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Landing Pages are the true darlings of lead generation, indispensable in a Content Marketing strategy. In addition, they can also help you gain positions in the search engines, segment your contacts and create specific nutrition flows with a greater chance of success and they will also help you to know […]

Landing Pages are the true darlings of lead generation, indispensable in a Content Marketing strategy.

In addition, they can also help you gain positions in the search engines, segment your contacts and create specific nutrition flows with a greater chance of success and they will also help you to know your persona better!

However, how to create such amazing pages?

There are specific tools for creating Landing Pages, from putting them on the air to analyzing their results and managing new contacts.

We separate the best ones for you to choose one within your reality and do not miss the chance to get even more leads and with that more sales opportunities!

Tools for creating page design

There are several services available, paid or free, that allow you to develop your own landing page.

These services offer a simple way to create the landing page design from some templates, which can be more accessible than hiring a developer.

Of course, there are also advantages to working with a completely customized landing page.

So, in the end, working with one of these tools or a developer is an investment issue.

You may want to test the landing page results for your marketing strategy with a simple option made using these online services, before committing yourself to a higher investment in professional design.

Now, see some examples of solutions to create the landing page:


With this tool you can design your landing page by selecting items from a side menu and dragging them to the position you prefer.

Allows you to create responsive designs, to ensure better results when the landing page is accessed via mobile.

It also allows you to easily perform A / B Tests and track results.

With Unbounce, you can start from a template or start from scratch.

It is one of the most expensive options on the market, with plans at $ 49 a month; but you can try it for free for a period of 30 days.

RD Station

RD Station is a Marketing and Sales automation software, interesting both for integrating these two teams and improving alignments, enhancing results, as well as for automating Marketing actions.

The tool – 100% in London – is perfect for generating and monitoring Landing Pages, with several customizable templates, integration with social networks and the possibility of nutrition flows.

Intuitive and functional, it is still possible to manage the leads generated and create a scoring system – lead scoring – to facilitate the administration of your new contacts and also evaluate your strategy from a broader perspective.


It is very similar to Unbounce, especially since it also works through the “click and drag” model.

The main difference is that the editor is simpler, which can be good for those who still have no practice in this activity.

This tool facilitates the performance of A / B Tests and allows you to create responsive landing pages.

It also offers three options for publishing your landing page:

  • Instapage’s own domain, if you don’t have one (although it is not recommended);
  • Directly in your custom domain;
  • Or through WordPress, using the Instapage plugin.

It has a free option with some limitations, and a basic plan for $ 29 / month.


This tool offers a wide variety of templates, which can be filtered according to the conversion rate.

The editor used to build the page is more robust and has options for configuring a pop-up, making it appear when the visitor clicks on a link on your website.

It also allows you to do A / B tests and analyze the results.

It is the most expensive option on the market, since in addition to the service price, many of the templates are also paid for.

Even so, LeadPages is one of the most used landing page creation services by leading bloggers and online companies.


Launchrock is used for landing pages focused on generating curiosity, for example, when you want to warn your website visitors that something will be launched “soon”.

The editor is extremely simple and the price is much more affordable – compared to using one of the previous options for this type of purpose.

The professional Launchrock plan costs just $ 5 a month.

Tools to collect feedback from your visitors

After creating and launching your landing page, is the work over? Not really.

It is important that you do adjustments and improvements continuously, to get better results – that is, conversion rate -.

And these changes will be much more assertive if they are based on the doubts and criticisms of the visitors themselves.

The most practical way to get this feedback, in real time, is to install a small chat window on your website.

You will probably receive messages with comments like “I can’t find this information” or “I wanted to know more about it”.

And these messages certainly also reflect the thoughts of many visitors who are not using the chat.

One last tip: look for chat services that can be activated only when you are online.

After all, you don’t want to leave your visitors waiting for an answer while you’re not available to serve them, do you?

A good suggestion for chat service for websites is Olark.

Olark has the on / off function, mentioned above, and even allows you to choose packages where you can have more than one person in attendance.

chatbots and marketing

Services to optimize the use of traffic

You have an excellent landing page, which will guarantee high conversion rates.

You can attract qualified traffic to your website, generated, for example, through paid ads.

So, the secret to real success with the landing page is to put these two things together.

For that, Crazy Egg will be a welcome help.

Created by Neil Patel, Digital Marketing guru, it is a tool that allows you to visualize how visitors use your website through a heatmap – a heat map.

The links that have the most clicks are marked in a color scale, from blue and green to yellow, orange and red.


As you can imagine, it makes more sense to place a landing page or pop-up behind a link that receives more clicks, and Crazy Egg allows you to do that recognition.

Tools for creating pop-ups

If you are choosing to create pop-ups to capture your visitors’ email, you will need a tool capable of making it appear at the right time and on the right part of the page.

For example, there are pop-ups that appear exactly when your visitor is about to close the browser tab and leave your website. They are called exit pop-ups.

One of the best tools on the market is PopUp Domination, both because it is very complete and very accessible.

It has a lot of features, and we’re not just talking about exit pop-ups.

You can also target, creating specific pop-ups for different pages of your website, for different geographic locations of the visitor and even for different traffic source sites.

If you want a preview, you can enter the domain of your website to see how one of the templates would be positioned.

PopUp Domination’s most basic plan costs just $ 9 a month, and you have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

lead generation kit

Services to manage the collected data

After a visitor accepts your offer and fills out the form, what about the information you have collected?

They need to be properly stored in your lead database. To do this, you need to integrate the form with a mailing list service.

The best known mailing list service is MailChimp.

It is so popular that most of the tools we mentioned – like Unbounce, Instapage and LeadPages – already offer full integration with it.

Therefore, it does not take much work to synchronize your landing page with your MailChimp account, and the entire process of transferring the information collected is automatic.

As you know, the landing page is the beginning of the sales funnel.

After getting the lead information, you will have to lead it through the funnel, building a relationship through communication and sending quality content.

MailChimp allows you to automate this process, since you can create triggers for sending emails, triggered by behavioral data from each lead.

To complete, MailChimp also has good plans. For example, for lists with up to 2000 contacts, and up to 12,000 emails per month, the plan is free.

But, if you want to know other, cheaper alternatives to manage your mailing list, there are also:

These are some of the basic tools you will need to create a functional Landing Page, capable of generating conversions and increasing your mailing list.

After that, you can take the next step: advance through the sales funnel and qualify your leads.

To learn more about how to deal with all these leads, take the time to check out our complete guide on lead nutrition and get even better results!