That way it is easier to be found by those looking for your products or services.

11. Join online communities

Especially on Facebook, there are many groups of the most varied subjects. Usually, people come in to ask questions, exchange experiences and even create a network of relationships.

Bearing this in mind, when entering the community where your audience is, avoid making outrageous advertisements for your business as much as possible. In addition to annoying participants, you can be kicked out by the administrator.

Following the principles of 4.0 marketing in this digital age, you must create an organic relationship. One of the best ways to do this is to help participants with their questions. If convenient, link to an article on your blog related to the subject. With this, you are able to publicize your services in the right way and increase the authority on the subject.

12. Encourage the public to publicize your business

There is nothing better than the customers themselves recommending your company, do you agree? This feat, most of the time, is achieved through good service and quality products or with small incentives.

With the possibility of tagging other users on Instagram stories, brands started giving free gifts or discounts to customers who mention them in publications.

Let’s say you have a hamburger shop and want to increase your reach on the social network. Then, you can announce to customers that whoever takes a photo on the spot and marks the company profile in the stories, the potato chips are on the house.

13. Send news emails regularly

The popularization of messaging applications led many to question whether email marketing was still viable. The fact is that it is still widely used by companies and continues to show satisfactory results.

To get an idea, a survey conducted in 2018 showed that 76.8% of respondents have already made a purchase after receiving a newsletter. That is, the potential is too great to be wasted.

Just be careful not to overdo the dose and practice the dreaded spam. In addition, the ideal is to create targeted lists for send personalized offers contacts. Otherwise, the subscription number will go up.

As you can see, there are several ways for those who have doubts about how to advertise a company on the Internet. In many cases, it is not even necessary to spend a lot of money on ads, the most important thing is planning.

Therefore, our tip is to always study and stay updated on the news in the digital world. How about downloading our e-book on how to join Content Marketing? In it you will learn how to attract more customers through relevant content.