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To create gifs for Instagram Stories, create an account on the GIPHY platform. When accessing it, click on the “Choose Photo of GIF” option to choose images or “Choose Video” to transform a video into GIF, customize the appearance and confirm. Finally, integrate with your Instagram account.

Instagram is one of the most downloaded and used smartphone apps in recent years worldwide. One of the main reasons for its success is the continuous effort of this social network to increase the engagement of those who use it, with constant updates and the creation of new resources.

Thus, users remain entertained and companies continue to prioritize the platform in their Digital Marketing strategy. To connect with potential customers and increase interaction with the public, they use the numerous functionalities of the application.

In this article, we will talk about one of these features: GIFs. Want to know how they work and have a step by step how to create GIFs for Instagram Stories? Then you need to read this post! Here, you will find out:

What are GIFs?

GIFs are animated images that work like very short videos. The GIF format (Graphics Interchange Format, or Graphics Interchange Format) was developed over 30 years ago. At the time, it was useful for compressing multiple images and reducing the size of a file.

Currently, it is widely used due to its easy creation and simplicity of sharing. The stickers bring the content to life, leaving it more creative, relaxed and interesting for users.

GIFs were popularized through sites like GIPHY and Gfycat, which also started to be integrated with applications like WhatsApp and Instagram. In the next topics, we will teach you how to use them for Instagram communication and marketing.

How to use GIFs in Instagram Stories?

The use of GIFs is similar to that of emojis. You choose the appropriate GIF for the situation and add it to Instagram Stories.

When accessing your account, go to Stories. There, you can choose a GIF after taking a photo or select one from the gallery. Just tap the third icon at the top of the screen (sticker icon) to view the advanced features:

GIFs on Instagram Stories

Then, select the GIF option on the screen that appears. Search for specific words to find GIFs related to the subject and choose the one you like best.

How to create GIFs in Instagram Stories

Now, you can move it to the place you want in the post. To increase or decrease the size, hold the GIF with one finger and adjust the zoom by dragging another finger on the screen. To reverse the direction of the figure, just click on it.

You can also place a GIF on the background of your Story. To do this, look for the “Create” mode on Instagram Stories.

GIFs on Instagram Stories

Then, swipe to the right until you find the “GIFS” section and search for keywords until you find the GIF you like best.

How to create GIFs in Instagram Stories

See how simple it is to add a GIF to Instagram Stories? You also have the option to create your own GIF and add it to the Instagram gallery. See our step by step below.

How to create custom GIFs for Instagram Stories?

To add custom GIFs to Instagram, you must have an account on the GIPHY platform. In addition, you need to upload the customized GIFs on this website to then synchronize them with Instagram. After creating a GIPHY account, follow the following main steps.

Create a GIF

First, access our tutorial on how to create your own GIF. If you are new to Photoshop, you can also use the GIPHY creation tool. Select the option “Choose Photo or GIF”To choose multiple images, or“Choose Video”To convert a video to GIF.

Then, select the photos or video you want to add and then set the display time for each element in the GIF. Finally, just customize the appearance inserting filter, animations and other decorative items.

You can now upload the GIF to your account! Then, return to this tutorial and follow the step by step to link the GIF account to your Instagram account.

Add custom GIFs on Instagram

To add the custom GIF to Instagram Stories, you need to follow these steps:

  1. log into your account at;
  2. post at least five original GIFs on your profile to request an artistic or brand account;
  3. access the registration page for special accounts;
  4. fill out the special account request form in English;
  5. wait some time for the response to the request to arrive in your email;
  6. when the request is accepted, your stickers created in GIPHY will appear in the Stories for GIFs resource.

To ensure that your request is accepted by the website, pay attention to the mandatory criteria on the registration form. Below, we list which ones they are.

  • email: brands must use an email address with a company domain that matches the username making the request;
  • user name: your GIPHY username must be your company name. Avoid using numbers and special characters;
  • contact name: enter your full name;
  • Web site: enter the company’s web domain;
  • social network: enter the full URL of the brand’s Instagram account;
  • avatar: place a profile photo with the dimensions 250 x 250, in JPG, PNG or GIF format;
  • brand or artist: choose the option that fits your profile.

If your application form meets these criteria, you will receive an approval email. You can also check your subscription status at any time by visiting

If it takes more than two weeks to get a response, contact us at [email protected]

Customizing your GIFs can be more work than choosing one from the gallery. On the other hand, this can bring many advantages to your Digital Marketing strategy.

For your brand, for example, it’s a great way to improve visibility and branding, as any user will be able to use your GIF.

Furthermore, we do not always find the most suitable image for the message we want to convey. Thus, creating a GIF adjusted to its context can help in communicating with your target audience.

Working with this type of resource is a great way to generate engagement through Stories and improve customer acquisition through digital channels.

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