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“So it’s Christmas and what did you do?” the music that takes over the shopping centers can even be sad for making it clear that the time may be passing very fast and the end of the year has already arrived. But the main message we need to get is that we had a whole year to work and […]

“So it’s Christmas and what did you do?” the music that takes over the shopping centers can even be sad for making it clear that the time may be passing very fast and the end of the year has already arrived.

But the main message that we need to get is that we had a whole year to work and the time has come to show the results – in addition to the urgent need to renew Christmas songs in stores.

A good presentation of results needs to be clear, objective, dynamic and complete, with important data and relevant insights. And because it is a reference for the whole business for a good period, it is better that this work is not done at the last minute or without attention to details.

Have you started planning your 2015 results presentation and goals for 2016? Take advantage of the last quarter to check out some tips that can be very important and have a year of hard work and accomplishments.

Organize your information in advance

The year starts on January 1, but several people begin to separate important information for periodic presentations just days before meetings.

The best thing is to keep a constant record of the data and control what is done throughout the year as a routine. So, when you need something right away or realize that a one-off event can become strategic for the company, you don’t need to search from the beginning for everything you want to include in the report: you already have the data archived in an accessible way.

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Focus on the goal

The purpose of this presentation is to show that the results have been achieved and how, right? Choose the information you want to emphasize and prepare the script based on it.

You need to go through all the history and various other topics during the meeting, but the company spent the whole year looking to achieve a shared purpose and you cannot leave this material aside. When building the basis of the presentation, remember to always select arguments that support the success of that purpose by creating a very complete and organized context.

More than numbers and words

Bet on visual explanations, inviting the audience to join the presentation with you and be involved in the material.

An activity report gets a more interesting highlight if it works with elements other than textual. An infographic can bring your data to life with visual representations that make it easier to read and understand information on the same topic. In addition, it creates a proximity that the plain text ends up losing, with more dynamic graphics and tables.

Another element that can be valid is the video. Make part of your material available for your team to share internally and make the results transparent and creative, with an interesting voice and rhythm according to the company’s culture.

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Hold the audience’s attention

Your data is organized, but how do you put it in the right format to attract managers or staff? Don’t forget the power of the layout. Good content needs an attractive design and is prepared for its purpose.

Create unity by color

Choose a color palette and maintain harmony on your slides. Try not to choose too many so as not to tire the view of the audience and be sure to check the reading of your applied text on the screens.

Don’t overdo images or animations

The focus of your presentation should be your result, so put that in the foreground and avoid very elaborate transitions or images that are not explanatory. And don’t forget to use quality images.

In texts, less is also more!

We have already talked about this, but it never hurts: focus your efforts on the correct texts, applying them correctly on your created screens and do not try to abuse the colors if you are not an expert. Take the opportunity to leave a little personality in the chosen fonts, working in simplicity and easy reading. Very well-designed typography can take your material’s attention away.

Be ready

A good presentation also requires a good presenter. The first tip is to use a tone of voice that will mark your presence and demonstrate that you are safe enough to hold that meeting. Try to vary the intonation to emphasize some points and a good prior exercise is to record your essay and see what can be improved.

No one wants to appear uninterested or uninteresting at such an important time.

Another point of attention is to be yourself and try to enhance your presence in that space. Walk around, move carefully, look at the participants and make room for questions and comments. Don’t try to imitate other people and try to feel free to give that presentation.

Create a welcoming environment

In your results presentation, create an emotional connection with your audience, who have been with you all year and were part of this journey. Be inspired by your New Year’s wishes and keep a record of your professional goals and how they can and are accomplished each day. Cite important examples of moments that made a difference with the group to reach the goal and make everyone feel responsible for that work.

This tool cannot be used only in times of crisis or motivation, it is important to make it clear that the achievement of the objective was built daily.

Invest in a professional project

Hiring a specialized team for this moment can be a great differentiator. Adequate language, visual resources aligned with content and well-organized information draw public attention and pass on credibility, demonstrating the involvement and importance with this planning.

In addition, delivering work to people with specific knowledge makes your job easier. It is possible to profile the audience more easily, use the best visual tools and also help the performance of the presenter, who feels more confident with a complete and well-aligned material.

Now that you know better the elements of a good presentation of results and goals for your business, how about starting to shape this document? Hands on and success at work!

This text was written by Lígia Braga, from Smartalk.

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